20 Living Room Curtain Ideas to Jazz up Your Interior

Regardless the size of your home, you must think about installing window treatments. Curtains are the lovely way to go. If you plan to dress up your windows with them, please do consider my living room curtain ideas.

Curtains play vital roles in your indoor space. They instantly blend all the elements together and create the atmosphere. Other than that, they add color and character to the room. Without further ado, check out these options.

1. Curtains for Living Room with Brown Furniture

This calm sitting area features beige and khaki brown curtains. They match stunningly with furniture units and throw pillows.

Window walls keep the entire space bright. Bubble contemporary ceiling light illuminates the area during nighttime.

2. Simple Curtain Design for Living Room

Light taupe pencil pleat curtains, sofa, floor, and area rug make for a soothing interior. Concrete wall and metal floor lamps produce an industrial charm.

Wooden floor, woven sisal pot, plant, and open shelves exhibit rustic beauty. Blue and geometric throws are a feast for the eyes.

3. Living Room Curtain Ideas Pinterest

Here, I have a contemporary sitting room with an industrial twist. The white and light taupe curtains let sunlight get into the space.

The decorative stuff is made of tree stick and CDs. It excellently fills the bare concrete wall. A stripped rug generates a cohesive look.

4. Living Room Curtains Amazon

One word to describe this living room is stylish. Dark olive green curtains provide a sense of privacy, while sheer curtains make the area sunny.

Black-and-white geometric rug works as the showstopper. Aloe and ferns imbue the space with new life.

5. How to Choose Curtains for Living Room

Curtains are available in different materials. If you want to infuse an aura of class and formality into your room, silk curtains are the right move.

L-shaped sofa, throws, and linen window blinds complement pale yellow curtains. Ornate iron window grills and orange flowers in vase titivate the scene.

6. Classic Curtains for Living Room

This classic living area boasts tan-colored linen curtains. They team perfectly with large beige sofa, wooden coffee table, and taupe armless chairs.

Yellow wingback chair increases the room’s magnificence. Flowers spruce up the entire space.

7. Latest Curtain Designs

I believe this serene and fresh sitting room wins your heart in no time. The aqua blue sofa makes a strong statement.

Furthermore, baby blue shag rug, curtains, and throw pillows cozy up the whole zone. Wooden floor, coffee table, and armless chair evoke a rustic feel.

8. Living Room Curtains with Valance

This living room is nothing but sumptuous. Take a look at golden silk curtains with valances, fireplace, and decorative mirror.

Patterned red wingback chair, wooden floor, and table lamps radiate intimacy. Framed works of art keep the walls from looking monotonous.

9. Curtain Designs Gallery

Working with a tight space? This idea is definitely for you. The floor-to-ceiling curtains come in the complementary shades, gray and white.

Blue and chevron throw pillows pop on gray sofa. Wicker planter pot, patterned bamboo rug, and Japanese wooden wall decor channel your inner Zen.

10. Modern Curtain Designs for Living Room

As your guests step into this room, they quickly feel its soothing atmosphere. It is due to the neutral space scheme.

Translucent and sand-toned silk curtains along with crystal chandelier improve room’s beauty. Tall potted houseplant reinvigorates the zone.

11. Traditional Curtains

Undoubtedly, this sitting area is a combination of modern and traditional styles. The console cabinet and coffee table appear super trendy.

Glass doors let plenty of sunlight in. Tan grommet curtains and yellow wingback chair add a luxury touch to the scene.

12. Industrial Style Window Curtains

Blue velvet sofa and armchair lavishly rock this social space. Two industrial pendant lights keep the space from being moody and dreary.

Ivory curtains are hung from the ceiling. They bring depth to the space. Artificial flowers and colorful painting perk up the entire room.

13. Sheer Curtains

As seen in the picture above, white net and cream curtains continue the neutral space color scheme. They introduce a clean setting and relaxing ambience.

Area rug, upholstered furniture, and throws layer the room with cozy textures. A trunk coffee table on dot rug steals the spotlight.

14. Curtain Color Matching

Frosted glass walls allow the natural light to shine through into the living room. They also offer you a sense of privacy.

Dark brown pleat curtains match gorgeously with leaf pattern area rug. Acid green and yellow throw pillows on pastel gray sofa catch the eye.

15. Minimalist Curtains

Sheer curtains give this sitting area a breezy, airy, and open atmosphere. They also lend the space romantic vibes.

Ethnic tapestry above the seating creates a bohemian chic look. Blanket, rug, water jug, framed artwork, wicker pendant lights, and throw pillows complete the scheme.

16. Curtains for Small Windows

This living room is outfitted with gray couch, moss green seating, long wooden table, and Scandinavian-style chairs.

White translucent curtain and small windows marry together. Dark taupe curtain blocks out harmful UV rays. Hanging plants turn the room into a tropical getaway.

17. Vertical Blinds and Curtains Together Pictures

Camel-colored blinds and curtains soften the look. White coffee table, floor, and walls make the space visually bigger.

Windows connect you to the surrounding nature. Leaf print throw pillows act as the show-stopping pieces.

18. Bright Orange Curtains

As the image shows, peach orange curtains and throw pillow develop a cheery atmosphere. They pop against white foundation.

Wooden floor, patterned blue throw pillow, gray shag blanket, and sofa boost up the comfort. Potted greenery rejuvenates the room.

19. Curtain Colors for White Walls

The neutral ombre curtains stand out nicely in this well-lit sitting room.  They do not just provide privacy, but also infuse elegant beauty.

Throw pillows on gray sofa pick up the tones in the area rug. Golden floor lamp and throw lend the area a glamorous air.

20. Decorating with Striped Curtains

This modern lounge mostly boasts neutral space scheme. Red shag rug, throw pillows, and ornamental pieces effortlessly stand out.

Distressed wooden fireplace and accent wall promote a rustic edge. Striped and sheer curtains make the area feel complete.


Those ideas are worth to try at home. Before purchasing living room curtain, you have to know its style and cut. Not only that, the fabric and placement of the curtain matter as well.

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