30 Living Room Ideas with TVs That’ll Captivate You

Creating an excellent scheme around the television is surely doable. You can blend the unit into a dark backdrop or place it alongside decorative pieces. Here, I’ve had some superb living room ideas with TVs to transform your seating area.

For many families, televisions are a crucial tool. In addition to keeping children entertained, they also let grown-ups unwind. The units allow for fun movie nights, too. However, they aren’t an appealing decor piece when turned off.

Here are 30 ways of styling them to perfection.

1. Small Living Room Ideas with TVs

If the living room isn’t massive, try installing a floating TV stand. Due to it, the space won’t feel cramped as well as stuffy.

Here, the streamlined wooden floating TV stand effortlessly makes the living room seem wider. Additionally, it looks terrific against the white background.

The TV sits on the floating stand right next to the shiny table lamp. Meanwhile, the faux palm, furniture, printed rug, and arched windows give the room a contemporary eclectic flair.

2. Living Room Ideas with TV Over Fireplace

Without a doubt, a regular TV becomes a mere black rectangle when switched off. So why not allow it to blend with the current scheme?

The homeowner fitted his television into the stone accent wall’s recessed area. Since this solution removes visual clutter, it’s appropriate for modern living rooms.

I can hardly notice the oversized TV here. The wooden mantel underneath matches with the natural stone feature wall, while the electric fireplace heats the seating area.

3. Living Room Ideas with TV on Chimney Breast

This seating area boasts a TV on the white-painted chimney breast. Furthermore, there are a potted houseplant and a few decorative vases on its sides. They soften the look while titivating the scene.

The wood-burning fireplace under the TV keeps the living room snuggly. Meanwhile, dark gray built-in shelves flank it while displaying books and adorable ornaments. Lastly, the raised hearth holds other decorations.

4. Living Room Ideas with TVs and Cabinetry

The homeowner incorporated custom built-in cabinets to tailor her needs. Here, the white cabinetry and walls generate a seamless feel.

As you see, the built-ins offer both open and hidden storage. Furthermore, the shelves showcase the favorite ornaments and books of the homeowner fabulously.

There’s a wall-mounted TV over the classic fireplace mantel. Moreover, it doesn’t spoil the current aesthetic of the seating area.

5. Wall-Mounted Flat Screen TV Decorating Ideas

This living area employs a wall-hung television in the middle of the feature wall. It clashes with the white shiplap backdrop drastically. Meanwhile, the jute window shades flank the TV while producing visual symmetry.

The built-ins feature white and stained wood open shelves. Furthermore, they show vintage decorations and stacks of books. Additionally, throw pillows and leather furniture units allow you to enjoy movie nights comfortably.

6. Bright and Bodacious

Need living room ideas with TV on walls? If yes, try out this design. The crisp white built-ins frame the television. In addition, they keep the scene airy while developing the illusion of more space.

The hidden storage and open shelves work marvelously around the wall-hung TV. Moreover, the shelving displays some sorts of decorations.

The wood-burning fireplace radiates warmth to balance out bright white elements. Meanwhile, light blue, printed, and ruffle throw pillows ensure coziness.

7. Attic Living Room Ideas with TVs

If you want a fuss-free seating area, consider hanging a TV on a wall. Here, the television pairs with the rustic accent wall featuring red and whitewashed bricks.

Right under the wall-hung TV is a long wooden shelf. Moreover, built-in shelves house metallic ornaments and books.

The bold red lamp and roses punch up the attic living room. Furthermore, the gray rug and embossed black sofas with floral patterns soften the look.

8. Modern Cottage Living Room with a TV

I fall for this modern cottage seating area. Here, the TV looks marvelous against the light gray wall. Furthermore, it directs the eye to the black vase and white candle holders on the stylish fireplace mantel.

The wall-mounted TV goes with the neutral scheme of the modern cottage living room. Meanwhile, the small fireplace under it keeps things homey.

Lastly, various patterns, splashes of colors, and different kinds of chairs make the interior exciting.

9. Magnificently Modern

If you need modern living room ideas with TVs, take a cue from this space. The streamlined built-in unit accommodates the wall-hung TV. Moreover, the wooden interior and open shelving provide a gorgeous contrast.

The ornaments and books offset the sharp edges of the TV. Touches of silver, gold, and copper embrace a glamorous look.

Soft white curtains lend this modern seating area an air of elegance. Meanwhile, plush throws and textured furniture pieces set a snuggly scene.

10. Organized and Opulent

I love this luxury TV wall design. The homeowner inserted her television into the niche to brilliantly minimize its presence. Furthermore, gold accents on the wall carry a touch of opulence.

The white-painted decorative fireplace under the TV contrasts with the flooring. Meanwhile, tall acrylic vases with pink roses add visual height.

Lastly, the crystal chandelier, floral patterns, and bright hues enliven this French country seating area.

11. Apartment Living Room Ideas with TVs

Here, the black screen clashes with the muted red backdrop. Moreover, the homeowner surrounded it with a collection of decorations that generate some visual interest. The coastal ornaments on open shelves divert attention away from the TV.

Blonde wood drawers employ tiny knobs. Furthermore, they hide unsightly objects while ensuring that the room stays inviting.

The curved ceiling and coffee table carry extra visual appeal. Meanwhile, the striped rug, orange blooms, and bold throw pillows perk up the apartment living room.

12. Coastal Living Room Ideas with TVs

This coastal seating area seems appealing. The TV allows the eye to focus on the statement brick wall. Meanwhile, the reclaimed wood shelf emanates a rustic ambiance.

The wall sconce, oversized Roman numeral clock, and other ornaments keep guests from noticing the TV. Furthermore, the fireplace, wooden flooring, and orange throw pillows lend the coastal living room warm vibes.

13. Living Room Ideas with TV and Fireplace

As you see, this traditional seating area is all about symmetry. The homeowner mounted his TV in the middle of the two-tone feature wall.

The cabinetry keeps odds and ends hidden. Meanwhile, open shelves showcase photographs, books, and vintage ornaments.

Here, the fireplace surrounding embraces old-world craftsmanship. Light neutrals and blue shades develop a relaxing ambiance. Lastly, the floral rug, candle holders, and white flowers imbue the interior with some personality.

14. Airy and Neat

This is one of the open-plan living room ideas with TVs. The wall-hung television and plain white wall carry a drastic contrast.

There’s a floating white cabinet with ornaments and books under the wall-mounted TV. Because of the rattan table, embossed planter, fiddle-leaf fig, this room becomes characterful. Meanwhile, the soft geometric rug, sectional sofa, and pillows keep things cozy.

15. Loads of Personality

Undoubtedly, this seating area is a fun and family-friendly space. The black screen directs the eye to the glamorous marble backdrop. Also, its arrangement provides a viewing pleasure.

Open shelves of varying sizes and shapes flank the television. Additionally, they house vintage decorations, family photos, vases, and books. Meanwhile, floral motifs and bursts of color ensure liveliness.

16. Small Yet Splendid

Here is another coastal-style seating area. It embraces natural elements via the wicker rug, wooden coffee table, and jute armchairs. Moreover, the starfish, white corral, and shiplap ceiling instill a beachy atmosphere.

The textured fireplace features a deep brown mantel. Furthermore, it displays pieces of art that accompany the black screen on the crisp white wall.

Built-ins keep things organized and nearby, while gorgeous throw pillows keep coldness at bay.

17. Living Room Ideas with TV As Focal Point

This transitional living area is too striking to be true. Furthermore, the oversized, framed TV doubles as wall art when not in use.

The electric fireplace and wooden accents produce warmth. Meanwhile, rafters and twist candle holders add some character. Pops of muted blue and lime green spruce the transitional living room up.

18. Tiny But Tidy

The homeowner makes brilliant use of her limited space. Here, bright white built-ins excellently minimize the black screen’s presence while keeping ornaments organized.

In this picture, the white coffee table boasts several open shelves. They provide storage space instantly. Meanwhile, the two-tone chair, striped rug, artwork, and hydrangeas complete the look.

19. Small Living Room Ideas with TV and Dining Room

This transitional living room shares the space with the eating area. The ceiling-to-floor rugged stone fireplace makes its structure appear higher.

The TV, floating mantel, and fireplace have crisp lines for a modern feel. Moreover, the artworks, cute vases, and books distract attention away from the black screen.

20. Go Dark

Here, the television doesn’t interrupt the aesthetic of the living room. It blends seamlessly with the dark marble backdrop. Furthermore, the lamp, flooring, tables, and throws complement the black screen.

The monochromatic printed rug and faux orchids add interest. Meanwhile, pops of yellow ensure that the living area doesn’t feel gloomy.

21. Off-Center Position

The television doesn’t pose as a focal point of the seating area. As you see, the homeowner chose to place the unit off-center.

Here, the placement of the TV allows guests to focus on the rustic fireplace. Meanwhile, wooden rafters, leather chairs, and orange accents keep things welcoming.

22. Marble Meets TV

Need fantastic living room ideas with TVs? Try this look. The black screen and fireplace surround tie the seating area together.

The marble accent wall makes a gorgeous and glam backdrop. Moreover, the chair, pendants, and vases soften the living room’s look.

23. Contemporary Charm

This marvelous contemporary living room boasts a wall-hung television. The gray stone fireplace and mantel carve a seamless look.

The tufted sectional sofa and black armchairs give this space ample seating. Meanwhile, the glass table and lots of windows inspire pure airiness.

24. Trendy and Elegant

Who says you must install your TV over the fireplace? If you aren’t into such placement, try placing it off-center.

The dark gray wall niches house a fireplace and TV. Also, they carry serious sophistication. Furthermore, the abstract painting right above the wooden mantel grabs attention.

25. Impressive Living Room Ideas with TVs

The chevron-patterned statement wall features an electric fireplace and a black screen. Also, it highlights gray-blue velvet stools.

Here, the gray open built-ins keep books and vases visible. Moreover, gold ornaments on the table and shelves offer unmatched glamor.

26. Appealing Arrangement

Love clever living room ideas with TVs? If yes, steal this look. The television is not a centerpiece because the homeowner placed the screen off-center and low.

Open shelves let the homeowner display her great books. Meanwhile, the textured decorative fireplace boasts candles, while statement pendants become true stunners.

27. Living Room Ideas with TV Stands

The contemporary TV stand accommodates the television perfectly. Furthermore, it keeps the potted greenery and books in place.

Due to the mustard yellow and muted green furniture pieces, the scene doesn’t appear lackluster. Additionally, lush plants and gold accents round things out.

28. Historic Living Room with a TV

The fireplace employs gray stone bricks and white grout lines. In addition to being a centerpiece, it highlights the black screen over the wooden mantel.

Floating shelves around the fireplace optimize every inch of space. Furthermore, they lend the historic seating area a balanced look.

29. Bursts of Blue

This living room isn’t tiny, so the homeowner incorporated black furniture pieces. Apart from oozing some drama, they introduce a sophisticated feel.

The textured accent wall emphasizes the fireplace and TV. Meanwhile, the painting, velvet throw pillows, and decorative vases wear blue for a unified look.

30. Mediterranean Living Room with a TV

Arches, light blue accents, and warm neutrals evoke a Mediterranean ambiance. The marble side table, wrought-iron chandelier, and silver vases offer some personality.

The wooden sideboards and upholstered armchairs flank the wood-burning fireplace. Also, the beige surround accentuates the TV.

In short, those delightful living room ideas with TVs let you have an entertaining area without compromising style. Moreover, you can implement any of the methods above to disguise the look of your black screen. Happy decorating!

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