21 DIY Computer Desk Ideas That Will Astound You

Computer desk is one of the most crucial furniture units in the home office. It offers comfort and increases your productivity at once. If you work from home, browse through these outstanding DIY computer desk ideas.

Building a computer desk yourself is a great option. For sure, it is more economical than manufactured ones. Not to mention, it asserts a sense of originality. Here are the DIY computer desks that look fabulous.

1. Computer Table Design

As the picture shows, the computer desk is specially created for kids. Since it features a chair, you definitely can save money. Moreover, it combines copper with pastel pink. It is so gorgeous!

2. Best IKEA Computer Desk

This computer table is made out of ignored wooden pallets and plywood. For the legs, the homeowner bought them from IKEA. The racks provide space for office stuff and books. Therefore, your desktop will not be filled with clutter.

3. Custom Gaming Computer Desk Plans

If your home office is located in the attic, try this idea. Here, the customized computer desk has an ergonomic design. Along with a rolling chair, it conveys a feeling of coziness. It keeps you from having tired eyes as well.

4. DIY Long Desk

Above is a long computer desk with X-shaped legs. The dark-toned wood desktop and pure white legs introduce a lovely contrast. Furthermore, the desk is not just foldable, but also can accommodate two PCs and office utensils.

5. DIY Computer Desk Youtube

A designer on Youtube shared an uber-cool DIY project. Instead of using books to elevate the monitor’s height, she builds a compact PC desk. It features an open shelf and drawers to keep the necessary items in place.

6. DIY Floating Gaming Desk

This floating wood desk lends the game room a minimalist vibe and rustic charm at the same time. Purple LED strip lights and desk lamps produce an ambient illumination for a great gaming experience.

7. Build Your Desk

Pictured here is a computer table crafted out of unpainted wood pallets. It brings an element of nature indoors. The metal strings support the desktop, while open shelves hold signs and framed photographs.

8. DIY Computer Desk Plans

Add V-shaped computer desk to your home office. The polished concrete top surface is large enough to put the PC on. Moreover, the dark wood drawers under the table are perfect homes for office supplies, paper, and books.

9. How to Build a DIY Computer Desk from Scratch

Are you up for something simple? Create a parson-tower computer desk from scratch at home. You can paint it crisp white to exude a sense of clarity. The shelves house seagrass baskets, magazines, and storage bag.

10. DIY Computer Desk Ideas

Do you live in an apartment? You should opt for a ladder computer desk. Both the rolling office chair and desk embrace Scandinavian minimalism at its best. Meanwhile, the potted indoor plant keeps the space from becoming lifeless.

11. DIY Desk Easy

This folding computer desk oozes rustic elegance. The metal chains and brackets give it strong support.

If you fold the table up, it turns into a chalkboard. Two upholstered stools make you feel more comfortable.

12. DIY Computer Desk Reddit

Are you on a budget? It is no worries. Make a marvelous computer desk out of the old door panel and raw wood pallets. Since the desktop is long, it accommodates two PCs.

The sawhorses hold storage boxes. Lastly, an adjustable desk lamp adds artful appeal to the room as it shines.

13. DIY Gaming Computer Desk

This two-tier gaming PC desk comes in black. It conveys the feelings of sophistication and masculinity. Furthermore, it employs glassy surface and metallic pipes. Lastly, the statue headphone holder is truly fascinating.

14. How to Make Study Desk at Home with Cardboard


Technically, this is not a computer desk. However, you can use it as a study table. More importantly, it will not cost you a fortune.

To construct the table, you need strong cardboard and scissors. Be sure it suits to the dimension of your laptop. You will thank me later because it effectively helps reduce eyestrain.

15. DIY Desk under $250

This home office appears bigger than it is, thanks to the white color scheme. The computer table is topped with a slab of polished concrete. It infuses the industrial-chic into the room.

Moreover, the chair itself carves a mid-century modern vibe. The shag rug and potted houseplants soften things up.

16. Corner Computer Desk Plans

As you can see, the computer desk fits perfectly in the corner of the room. The dark wood countertop is a high contrast to white legs.

Since the surface is smaller than regular desktops, it can only hold a laptop, iMac, or notebook. When not in use, tuck the office stool away under the desk.

17. Desk Mounted PC

Above is a stylish Murphy computer desk. It is such a clever solution for small homes and micro-apartments.

In the picture, the white foldout desk is mounted on the light blue wall. It gives the space a fresh look. Moreover, it includes shelves to store office items.

18. Executive Desk Plans

Two is always better than one. That is why you must create a double-sided computer desk. It allows you to collaborate with your team partner. The bookshelf serves as a divider. Therefore, you two have some privacy.

19. DIY Desk under $20

Do you want to grind your woodworking skills? Try this idea. You can build a computer desk out of wood pallets. It is not only easy to make but also costs less than $20. Let it go unfinished if you prefer something rustic.

20. DIY L Shaped Desk

Here, the L-shaped wooden computer desk is attached to the wall. It elicits a sense of timeless minimalism. The metal bar stools are a perfect match for the desk. Lastly, area rug and throw blanket lend the home office a Boho touch.

21. DIY Tiered Desk Plans

Don’t like sitting at your desk for a long time? This multi-level standing computer desk is worth to have. The black metal legs and wood tops inject industrial charm into space, while green accents improve concentration.

I think it is the right time to replace your outdated desk with something new. It adds beauty and more functionality to your home office. So, will you be using any of those DIY computer desk ideas?

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