28 Awe-Inspiring Neon Painting Ideas to Give the Wall A Pop-Up Color

Summer fun will soon come your way. Then, why don’t you immediately give your home a new decoration to welcome it? And, suppose you are interested in pop-up colors that symbolize cheerfulness. Here are neon painting ideas for you.

It’s undeniable that these neon painting ideas are too tricky and not for everyone. However, it never hurts to try to implement it in one part of your house, for example, the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

And, here, various pop-up colors such as neon green and yellow, light Tosca blue, and fuchsia pink are ready to come to you with their incredible brightness and unique personality.

However, with all these dramatic colors, don’t forget to give other calming shades to avoid glare.

All right, because we don’t want to mince words, here are twenty-eight neon painting ideas you can apply in your home.

1. Neon Painting Ideas for Bedroom

It is normal to provide the child’s room with a bright color. Whether it’s for boys or girls, this idea did not come without reason because applying pop-up colors in a child’s room can help them develop their creativity.

Suppose you’re looking for inspiration. It would be great to start with neon paint for walls. You can put this striking color on one side of the wall and under the loft bed. Then, leave the rest with a more muted stain to balance.

2. Come with Patterned Curtains and Touch of White

Neon painting ideas are indeed enough to give your home a bold personality. However, if you want to add more drama, you can choose patterned curtains with multiple colors.

And, so that it doesn’t hurt the eyes, you can balance it with the presence of white on some furniture.

3. White, Neon Green, and Fuchsia Make Perfect Combination

Combining pink and neon green for teenage girls’ rooms is a perfect choice. It will be more pleasing if you also accompany it with white paint.

Furthermore, to transform this blank space into a more delightful spot. You can add some vinyl wall decals with various colorful characters.

4. Why Don’t You Get Some Oranges?

Suppose you feel that pink and neon green don’t give enough personality to your kitchen. In that case, you can also bring orange color to complete it.

Indeed, applying neon painting ideas in the kitchen may be an extreme step for some people. Nevertheless, you can have it if you love it.

5. Orange Wall and Pattern Flooring to Highlight the Dining Room

Not only can it be applied to the bedroom and kitchen, but you can also even bring neon painting ideas to state your dining room.

Well, from a variety of color choices, you can confidently display orange for the wall and patterned flooring in this area, so you get a solid minimalist vibe. Additionally, please add whites to some items to further balance the look.

6. Intense Coastal Vibes with Aquamarine

Besides neon green and pink, turquoise is also an iconic color that you can apply to your coastal-themed interior.

On top of that, to further increase the aesthetic value of your bedroom, set cool white string lights above the headboard and follow its shape.

Also, if you’re not ok with bringing flashy art decor, alternatively, you can state your chamber with a ceiling light fixture with big bulbs.

7. Mustard Yellow and White for Bright Main Bathroom

The main bathroom is a spot you also need to pay attention to. It is because your guests will use it from time to time.

Therefore, applying neon painting ideas to this spot will not fail either. You can start with mustard and warm white to make this space look bright but still exudes an inviting warmth.

In addition, give some points to an iconic item such as an engraved stool with pop-up color.

8. Large Strips in Fuchsia Pink and Neon Green Standing Cabinet

There are also simple neon painting ideas that you can follow without changing the colors on your entire wall. One of them is by presenting large strips like the picture above.

Indeed, you do not need to follow the aforementioned idea in its wholeness. However, if you want to elevate your daughter’s bedroom perfectly, you can consider the fuchsia for the strips and give a standing cabinet with neon green.

9. Spotlight the Staircase with Neon Painting Ideas

Well, don’t forget about your main staircase! Because in fact, you also need to give this spot a touch of pop-up color to add more drama to the room further.

Suppose you have previously painted your living room with pastel pink. So, now it’s time to give neon yellow to the rest of your staircase elements.

10. Give Some Patterns on The Wall

Playing with patterns in flashy color is not a must. However, if you think it can make your bedroom look more stunning, then go without hesitation.

And, because you’ve already provided a focal point on your wall, it’s a good idea to leave your curtains plain but still in a matching color. It is done to prevent your room from looking stuffy and cramped.

11. Pop-up Pink Among the Whites

Neon painting ideas don’t just recommend you to paint the entire wall with a pop-up color. If that doesn’t meet your preference, then leave it.

However, suppose you still want to provide a stand-out viewpoint in your living room. Then you can go with a sofa with a striking color, like pink.

12. Bring Out the Matching Painting

Bringing cohesive elements into your home is the key to creating impressive interior decor. It says so even when you decide to adopt neon wall painting ideas.

Further, instead of putting them in one spot, it would be better to hang the artwork on the other side of the wall painted in the same color.

13. Light Blue and Yellow for Home Office

For someone who works in a creative field, having interior decor in bright colors is sometimes needed. It aims to provide a solid impetus to get inspiration quickly.

Then, try to apply these neon painting ideas to your home office. You don’t need to go straight with one in super flashy colors.

However, you can also start with more friendly ones to the eye, such as light blue, neon yellow, and white, to balance everything.

14. It’s Also Good to Go with Painted Ceiling

Suppose you want something new on your palate. So, you can try to give it a pop-up color, for example, orange.

Indeed, sometimes giving too much color will make your home look gloomy and unpleasant. However, as long as you can maintain the color balance in the room, then everything will be fine.

Moreover, you can even freely combine orange with soft lilac like the picture above.

15. Striking Color to Highlight the Bed

After finishing with the ceiling and walls, you can also borrow neon painting ideas to elevate your bed.

Try to give your wooden bed a flashy painting, like neon green and floral bedding. Meanwhile, let the other objects stay in neutral colors. So, you have now succeeded in highlighting your bed perfectly.

16. Wall Art Gallery and Patterned Stools

Complete your trendy decor with a wall art gallery and also patterned stools.

Maybe, for some people, decorative objects don’t play a role when applying neon painting ideas. On the other hand, it will help give your chamber a unique personality.

17. Bright Chairs and Colorful Mirror Frame

Children’s playroom sometimes requires more attention in decorating the interior. Moreover, most concepts need you to set a colorful theme without causing eyesores.

Therefore, instead of presenting a neon wall painting, it is better to keep it white. And then, you can hang multicolor wall arts and neon chairs to add more energy.

18. Be Bold with Red and Navy

Why not have a boy’s room with neon painting themes? It is also relevant for whatever gender you are. Indeed, mainly, pink and neon green always relate to femininity. However, over time all became suitable for each other.

Even more, this neon color seems to be the manifestation of everyone’s nature.

Well, for those of you who want to bring a bold theme without the need for a striking impression, you can go with red and navy as above.

19. Flashy Spot, White Neon Lamps, and Colorful Sofa

Honesty neon painting ideas aren’t just about coloring the wall and stuff. But it’s also about presenting the original neon light in one of the spaces in your home.

Let’s say, in the basement. Once you have a seating spot there, it would be better to combine a striking wall accent with cool white neon lamps mounted on the wall to give both illumination and drama.

In addition, you can also set the sofa with a lot of neon colors for a more fashionable look.

20. Neon Green to Attract the Nature

If you think deeply, presenting neon green in the room is not merely about giving the original pop-up color. More than that, it is also a form of inviting natural vibes with a more eccentric style.

It will feel vital to simultaneously display wall art with nature illustrations, such as animals or plantations. You can also bring 3D objects that resemble one kind of flower, such as the floor lamp above.

21. Fashionable Neon Painting Ideas with Flower Sketch

At the previous point, the floral accent came in 3D, and now is the time for you to display it in 2D. No less attractive, deciding to show a sketch of a large flower in flashy colors on the wall is the most brilliant step to upgrade your summer bedroom.

Without additional wall decor, everything will be stunning and fashionable.

22. Boho Style with Multi Patterned Cushion

A pink sofa in an all-white room cannot always show an impressive focal point. Therefore, you can simultaneously complete it with a multi-patterned cushion as above.

Don’t just be confined to one color. You can also freely present other pop-up colors, such as yellow, blue, and other neon objects.

23. Point Out the Unique Shelves and Backsplash

You can manifest neon painting ideas in the kitchen in several essential spots that you want to highlight, like your shelving system and backsplash.

You can undoubtedly install a shelving system in a kitchen with a unique shape through the reference above. Then give it a flashy color that matches the backsplash tile.

24. Set an Iconic Light Fixture

No one forbids you to display neon paintings only in one strip in the middle of the wall. As in the design above, applying this concept does not require extra energy for you to do the painting.

Alternatively, you can give a trendy ceiling light with a color that matches the strip on the wall to make a strong statement further.

25. Neon Abstract Wall Art and Eye-Catching Table Lamp

Unlike most of the previous neon painting ideas, in this section, you are fine if you decide to welcome the warmth of summer with white shades in the house.

However, you provide objects that stand out, so your home doesn’t look pale and far from a positive impression. You can start by providing cushions with neon feathers, table lamps of the same color, and multi-colored wall art.

26. Green and Fuchsia Combination for Large Space

Indeed, neon green and fuchsia are the perfect combinations to be presented in any space, including the dining room and sitting room.

This neon concept appears with white marble flooring to balance all the striking colors without looking stuffy.

27. Neon Painting Ideas for Outdoor Space

Giving an anti-mainstream personality does not only apply to interior design. If you are assured, you can also use neon painting ideas for your exterior space.

That way, you will have no more trouble if colleagues need detailed information to visit your house. Merely mention the street and the house’s color, then everything is fine.

28. Bright Color on The One Side of The Wall and False Ceiling

Continuing the previous concept, this is the interior view that you can adopt to get a matching design between your exterior and interior decor.

Look, how stunning is this idea to be adopted immediately? Instead of making the entire wall in neon color, you can choose to only give it on one side of the wall and the false ceiling.

Meanwhile, you can leave the rest in white to provide a clean impression of the room.

Last, through all the drama brought by neon painting ideas above. Certainly, you will get the unique joy of summer. So, have you decided which design to adopt?

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