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If you want a new look on the walls in your home, then consider using a patterned design. With some of the striped wall ideas in this article, you no longer need to be confused about what kind of concept you will adopt.

Whether it’s vertical striped walls or horizontal striped walls, they all work to give you an incredible patterned feel if you apply them correctly.

In general, the striped wall ideas below will fit in any space in your home, be it the entryway, living room, dining spot, bedroom, and even bathroom.

Without further ado, here are twenty-one striped wall ideas that can give your home an excellent statement.

1. Choose Neutral Color Combination for Best Vintage Striped Wall Ideas

striped bass wall mount

The combination of neutral colors can lead you to any decoration theme. As shown in the picture above, beige, light gray, and white will successfully create an epic marriage for a vintage style in your living room.

It doesn’t take much effort to get the most beautiful appearance. This beige striped walls living room will look amazing just by adding some decorative items with matching colors.

Suppose you are a fan of antique goods. In that case, you might consider complementing them with classic furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

2. All-Red Vertical Striped Accent Wall

b&q striped glitter wallpaper

Among the millions of striped wall ideas, some in red are the favorites. Besides being suitable for a living room, striped wall paint design also goes well for your entryway.

To further strengthen the guests’ inviting atmosphere, you can set curtains in blush tone, rugs with matching colors, and black and white photos forming a mini gallery on the wall.

3. Strong Red and Navy Pinstriped Wallpaper

striped wall covering

Maybe you have ever wondered, “does striped wallpaper make a room look smaller?” The answer is no, as long as you choose one with a thin pinstripe pattern like the one above.

The combination of intense red and navy makes this design perfect for your boy’s room.

To avoid a monotonous look, you can try to customize the bedding with black-and-white polka dots accents, red wavy pillowcases, blue blankets, and a custom rug.

4. Aquatic Blue Striped Wall Ideas

striped wall canvas

Tiles come in many designs and some of them introduce you to the pinstripe’s patterns.

Instead of installing it for the floor, you can also set it for your bathroom partition. Indeed, it will be the most exciting décor among many striped wall ideas that existed.

For a strong ocean vibe, choose tiles with an aquatic blue and white color combination.

Further, you can install a porthole right in the middle of the sinks, which will give you a direct underwater view of your swimming pool.

5. Luxurious Vibe with Royal Blue Striped Accent Wall Ideas in Your Bathroom

striped bathroom ideas

The next striped wall ideas introduce you to the classic design for the bathroom.

With thin pinstripes wallpaper, especially with the combination of white and royal blue, you will finally own a luxurious bathroom that most people desire.

To enhance the ambiance in this space, you can consider placing an Italian stool right near the bathtub, plus a chandelier from the 20th century that hangs beautifully right above it.

6. Mix Pattered Guest Bedroom

striped bedroom wall ideas

If you’re on the lookout for the best-striped walls bedroom ideas for your guests’ private space, try picking one with this bold mix pattern concept.

Apart from installing gray-and-white pinstripe wallpapers, you can also freely express your creativity through the red patterned daybed couch and black and white geometric flooring.

There is nothing wrong with striped wall ideas like this. It will make your room even more stunning instead.

7. All-Red Italian Rubelli Wall Striped Ideas

horizontal striped wall ideas

It is already said that red dominates the striped wall ideas featured in this article. Most people decide to use this tone because it will give a strong and bold impression to the room.

Meanwhile, red with lighter tones will make the room look warmer.

Try to pay attention to the picture above. The pinstripes accent is only applied to the wall and sofa, so it doesn’t overuse. As for an upholstered chair and curtains, the owner gave them a softer, plain red color.

8. Black and White Vertical Striped Wall Paint Ideas

striped wall bedroom ideas

Giving black and white colors to the walls of your guest room will indeed seem classic.

However, this kind of vibe will soon become more attractive and unique by adding a yellow up chair right in the corner of the space. You can consider putting it near the window as the focal point.

By having an interior design like this, indeed, your guests will feel more comfortable to spend their resting time in your home.

9. White and Blue Horizontal Striped Walls

striped bathroom floor ideas

Maybe not a few of you are still wondering, “How do you paint stripes on a wall?” Factually, it is relatively straightforward to answer this question. Apart from being vertical, you can also make it horizontal.

The pinstripes’ size also can be adjusted to your preferences. It either can be thin or big as the one above.

Instead of making your space looks narrow, horizontal stripes can give your room a more comprehensive look.

Combining the stripes pattern with zigzag tile accents like the picture is one of the many striped wall ideas that will make your dining room impressive. Want to try it?

10. Horizontal Striped Accent Wall for Your Shower Space

vertical striped wall paint ideas

There’s nothing wrong with redecorating your shower room with a horizontal stripe design like this, especially with black and white.

This concept will be suitable for your son’s private bathroom. However, if you decide to create it as the master bathroom decoration, that’s also fine.

Besides black and white, you can also try other striped wall ideas that adopt brighter colors to get a more cheerful vibe for your daughter’s bathroom.

11. Bright Green and Blue Vertical Striped Walls

striped wallpaper

Once talking about the bright striped wall ideas, one technique can make your cooking space look more cheerful, namely by combining light green and blue in the entire room, including the kitchen sink’s back.

Don’t be afraid to look stuffy. By implementing the bright colors, all these problems can be resolved immediately.

You can even add a touch of drama to your cooking room with some wall decors made of Japanese origami paper pieces. Isn’t this interesting?

12. Light Green, White, and Aquatic Blue for A Warm Guest Room in Summer

striped wallpaper designs

It doesn’t only perfectly fit your kitchen site. One of the many striped wall ideas in green and aqua will also look impressive for your guest room.

If you have a problem with low ceilings, then the vertical design is the best solution to make your room look higher.

Color the trim white so that the room is not too bold. Further, you can also consider repainting your wicker chair with the same color.

For rugs, be it straight or colorful, everything will look fine.

13. Beige and White Striped Wall Ideas to Give Your Furniture Pop-up Color

striped wallet

Suppose you prefer to showcase your furniture. In that case, it would be great to choose striped wall ideas with a combination of neutral colors like beige and white.

The medium size beige and white pinstripes, once paired with the red daybed couch, upholstered chair, and patterned ottoman, will successfully give you a delightful final look.

14. Vertical Striped Accent Wall in Red and White

striped wall decals

Don’t hesitate to express your creativity with striped wall ideas that adopt red and white colors. Indeed, it will provide an adequate statement in your center hall.

It not only fits modern furniture, but it also goes well with a few classic touches that you can apply to your table, tufted stools, and even lamps.

15. Floral and Stripes for All-Time Striped Wall Ideas

striped wall art

Who says floral accents don’t go well with striped wallpaper? On the contrary, this design will give your room an elegant impression by choosing neutral colors like a subtle peach and warm white.

You can consider implementing this concept either for your living room or bedroom. Both of them will look soft and stunning at once with this theme.

It is good to give a little pop-up with an intense color like navy for specific parts or patterns. If you want a more feminine vibe, pink is fine too.

16. A Contemporary Trompe L’oeil Striped Tent Wall Design

striped accent wall ideas

If you want fun striped wall ideas that go perfectly for your teenage kids, you can adopt this interior design.

Giving all parts, including the walls and ceiling of the pinstripes that resemble the Trompe L’oeil tent, gives the impression that your children are sleeping in a pleasant circus area.

To soften the room’s ambiance, you can consider setting white linen bedding and a plain beige carpet. That way, this interior design will soon suit both your son and daughter.

17. Vintage Hand-Painted Striped Wallpaper

striped accent wall bedroom

The straightforward design of the striped wall can give a monotonous impression to your room.

Therefore, you need to find the alternative striped wall ideas by implementing some hand-painted wallpapers that match your home’s theme.

A design like the one above will be outstanding applied to homes with luxurious vintage styles.

The mixing colors of black, beige, and a wainscot with a marble-like texture will make your entry hall a spot that amazes many guests, mostly if it is furnished with gold furniture. Everything will look perfect!

18. Bring the Retro Vibe to Your Guest Room with Striped Wall Design

painting over a striped wall

Out of the many striped wall ideas suitable for your guest room, there is highly recommended for modern home designs. It is a combination of black, gray, orange, and white.

Since the striped wall concept already has a rich primary color, you only need to hang a few black and white photos with a retro vibe to decorate it.

To make it even cozier, you can choose a single bed with plain white bedding and a geometric patterned blanket. Plus, a beige rug or the one with a pattern is also worth trying.

19. Pastel Blue Striped Plaster with Geometric Flooring for the Dressing Room

how to make a striped wall

The master bathroom is one of the spots that guests often enter while visiting. Therefore, you need to design it as attractive as possible to provide the best first impression for them.

The picture above applies striped wall ideas with pastel blue to the master bathroom combined with patterned tiles on the floor and a lantern-shaped light fixture from the 19th century.

This concept will look great on a spacious toilet equipped with a dressing room.

20. Horizontal Striped Walls Behind the Breakfast Nook

striped wall bathroom

It’s been said that striped wall ideas will fit into any room in your home, even your breakfast spot.

You can try to combine the horizontal black-white striped wall painting with a dark green tufted bench and transparent chairs, as shown in this design. For desks, one with a white round shape is the best.

To give it the final touch, you can also decorate the table with flowers in the center and framed natural themed paintings for the wall decor.

21. Sea’s Pink Vertical Striped Accent Wall

striped wall bedding

In the large but has a low ceiling dining room, applying a vertical stripe design will maximize its visual appeal.

However, you also have to be careful in choosing the color combination on it. It’s better to go for pastels and neutral colors when all your furniture is filled with bold and accented tones.

Please take a look at the picture above. It provides an interior design with a combination of white and soft sea pink.

By choosing that theme, the bench with a black backseat and large red rose patterns can still be a focal point beautifully in this room.

Another advantage of implementing soft tones on stripe walls is the opportunity to hang some colorful framed wall decor freely. That way, now you can simultaneously have a mini gallery in your dining room.

After providing several recommendations about striped wall designs, this article has finally reached its end.

Out of the incredible twenty-one striped wall ideas above, have you planned which style you will choose to redecorate your home??