26 Impressive Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

While the white cabinetry is surely popular, the rich-toned ones are special. Not only do they produce classy style and poise but likewise suit various designs. If you want to see delightful color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets, look no further.

A kitchenette is an area where you can reduce stress through baking or preparing food. When decorating it, the color of the cabinetry should be your priority. Bear in mind that closets are a vital expense for many homeowners. They create the bulk of the space layout, too.

1. Contemporary Dark Cabinet Kitchen Ideas

Here, the dark gray cabinets carve an elegant feel. Furthermore, they exude serenity effortlessly. Also, the navy island introduces drama. The cool white backsplash and marble counters generate a visual balance in the kitchen design.

Black accents and silver appliances produce a masculine appeal. The flowers, as well as the multicolored chevron-patterned upholstery, soften the look. Lastly, bursts of green and red liven the scheme up.

2. Timeless Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

Talking about pictures of kitchens with dark cabinets, this photo instantly steals my heart. The muted blue cabinets highlight the beige and black backsplash tiles. Also, they lend the interior a touch of color.

The black island, range hood, and armchair lend the kitchen a decent amount of drama. Moreover, the wooden floor and red marble counters warm up the interior.

Accents of red and yellow make the kitchen seem more dynamic. Additionally, the metallic appliances infuse shine.

3. Kitchen Paint Colors with Chestnut Cabinets

If you’re after a contemporary kitchen, try this scheme. The chestnut cabinets feature sleek metallic hardware. They subtly clash with the cool gray backdrop and crisp white ceiling.

The chestnut cabinetry accentuates the statement backsplash. Moreover, the dark-toned wood floorboards provide much warmth.

The dark gray island picks up the color of the existing counter. Also, it boasts a plain white top for a terrific contrast.

4. Neutral Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

All-white cabinets may feel too bright or boring. If you love them but crave something bold, consider adding a dark gray island to the kitchen.

Here, the plain white cabinetry emanates an open feeling. The sink, warm white walls, and deep gray island contribute to the kitchen’s farmhouse vibe.

The kitchen has a rustic flair due to the pendant lamp and wooden table. Lastly, dark wooden floorboards balance the cool-toned surfaces out.

5. Dark Brown Meets Pastel Green

Warm white shades on the ceiling and upper cabinetry create a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, the lower cabinets wear pastel lime green for a lively kitchen.

The dark brown island evokes elegance while hiding the unsightly dirt. In addition, the light-toned marble backsplash and counters brighten up the scheme.

The smooth wooden floor inspires warmth as well as comfort. Also, it tones down the lime green and blue shades.

6. Paint Color for Small Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

The backsplash, moldings, walls, and upper cabinets supply crisp whites. Also, they introduce a seamless and airy look.

Unlike top cabinets, the bottom ones wear navy, so they never get out of trend. Furthermore, the pieces carve a custom appearance and dramatic statement at once.

Touches of gold make the kitchen slightly luxurious. Meanwhile, the small wicker basket and soft white blooms give the space a pleasing design.

7. Red Walls and Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

There are lots of color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets. This culinary space, for example, has deep brown wooden cabinetry and a dining table. Furthermore, they make the scheme look homey and inviting.

In addition, the bright red walls prove dark cabinets don’t only pair with white. Apart from evoking warmth, they stimulate the appetite.

Moreover, the white roof and single-hung windows prevent the scheme from looking too dark. For a nuanced design, the homeowner added metallic appliances, an indoor plant, and wooden floorboards.

8. Light Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

There are various color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets, and this palette deserves a try. Here, the homeowner customized her space by using vibrant hues such as yellow, red, and green in unexpected places.

The rich-toned wooden cabinets clash with the white backsplash and ceiling. Furthermore, the metallic surfaces reflect the light, so the kitchen feels brighter.

9. Black and White Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of matching paint to kitchen cabinets, take cues from this cooking space. Since the cabinetry comes in cool white, the homeowner painted the ceiling, range hood, and wall in light neutrals.

The black island, counter, and pendant lamps add drama to the scene. They also blend well with the silver hardware.

The plant and purple flowers tone down the kitchen’s masculine appeal. Lastly, the reddish-brown wooden floor and beige rug impart a welcoming air.

10. Dramatic Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

This is one of the mesmerizing color schemes for kitchens with dark brown cabinets. Whites, creams, and light grays keep the area from looking gloomy.

The dark brown cabinets and island make the room less chilly. Moreover, the black upper cabinetry with glass fronts inspires intimacy. With such units, you don’t need to chase grime anymore.

The black accents via chairs unify this open concept kitchen. Also, they allow the eye to easily travel from one point to another.

11. Muted But Marvelous

Some people find dark cabinets outdated. However, this photo says the opposite. The muted green cabinetry emanates a timeless feel and calm vibe.

The metallic pulls slightly brighten up the cabinets. Additionally, the leather stools and marble countertops make the kitchen seem lavish.

Lots of artificial and natural light balance out the dark cabinets. Moreover, the wooden floor and orange accents create a toasty feeling.

12. Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Light Floors

With many color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets, you may feel overwhelmed. If that’s the case, apply this palette.

Whites on the wall and ceiling open this kitchen up. However, they can make the interior feel very stark. The homeowner included a charcoal gray island and cabinets for some visual depth.

The light wooden floor and golden pendant lamps exude coziness. Lastly, splashes of blue and sunny yellow perk up the area.

13. Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets and Wooden Shelves

The dark gray-painted cabinets contrast with the warm-toned wooden countertop. Furthermore, they bring sophistication as well as drama to the kitchen.

Light taupe on the backsplash tiles makes the interior less gloomy. Additionally, the crisp white sink and walls inspire cleanliness.

The kitchen doesn’t feel heavy because of the wooden open shelves. They emanate a rustic flair while accentuating the red cooking pot, too.

14. Light Blue vs. Dark Brown

Looking for kitchen paint colors with mahogany cabinets? If so, try this palette. The photo shows that rich-toned cabinetry doesn’t just pair with crisp white.

Additionally, the dark mahogany cabinets lend the kitchen organic warmth. Moreover, they meet cool white counters and walls outstandingly.

The black range hood adds further drama, while the blue appliances exude cheerful vibes. Lastly, since the kitchen features lighter floors, it doesn’t look gloomy.

15. Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets and Gold Hardware

If you plan on installing dark cabinets, consider balancing them with plenty of light. By doing so, the kitchen will feel airy and inviting.

Here, the black cabinets contrast with both marble and wooden counters. Furthermore, golden drawer pulls emanate a sense of lavishness.

The wooden cutting boards and plants infuse natural textures. White and beige walls balance out black cabinets, while the windows and glass pendant lamps keep the darkness at bay.

16. Forest Green and Dark Gray

This is one of the superb color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets. Have a look at the gray cabinetry. Moreover, it blends with the black countertop excellently. In addition, they bring a contemporary appeal to the scheme.

The forest green island carves a bold look. Furthermore, the concrete top and metallic hardware offer an industrial flair.

Rich wood accents on the range hood, chairs, beams, and shelves keep the kitchen welcoming. They offset the steely tones perfectly, too.

Black pendant lights and wall lamps provide sophistication. The bright white ceiling, as well as the shiplap walls, make the kitchen feel brighter. Here, striped rugs act as showstoppers. Lastly, splashes of red inject a bit of vibrancy.

17. Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets and Green Chairs

Speaking of color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets, make sure that the styles and colors are truly timeless. Here, the trendy cabinetry and island wear dark gray shade.

The clean white walls, counters, and ceiling keep the whole kitchen feeling open. Also, they’re a sharp contrast to deep gray cabinets.

The sleek cabinets give off a trendy look. In addition, windows and cute vases open up the kitchen, while bursts of vibrant color perk the room up.

18. Bold Orange and Gray

This is one of the terrific color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets. The space features white hardware-free upper cabinetry, countertop, and dining set. Furthermore, they make the interior appear open instantly.

The deep gray cabinets with grains that run vertically create a modern look. Additionally, they infuse elegance and drama while obscuring the dirt.

The bare wood floor and dark brown backsplash generate a homey air. Lastly, accents of orange, purple, and blue carve a cheerful vibe.

19. Best Wall Color for Espresso Cabinets

This kitchen feels airy as well as bright due to the cool white upper cabinets, countertop, backsplash, and ceiling. Additionally, the farmhouse, pendant lamps, and refrigerator offer a retro flair.

The dark espresso island and bottom cabinets do not only exude intimacy but also sophistication. Those pieces prevent white surfaces from looking cold, too.

The leather chairs, rug, and floor wear different brown shades. They also keep the kitchen homey. Meanwhile, the wooden countertop and open shelving accompany the indoor plants. Gold hints offer a feeling of glamor.

20. Classic Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

This open concept kitchen employs rich-toned wooden cabinets and beams. Because of them, the space looks super welcoming.

The dark gray furniture-style cabinetry and island make a statement. Moreover, they introduce a design balance, while the backsplash pulls in all the colors.

21. Stylish and Sumptuous

Talking about color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets, you won’t go wrong with white. Here, the island, dining set, and cabinetry offer splendid wood grains. Also, they ooze organic warmth.

The gray floor and backsplash offset wooden pieces. Furthermore, the marble countertop evokes glamor, while the windows and white surfaces make the kitchen feel bigger.

22. Nature-Inspired Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

This picture proves white countertops always go with a gray backsplash. Moreover, the kitchen boasts stunning dark brown cabinets.

The homeowner customized her kitchen by painting the walls pastel lime green. Due to them, the culinary space seems more energetic.

23. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets, this palette is my favorite. Here, the kitchen boasts gray raised panel cabinets featuring black drawer pulls. Furthermore, they offer visual depth.

The unpainted wooden surfaces show off nature’s beauty. Additionally, the white marble countertop, silver units, and pale gray walls ensure that the kitchen doesn’t look dingy.

24. Splashes of Color

Don’t hesitate to blend black with gray because they play nicely together. In addition, the kitchen will visually make sense.

Here, the black and deep gray units inject drama. The white ceiling and glass pendant lamps keep the scheme from feeling moody. Lastly, bursts of green, orange, and red produce a happy atmosphere.

25. Never Get Sick of Neutrals

Crisp white becomes the main cabinet color in this kitchen. Furthermore, the island comes with black cabinets and a white countertop for a custom look.

Gray walls allow bright white cabinets to be visible. The chandelier nods to the traditional style, while the wooden floor keeps coldness at bay.

26. Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen is not only sleek but also striking. The white cabinets employ black metal drawer pulls for a magnificent contrast.

The island has a cool white top and dark gray cabinets. Moreover, it introduces a sophisticated feel. Lastly, the wood floor and rattan chairs instill a laid-back vibe.

Hopefully, those color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets inspire you. Furthermore, they show that rich-toned furniture pieces have room in the culinary spaces. Last but not least, they hide the dust while offering their charm and style.

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