29 Marvelous Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You Must Steal

Many homeowners convert their patios or backyards into culinary spaces. Furthermore, they usually install coverings to protect theirs from the elements. If you love cooking outdoors, dive into these incredible covered outdoor kitchen ideas.

Covered outdoor kitchens let people entertain, eat, and cook outside beyond the summertime. Also, they expand homeowners’ living spaces. In this post, you’ll learn how to integrate kitchen necessities and features into yours.

1. Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Are you into all things modern? If so, this is one of the brilliant covered outdoor kitchen ideas to steal. It looks airy and bright due to the pale gray-blue wall paint.

The white beadboard ceiling defines the area. Moreover, stainless steel fans make the covered outdoor kitchen feel more stylish. Thanks to them, the air will easily move away from appliances during the summer months.

Wicker dining chairs and palm trees heighten the coastal ambiance. Lastly, interlocking natural stone tiles suit the outdoor kitchen well since they’re durable.

2. Cozy Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen seems welcoming because of the warm lighting. Apart from enhancing the area’s design, it lets the homeowner entertain visitors in the evening.

The TV right over the stone fireplace keeps guests entertained. Moreover, the wooden roof and pillars blend fabulously with the surroundings.

In the seating area, there’s a faux wicker table and chairs. Furthermore, flower arrangements and patterns titivate the outdoor kitchen.

3. Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

Speaking of covered outdoor kitchen structures, this design is worth trying. The metallic appliances, countertops, and dining chairs keep it looking sleek.

Both skylight windows and downlights ensure that the outdoor kitchen always feels open. Additionally, there’s a grill for a backyard barbecue.

The island and floor bring textures to the covered outdoor kitchen. Meanwhile, the plant on the counter gives the space an extra dose of greenery.

4. Upscale Outdoor Kitchen

Talking about luxury outdoor kitchen designs, duplicate this space. I guarantee you can’t help but flaunt it because of its striking details.

The roof allows for outdoor cooking as well as eating. Moreover, natural stones appear on the island, backsplash, range hood, and floor tiles.

Since the homeowner dwells in a hot climate, she installed a ceiling fan over the island. Meanwhile, granite countertops are not only visually appealing but also strong.

5. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Need covered outdoor kitchen ideas? If so, try stealing this design. Tree pillars, wicker furniture units, natural stones, and wooden cabinets develop a rustic feel.

The outdoor kitchen features a wood-burning fireplace. Furthermore, pops of turquoise and pastel green brighten it up.

Retro accessories and light fixtures lend the covered outdoor kitchen some character. Lastly, colorful string lights infuse festive vibes while adding extra illumination.

6. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Pergola

This outdoor kitchen employs a sturdy wooden pergola. It offers an Italian look effortlessly while providing shade on sunny summer days.

The pergola prevents unwanted heat exhaustion. Meanwhile, outdoor kitchen appliances deliver some shine to the space.

Due to the rug, fireplace, and blankets, the outdoor kitchen seems inviting. The fire pit, floor lamp, and globe lights make the area brighter. Furthermore, cheery blooms and tropical plants round out the area.

7. Traditional Outdoor Kitchen

As you see, this outdoor kitchen is admirable. Natural materials like wood and stone allow it to blend with the environment.

The covered outdoor kitchen boasts a grilling station and different seating areas. Moreover, the fireplace makes the culinary space homey. Also, some candles carve a romantic ambiance.

Metal dining chairs display ornate details. Lastly, the adjacent pond and pool promote serenity in a second.

8. Large Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This covered outdoor kitchen is spacious. White islands and walls keep the whole area looking airy. In addition, they contrast with brown tiles and dark wooden beams.

Speaking of kitchen amenities, the homeowner added a grill and a sink. Those metallic appliances also create a contemporary feel.

The ceiling fan and chandelier adorn the covering of the outdoor kitchen. Meanwhile, the greenery and sunflowers liven the area up.

9. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you aren’t into a full outdoor kitchen, try this option. Here, the space features a transition room. It lets you enjoy the indoors’ comforts while offering an outdoorsy feel.

The white shiplap walls and cabinets brighten the outdoor kitchen up. Furthermore, the stone fireplace and columns add a touch of grandeur.

Also, the roof protects the kitchen and sitting area from weather elements. Meanwhile, plants live harmoniously with natural stones. Lastly, the chandelier, sconce, and candles produce a welcoming mood.

10. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

The crazy flagstone flooring and fireplace lend this outdoor kitchen a rustic ambiance. Moreover, they call attention to the adjacent plants and flowers.

The homeowner kept the dining area simple. He only integrated a wooden table and benches. Furthermore, they balance flagstones out. In addition, a couple of distressed armchairs provide extra seating.

Also, there’s a covering that protects visitors from a rain shower. Meanwhile, two glass pendants ooze a contemporary flair.

11. Outdoor Kitchen with Arches

This classic outdoor kitchen boasts a covering. Not only does it offer protection against uncontrollable weather but also raises the area’s beauty.

The kitchen also has a few cooking facilities such as a grill and a sink. Moreover, the silver ceiling fan keeps the area breezy on hot days.

Wicker chairs pair with the slate flooring well. Lastly, wooden beams and rugged stone arches accompany the weathered chandelier and twig candle holders.

12. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Skylight Windows

Looking for fantastic covered outdoor kitchen ideas? This design is worth a try. The wooden roof, flooring, and dining room furniture promote coziness.

Skylight windows let natural light in for a brighter atmosphere. Meanwhile, the rough stone fireplace teams with surrounding lush trees perfectly.

The black floor mat, gray curtains, and white blankets make the outdoor kitchen snuggly. In addition, the metallic ceiling fan keeps things comfortable.

13. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Island Ideas

This outdoor culinary space offers guests mesmerizing views of the backyard. As you see, trees and ferns surround it very beautifully.

The wooden roof protects metallic kitchen appliances from the exposed elements. Also, it provides some shelter during the breezy spring months.

Wooden pillars go perfectly with the natural stone flooring and fireplace. Meanwhile, pendants highlight the black counter and dining chairs.

14. Contemporary Meets Rustic

Nothing is better than cooking outdoors, right? Of course, this is one of the covered outdoor kitchen ideas you should apply.

The kitchen belongs to the backyard. It employs concrete flooring and wooden cabinets, besides metallic appliances. Rugged natural stones connect the kitchen to the great outdoors.

Moreover, the lantern and pendant lamps let homeowners entertain guests in the night. Lastly, the shiny red jar and vibrant blooms bring the culinary space to life.

15. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Firewood Oven

The black sink and countertops lend the outdoor kitchen some drama. Additionally, the white-painted firewood oven introduces a sharp contrast. It sends out an Italian feel and a modern flair, too.

There’s a glass display cabinet next to the firewood oven. Furthermore, the wooden roof provides protection as well as coverage. Meanwhile, the silver-painted ceiling fan ensures that the whole kitchen is airy even on scorching days.

16. Stylish Outdoor Kitchen with TVs

Speaking of covered outdoor kitchen ideas, consider trying out this design. It boasts sleek dining chairs and pillars.

The polished flagstone flooring catches the eye while offering comfort. Meanwhile, the ceiling fan adds style to the outdoor kitchen.

Right under the wooden roof are a couple of TVs. They give guests some sort of entertainment. Moreover, the wooden cabinetry contrasts with the kitchen appliances. Lastly, gorgeous palm trees accentuate them nicely.

17. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Bricks

Who doesn’t love this graceful outdoor kitchen? The island, inset, table, and chairs boast intricate details. Also, they transform the space into a true chef’s paradise.

The classic kitchen features exposed bricks on the floor and walls. Moreover, they capture a rustic feel instantly.

The covering protects the whole kitchen from extreme weather. In terms of amenities, the space employs a refrigerator, a sink, and a grilling station.

18. Mediterranean-Style Outdoor Kitchen

Searching for fabulous covered outdoor kitchen ideas? You should implement this delightful design. The range hood, arches, and columns lend the space a Spanish flair.

Natural stone tiles beautify the floor and walls of the outdoor kitchen. Furthermore, they ooze tranquil vibes while connecting the area to the surroundings.

The wooden roof and beams carve a welcoming nuance. Lastly, the grill, wall-mounted fan, television, and chandeliers complete the outdoor kitchen’s look.

19. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Stones

This outdoor kitchen seems rustic yet remarkable. Natural stones decorate the floor, two-tier islands, and arches while evoking an outdoorsy atmosphere.

Since there’s plenty of seating, the homeowner can throw a BBQ party in the summer. Moreover, metallic appliances inject modern vibes. Meanwhile, the swimming pool and greenery radiate tranquil energy.

20. Tidy and Terrific

As the photo shows, the outdoor kitchen boasts a well-maintained lawn. The gray wooden covering gives diners a protection layer from the snow and rain.

The arrangement of upholstered armchairs instantly sparks up a conversation. In addition to potted plants, the area has a natural stone fireplace and floor tiles.

21. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Swing

Speaking of inexpensive outdoor kitchen ideas, this lovely design is worth applying. The area features a concrete floor and an exposed stone fireplace.

As for kitchen necessities, it boasts a grill and a sink. Distressed wooden chairs surround a round table. Meanwhile, the swing bench lends the covered culinary space laidback vibes.

22. Outdoor Kitchen with Lounge Chairs

This outdoor kitchen overlooks a small lake. Because of the natural stone walkway and flooring, the area doesn’t seem out of place.

Lounge chairs provide extra seating. Furthermore, the wooden candle holder sits on the dining table. Lastly, the grill allows for backyard grilling in the summer.

23. Sophisticated Outdoor Kitchen

The covering protects the outdoor kitchen well. Moreover, stone tiles draw the eye quickly since they come in varying neutral shades.

Overhead is a classic ceiling fan. Apart from keeping the outdoor kitchen cool, it adorns the space. Meanwhile, metallic cooking appliances produce a stylish look.

24. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Grill

This outdoor kitchen lets you enjoy the meals and views with your family. Moreover, metal lattice back dining chairs carve a classic flair.

The grill brings outdoor cooking to the next level. Furthermore, the lantern and ceiling fans round out the kitchen.

25. Say Yes to Red Bricks

Of course, this outdoor kitchen is worth showing off. It employs a stainless steel grill for a fun backyard party during the summer months.

Red bricks send out an air of rusticism while emanating a warm vibe. In addition, splashes of color infuse positive energy quickly.

26. Tuscan Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The wooden pergola lends the outdoor kitchen a Mediterranean look. Furthermore, the wind chime and string lights evoke a festive ambiance.

Metallic appliances are a contrast to the brown countertop and wooden cabinets. Meanwhile, the textured island effortlessly develops a Tuscany flair.

27. Lively Outdoor Kitchen

Talking about covered outdoor kitchen ideas, you shouldn’t forget this design. The stone fireplace, wooden table, and wicker chairs embrace a natural atmosphere.

The covering allows the homeowner to use her outdoor culinary space for many years. Lastly, striped pillows and hot pink blooms jazz the kitchen up.

28. Outdoor Kitchen with an Aluminum Pergola

The aluminum pergola poses as a home’s extension. Unlike the wooden one, it seems super stylish. Moreover, the design of the unit tends to be minimal.

For an unforgettable backyard party, the homeowner incorporated a grill. Moreover, the wooden floor and cabinets keep things looking homey.

29. Outdoor Kitchen with Modern Pillars

This modern rustic outdoor kitchen boasts a television. In addition to it, there’s also a gray ceiling fan. Furthermore, brown marble countertops represent luxury.

Rugged and polished natural stones live harmoniously in the outdoor kitchen. Meanwhile, light gray cabinets and white pillars make the space airy.

Those covered outdoor kitchen ideas are worth copying. Moreover, coverings let you and your visitors spend time outdoors at any time. In addition, they prevent unwanted heat exhaustion during the summertime.

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