24 Captivating Paint Colors for Houses That You’ll Admire

As a homeowner, you must pick the right hues for outdoors and indoors. Taking your curb appeal into consideration will surely pay off. Here, I’ve rounded up 24 fantastic paint colors for houses that’ll transform any abode.

When it comes to house exterior colors, traditional and neutral shades are a safe bet. Furthermore, don’t opt for the unique ones since they can easily turn away some buyers. This post also covers some incredible shades that do wonders in indoor spaces.

1. Paint Colors for Houses with Gray Roofs

Speaking of the best exterior paint colors, try muted green. This shade sends out a calm and inviting atmosphere at once. Furthermore, it perfectly blends with other nature-inspired tones such as taupe, sand, terracotta orange, and brown.

Here, muted green dominates the home’s exterior. Also, the shade doesn’t fade in with the bright green grass. Moreover, it produces an earthy look and a tranquil setting.

Muted green walls are a fabulous contrast to the deep gray roof. The terracotta orange-painted pillars and creamy white trim details accompany them excellently. Lastly, the red brick walkway and steps warm the space up.

2. Best Colour Combination for House Exterior

As you see, the exterior of this home boasts different gray shades. The charcoal gray inspires drama, while the medium-toned one creates a sophisticated feeling.

The crisp white trim details and pillars clash with gray surfaces. In addition, they slightly brighten up the home’s exterior.

The deep navy roof offers further drama, while the windows tie the home’s exterior together. Furthermore, the flagstone accents pair with the grass and shrubs nicely.

3. Fresh Bedroom Paint Colors

Talking about paint colors for houses, don’t hesitate to use light green. The shade surely carves outdoorsy and soothing vibes. Furthermore, it can give a sunny or bright room a nice cooling effect.

This vintage bedroom, for example, has sage green walls. They embrace a serene ambiance and an earthy feeling, too.

Crisp white surfaces provide a feeling of airiness. Dusty and pastel lime greens lend the interior extra touches of color without overpowering it. Lastly, botanical prints on the bedding spruce the bedroom up.

4. Paint Colors for Houses with Gray-Blue Roofs

If you need a paint color superhero, look no further than soft gray. The shade does not only infuse some visual depth but also serves as an awesome backdrop for the whole house. No surprise, many homeowners request it.

Due to the gray siding, the house seems tranquil and inviting. Moreover, clean white on pillars and trim details evokes openness.

Here, bright white and soft gray make a magic combo. The rugged stone details introduce a rustic flair, while the ornate black balusters draw the eye.

5. Modern Gray House Exterior Color Schemes

I love this modern house. As the picture shows, deep gray siding produces instant drama. They lend the property a sophisticated look, too.

Since the siding wears a dark shade, they pair with almost everything, from cream to bold orange. For a modern vibe, stick to the concrete floor and steps.

If you fancy something vibrant, add bursts of color via the front door and chair. Here, pops of red and lime green instantly punch up the gray house.

6. Deep Navy and White House

Talking about paint colors for houses, sometimes, bolder looks better. This cottage house has dark navy siding. Not only do they represent elegance but also carve a nautical feeling. Also, the surfaces accentuate the crisp white trim.

The white roof and trim details emanate a sense of cleanliness. Moreover, the gray window frames make the house more sophisticated. Lastly, the natural stones and shrubs allow the house to blend with the woods seamlessly.

7. Muted Paint Colors for Houses with Bricks

If you’re after a serene feeling, look no further than muted blue because it has a gray base. Here, the shade covers almost every surface while enhancing the home’s architectural elements.

The warm white trim details and pillars match with the muted blue siding gracefully. Furthermore, the soft gray floor and steps make the house seem elegant.

As the picture shows, the gray roof pairs with the warm white and muted blue. Additionally, the bricks and wood accents warm the house up.

8. Bright Green Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Need striking paint colors for houses? If so, try lime green. The shade lends any property an instant burst of energy. Moreover, it goes with cool white accents splendidly.

Here, the lime green siding emanates a happy feeling. Furthermore, bright white trim details and balusters complement them while generating a sleek look.

The dusty pink surfaces offer further contrast. In addition, they embrace a calm atmosphere and an earthy vibe. Lastly, the gray roof and concrete steps tone down the lime green.

9. Coral and Gray House

If you’re into bright hues, give coral a chance. Here, the shade exudes cheerfulness as well as warmth. In addition, it makes the entire house visually more pleasing.

The cool gray roof balances out coral siding awesomely. Moreover, it effortlessly embraces a soothing air.

Unlike the roof, the trim details wear warm gray. Not only does it provide some edge but also sends out a cozy vibe.

Due to the warm and cool grays, the coral siding catches the eye quickly. Since the stairs embrace those shades, they produce a unified feel.

10. Paint Colors for Houses’ Interiors

Some homeowners focus on their home facades. I suggest you pay attention to your house interior because it’s equally important.

This open concept room has a white ceiling and cream walls. They keep the whole scheme bright as well as airy too. Moreover, the black floor and furniture infuse drama instantly.

The bright and bold orange walls provide added warmth without overpowering the area. Glass shelves ensure that the open concept room doesn’t seem too heavy. Lastly, white pendant lamps generate a timeless statement.

11. Go Green

Talking about terrific paint colors for houses, look no further than light moss green. Here, the shade acts as a major player. Moreover, it suddenly calms the mind and enables the home to blend with the surroundings.

Olive green surfaces introduce a feeling of serenity. Furthermore, due to the moss green, they become more notable.

Deep green accompanies existing shades well. Additionally, the shade lends the property some visual depth, while the gray-blue roof keeps the scheme neutral.

12. Blue and Green Home’s Interior

If you plan on painting your interior, this is one of the spectacular paint colors for houses to apply. Furthermore, I recommend using a blend of light blue and lime green. Since the shades are available in nature, they produce a harmonious look.

Here, light blue appears on the handrail, balusters, and wall. Additionally, they freshen the home’s interior up instantly.

The lime green wall, floor, and staircase harmonize with the light blue surfaces. Moreover, they impart a fun vibe. Lastly, the framed artwork and flower decals round out the scene.

13. Two-Tone Paint Colors for Houses

This kitchen is nothing short of stylish and airy. The clean white walls and vaulted ceiling open the cooking area up. Moreover, the pale beige cabinets embrace a sleek touch while infusing a bit of warmth.

The black counters exude instant drama. Furthermore, the concrete floor and silver appliances instill an industrial modern vibe.

The muted red accent wall provides contrast as well as keeps things bold. It also highlights the graceful white pendant lamp. In addition, the light wood dining set suddenly warms the kitchen up.

14. Kid’s Bedroom Paint Colors

This child’s bedroom has a light feeling due to the dominant cool white. Furthermore, the shade inspires cleanliness as well as openness.

The sky blue floor lends the bedroom a fresh appeal. Meanwhile, the wicker armchair and wooden bed frame carve a cozy mood. Also, they make the kids feel happy.

Silver metallic accents surely give the bedroom a visual balance. Lastly, vibrant touches of color ensure that the sleeping area seems energetic.

15. Blue-Gray Exterior House Paint Colors

There are tons of outstanding paint colors for houses. This palette is surely one of them. Here, gray-blue adorn brick walls. Moreover, they embrace a traditional look while spicing up the home.

The dusty blue siding and trim details harmonize with the concrete steps well. They also make the house’s exterior seem serene.

Because of the gray-blue scheme, the green lawn looks superb and noticeable. Furthermore, the bright blue door frame steals the show.

16. Paint Colors for Houses with White Trim Details

If you love soft hues, consider trying flax yellow. The shade looks visually appealing. Furthermore, it works splendidly with other neutrals like white and gray.

The flax yellow siding emanates a happy feeling. However, it doesn’t go overboard on color. Since the color of the siding isn’t too bright, it will surely attract many potential buyers. Moreover, the bright white pillars and trim complement the dominant yellow.

The floor, steps, and roof wear gray shades. In addition, they accompany stone walkways perfectly.

17. Minimalist Gray and Black House

Speaking of the best exterior house paint, cool and warm grays are the way to go. Apart from being versatile, the shades match any hue.

I consider this scheme as one of the mesmerizing paint colors for houses. The gray siding with clean lines produces a sophisticated appeal and modern flair.

Bare wooden accents make the whole house seem more homey and welcoming. The black-painted beams, fence, and staircase offer a stylish look while oozing drama. Lastly, clean white trim details slightly brighten the facade up.

18. Mint and White Bedroom

With many paint colors for houses available, you surely have limitless choices. Here, mint green dominates the bedroom scheme. Apart from reminding everyone of toothpaste, it generates a fun and bright atmosphere.

The clean white bedding, floor, and canopy inspire airiness. Moreover, the mirror and ornate chairs offer visual symmetry. Meanwhile, the black pendant lamps and bed frame inject a touch of instant drama.

19. Paint Colors for Scandinavian Style Houses

This Swedish-style house looks super chic because of the charcoal gray siding and roof. They do not only inspire intimacy but also elegance.

Gray surfaces blend with metallic accents marvelously. Since the trim details wear cool white, the scheme doesn’t become too moody. Furthermore, the flagstones allow the stylish house to be one with the surrounding nature.

20. Contrasting Paint Colors for Houses

There are tons of remarkable paint colors for houses. This palette is surely my favorite. The cornflower blue siding lends the facade a fun vibe and fresh appearance.

The white siding and trim are a fabulous complement to the dominant cornflower blue. Moreover, the gray roof and brown floor tone the bright shades down.

21. Gold Yellow and White Farmhouse

The gold-yellow trim details and siding lend this farmhouse a cheerful air. In addition, they embrace a welcoming vibe. Furthermore, the green grass lets them glow.

The crisp white roof clashes with the gold-yellow surfaces in an impressive manner. Lots of windows enable sunlight to enter the farmhouse.

22. Gray and Wood House

If your home boasts a modern style, this is one of the astonishing paint colors for houses to implement. The warm gray siding and handrails suddenly soothe the soul.

The medium-toned surfaces warm everything up. Furthermore, light gray and beige tiles round out the exterior perfectly.

23. Navy and White Home Office

Can’t imagine painting the whole home office navy? If so, I recommend using it as an accent color. Here, the shade provides a nautical vibe and dramatic look.

The white ceiling, trim, and built-ins open the home office up. In addition, metallics and leather units radiate glamor.

24. Big Modern House Paint Colors

This massive house employs charcoal gray siding. Furthermore, it makes the facade feel sophisticated and elegant.

The metallic gray trim details and garage doors lend the house an industrial appeal. Moreover, wood tones on siding keep the scheme from being too chilly.

Those paint colors for houses are worth trying. Without a doubt, they will give any property undeniable curb appeal. Whether you paint your home for resale or not, it’s time to change up its appearance.

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