30 Excellent Small Galley Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

When you are in need to remodel your compact kitchenette but are too afraid about the cost, look for small galley kitchen ideas on a budget. We know a cooking area of this type does not have many fans due to its narrow layout. It becomes even less favored when there is more than one cook.

However, it offers a lot of space to store. Updating your kitchenette into a galley kitchen also means a way easier task and lower budget to prepare.

You could apply nearly everything in a way people renovate their kitchen island or another bigger cooking space.

That is why this page collected thirty small galley kitchen ideas on a budget. They will give you some insights into what to do or how to start the renovation.

1. Suspension Pendant Lighting Over Breakfast Bar

Installing the right lighting fixtures could help in getting rid of the cramped feel created by the parallel counters.

Here, you can see an example of small galley kitchen ideas on a budget. Suspension pendant lights give direct illumination to the breakfast bar area.

Another executable idea offered by this galley kitchen is maximizing the unreached space over the refrigerator and the corner cupboard by adding a pair of single cabinets.

2. Stainless Steel Worktop

It is a way to say that the galley kitchen does not only belong to older homes anymore. A kitchenette of this type is also a part of urban life and modernity.

In addition, the unique part of this galley kitchen is the placement of the stove and the sink. Usually, people install the dishwashing counter on the outer station and put the fire in a line with the refrigerator. It is the other way around in this case.

3. Small Contemporary Galley Kitchen

The next small galley kitchen ideas on a budget pursue the style of contemporary by applying millennium interior design.

It features a skylight, a pair of floating cabinets with a range hood in between, horizontal tiles backsplash for wider space impression, sleek kitchen appliances, and all-white furniture.

4. Floor-to-Ceiling Tiled Wall

Smooth and matt surfaces always need a few textures or patterns in the mix. This is one of the small galley kitchen ideas on a budget that applies the principle to get rid of the monotonous setting.

Moreover, the stained mosaic-like tiles, installed from the floor to the ceiling, complete the setting of white kitchen cabinets, metallic refrigerator, wooden breakfast bar with bar stools, and gray countertop.

5. A Show for One Audience

A nice color selection of navy and white makes this galley kitchen feels coastal. The use of medium-tone wood as the shelving also supports the assumption. What makes it exclusive is the single seating in front of the cooking station.

Moreover, the range does not need any hood or exhaust whatsoever even though it stands in the middle of the room. In addition, an opened door at its back and a window at its side are enough to let the smoke circulates.

6. Glossy Blue Domination

Matte is nice, but too much would need some patterns and textures. Meanwhile, glossy is different. Sleek surfaces are the main attraction that could embellish themselves.

The case with this galley kitchen is it needs illumination inadequate amount since black is the accent. Thus, the breakfast is settable in front of a good function window.

7. Stylish Small Galley Kitchen Ideas on A Budget

Pottery blue or Swedish blue is the color of the year 2020. However, we think people should stop labeling which tone is the hallmark of what era.

Two years have passed but this shade is up to the minute. It makes the whole kitchenette function with style. Execute this small galley kitchen idea on a budget to tell anyone that your compact cooking area could be stylish too.

8. Black and White Patchwork Wall

With these patchwork tiles, you will not require any other decorations for your galley kitchen. That way, you could optimize the existing space with other needs.

By the way, this kitchenette features a two-tone upper cabinet. Frosting cream and light tone wood are matches.

They create a sense of neatness. That is why such a combination continues here and there in these small galley kitchen ideas on a budget.

9. Small Galley Kitchen Idea on A Budget: Houseplants!

Houseplants could refresh the atmosphere in your galley kitchen. They are trivially significant.

Some of the recommended plants to grow in the cooking area are the air purifier English ivy, the burnt remedy Aloe vera, the any-climate survivor cast iron plant, or the low maintenance aluminum plant.

10. Vertical Lines for Higher Space Impression

It is a method to deceive everybody into thinking that your galley kitchen has a higher spatial dimension. To obtain the look, you could involve a vertical wood veneer.

Besides walnut as seen in the picture, the other options are Douglas fir for subtle grain, carbonized bamboo for a lighter tone, white maple for a few curves, or olive ash for straighter and closer lines.

11. Industrial and Vintage Touch in Galley Kitchen

The touch of industrial in this galley kitchen is visible on the black exposed pipes and the pendant lamp design.

A slight hint of vintage is also noticeable from the use of cookware, such as bamboo steamer, rice strainer, and the big pot over the stove.

12. Small Galley Kitchen Ideas on A Budget Using Pale Paint Shades

Pale paint shades, also known as shades of white, could tone down the nerve-wracking circumstances. They are effective in any room, especially with heavy traffic and narrow space like a galley kitchen.

If you have a similar situation, you had better work it out now by applying such tones on the walls or other possible surfaces. Benjamin Moore has the best options in three categories with a total of eleven shades.

Among the list are Chantilly Lace, Behr Swiss Coffee, and Sherwin-Williams Alabaster.

13. Natural Illumination in Between

When it is already compact with no extra space to expand, the only thing you could do is afford the right lighting.

Of course, natural illumination is the best kind. Besides brightening the entire space during the day, it offers a method for energy saving also. Thus, provide your cooking space with a large window as exemplified by the picture.

14. Mid-Century Modern Small Galley Kitchen Ideas on A Budget

After remodeling, a galley kitchen in a South Bristol house now features green colored glass as the backsplash, a gray shaker cabinet, and a butcher block to finish the countertops.

The style it chases is mid-century modern. You know it from the neat, spotless, and silky surfaces.

15. Very Small Galley Kitchen Idea

Your next small galley kitchen ideas on a budget are from this kitchenette. It completes the set with a shiplap wall, small herringbone tiles backsplash, butcher block countertops, and light tone wood flooring.

For storage, it relies on customized white cabinetries with black handles and a mini wall shelf.

16. Black Floor Tiles

A nice flooring idea comes from the next small galley kitchen ideas on a budget. It infuses the floor with black and white patterned tiles, following the color combination from the upper kitchenette scheme.

Featured above the floor are cabinetries, kitchen appliances, window trim, and other details, all in black. Meanwhile, the marble countertop, subway tiles backsplash, marble wall shelf, walls, and ceiling appear in white.

17. Checkerboard Galley Kitchen Floor

This one goes retro by installing checkerboard tiles for the flooring. Well, it presumably carries on the pallet from the above features, like a black refrigerator and white cabinetries.

The involvement of gold in the details in the middle of the mix makes the scheme more interesting.

18. White Galley Kitchen with Dark Wood Flooring

This bright galley kitchen features a white tone on nearly all of the elements, such as the ceiling, walls, cabinetries, tiled backsplash, natural stoned countertop, and other fixtures.

In the meantime, it depends on dark-tone wood flooring for contrast.

19. Quartz Worktop and Backsplash

What backsplash goes well with the quartz countertop? Do not hover around this question because the answer is quartz backsplash.

Yes, unify the look above the two surfaces area and your galley kitchen will appear in elegance instantly.

20. Slim Kitchen with Stunning Flooring

The white kitchen layout is perfect if completed with light tone wood flooring. Various options of wood could result in such a look.

You could pick one from sterling white oak, hardwood, vinyl planks, or parquet. It will be even more stunning if the features above the floor involve black accents.

21. Small Galley Kitchen Ideas on a Budget: Warm Tones!

Warm tones or paler could create a feeling of light and airy. That is why it is recommendable for your small galley kitchen ideas on a budget. This kitchenette gets such a palette from the lighting and the floor.

Included also in the category are red and orange, so apply those colors as much as possible to create an even lighter and airier nuance.

22. U-Shaped Small Galley Kitchen Ideas on A Budget

This galley kitchen is unrivaled. It is designable in a way so that the owner could make the most of the space.

Adapting the layout of a U-shaped kitchenette, this cooking area transforms the end of the aisle into extra cabinets with a uniformed look.

Speaking of the cabinetries, the set feels so modern with dark gray. The gaps between door panels create contrasting yellow lines.

23. Blue and White: Classical Modernism

Blue and white is a classic combination but still feels modern. This galley kitchen proves it by applying the two-tone concept. Simply different from other small galley kitchen ideas on a budget before.

From a glance, you could tell that the amount of blue on the lower part is presumably as much as white on the upper side.

24. Tiny House Kitchens

You see several small galley kitchen ideas on a budget within this cooking area. First, make ceiling racks. They are good to maximize your space. Second, afford many houseplants.

Herbs are great, but decorative plants are as well. Third, combine ceramic tiles and wood planks because they make a blameless contrast.

25. Fashionable and Highly Functional

This is one of the small galley kitchen ideas on a budget that does not have a trust issue with white. It depends on this shade nearly from head to toe.

Because of the scheme and with the help of stainless steel, every little thing that is not shaded in white is noticeable directly, as the black grout on the subway tiled walls and dark tone wooden floor.

26. Industrial Modern Galley Kitchen

If in the aforementioned small galley kitchen ideas on a budget you only see a slight hint of industrial style, this one shows a lot. It is obvious on the exposed components, such as the beams, brick wall, and plumbing.

The use of concrete as the breakfast bar countertop also hints at the theme industrially.

27. Refreshing Lime Scheme

The cabinetries, some parts of the walls, and the hanging shelf spoil us with a rich view of refreshing lime tone, with a glossy surface, on top of that. You will not require extra decoration then.

Moreover, the rest of the space is in complemented white. For bold contrast, checkerboard tiled floor is more than enough.

28. Medium Tone Wood and White Interior

This galley kitchen plays with crisp white as its main show and picks medium tone wood as the secondary. It results in gorgeousness all over. Additionally, the moldings on one of the walls are there for texture.

29. Corner Window Effect

This country galley kitchen gets a lot of help from the white scheme and the corner windows to imprint an airier sense. It makes people think that compact size is not a problem ever.

Placing the sink station in front of the window is also a good decision. Washing the dish will not be such a heavy task if the front sight is the outside beauty.

30. Plus, a Breakfast Bar

If the usual layout of the galley kitchen is two parallel counters consisting of one sink and one stove station or one of the posts and a breakfast bar, it is not the case with this kitchenette.

It does not choose between the two layouts but creates a new thing. Besides the two counters for both stations each, it also tags a breakfast bar along.

Well, it wraps our small galley kitchen ideas on a budget. Which one is your favorite and doable within your space?

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