If you do not like the appearance of a flat roof, building a tray ceiling is the best way to go. It adds visual focus and depth to your room. Here, I have collected some stunning tray ceiling ideas to inspire you.

A tray ceiling can be intricate or simple. Most rooms of the house will look good with it including kitchen, living room, dining area, and media room. Without further ado, these are fabulous spaces featuring tray ceilings.

1. Tray Ceiling Ideas Dining Nook

Soft colors make this dining nook welcoming. Meanwhile, the white tray ceiling allows the brass chandelier to stand out.

2. Ideas for Living Room

This grand formal living room employs a rectangular inverted ceiling, large window, and ample seats.

3. Recessed Ceiling

A wood dining table carves a welcoming scene. The tray ceiling, floor, and light fixtures evoke a sense of sophistication.

4. Wallpaper Tray Ceiling

The recessed ceiling is clad in blue-sky wallpaper. Moreover, the furniture pieces and sun-shaped mirror ooze glamour.

5. Tray Ceiling Lighting

The furniture sets give this living room a modern feel. A blue sky-wallpapered tray ceiling freshens up the space.

6. Ideas for Dining Room

Here, the inverted ceiling makes the ceiling appear higher. The archway, chandelier, and ornaments lend the room a robust dose of elegance.

7. Pictures of Tray Ceilings

A two-tone tray ceiling instantly grabs attention. The dining set and area rug carry splendor to the dining room, while windows let in sunlight.

8. Double Tray Ceiling

This dining area is truly flamboyant, thanks to the double recessed ceiling and French country units. The light fixtures set a romantic ambiance.

9. How to Install Tray Ceiling Lighting

A light gray rug lets the black dining set steal the show. The contemporary pendant light accentuates the design of the tray ceiling.

10. Tray Ceiling Molding

The tray ceiling features appealing crown molding. A fireplace heats the entire room.

11. Wood Tray Ceiling

Both the wood tray ceiling and floor inject an inviting ambiance into the game room. The recessed lights illuminate the space.

12. Examples of Tray Ceilings

A retro ceiling light allows the tray ceiling with metal details to shine. Wood cabinets bring unmatched warmth to the kitchen.

13. Types of Tray Ceilings

This home theater has a delightful metallic tray ceiling. The walls and furniture units match well with it.

14. Octagon Tray Ceiling

A dark red octagon tray ceiling gives this home theater a dramatic effect. The curtain, rug, and pillars lend the room elegance.

15. Paint Tray Ceiling Same Color as Walls

The sleek couches and TV stand, both contribute to the media room’s contemporary appeal. Additionally, bold pendant lights call attention to the tray ceiling.

16. Tray Ceiling Trim Ideas

The homeowner traded tray ceiling’s trim for clean lines to get a stylish media room. Woods, stones, and plants offer an outdoorsy feel.

17. Ideas for Media Room

The tray step and walls are painted burgundy red. They highlight the white recessed ceiling. A chandelier emphasizes the billiard pool set.

18. Gym Tray Ceiling Design

Muted tones offer a peaceful state of mind. The modern recessed lights are set on the tray ceiling.

19. Dark Tray Ceiling

The metallic accents and lots of black generate a masculine vibe. Wood floor warms up the space, while LED strip lights jazz up the inverted ceiling.

20. All White Tray Ceiling

The windows and all-white recessed ceiling convey a sense of openness. Leather sofa, wood floor, and brown curtains make everyone feel welcome.

21. Simple Tray Ceiling

The chandelier takes the tray ceiling from plain to pretty. A raw wood island reinsures the small room with rustic charm.

22. Dining Room Ceiling Ideas

This compact dining nook is outfitted with antique dining chairs and a round table. The octagon tray ceiling and archway work as decorative features.

23. Tray Ceiling Designs for Living Room

The large sofas and throw pillows set a cozy ambiance. Besides, the tray ceiling and accent lighting embrace modern design.

24. Raised Tray Ceiling

White tray ceiling, walls, and cabinets stretch the kitchen visually. The downlights and pendant light creates an effulgent look.

25. Ceiling Types Names

A black ceiling fan is a high contrast to the white recessed ceiling. The staircase, floor, and accent wall add texture to the room.

26. Ideas for Bedroom

This bedroom appears more spacious than it is, thanks to the white color scheme and tray ceiling. The expansive window captures outdoor views.

27. Tray Ceiling for Home Theater

The cream-and-black tray ceiling is such a head-turning feature. Leather seats and silk curtains infuse luxury into the home theater.

28. Girl’s Bedroom 

Different shades of pink give this bedroom a girly feel. The tray ceiling features twinkling lights.

29. Unique Tray Ceilings

Pictured above are a classic dine-in kitchen boasting circular and octagon-shaped tray ceilings.

30. Landing Tray Ceiling

White tray ceiling, doors, and walls assert a sense of spaciousness. The chandelier and balusters raise the beauty of the second-floor landing.

31. Tray Ceiling Ideas for Kitchen

Wood tray ceilings give the room a touch of rustic sophistication. The chandelier and pendant lights offer superior illumination.

32. Painting Tray Ceiling with Color

This home is nothing but sumptuous. Look at the cream-painted tray ceiling, pillars, and furniture items.

33. Tray Ceiling with the Wood Beams

The wood beams are installed in a double tray ceiling. Meanwhile, scattered downlights brighten the room.

34. Formal Living Room 

The statement-making chandelier is a perfect fit for the all-white tray ceiling.

35. Master Bedroom Lighting

This master bedroom is lit by downlights and ceiling fan with light. The white hexagon tray ceiling exudes an airy feel.

36. Rectangular Tray Ceiling

The muted colors promote a restful night’s sleep, while a large tray ceiling is extravagant on its own.

37. Tray Ceiling Dimensions

The two-tone tray ceiling adds dimension to this predominantly white bedroom.

38. Tray Ceiling Trim

The recessed ceiling looks awesome with elaborate trim patterns.

39. Modern Tray Ceiling Designs

This formal living room has a modern appeal with the presence of a square tray ceiling.

40. Dining Room Lighting

The double tray ceiling matches the shapes of the round table and square area rug.

A tray ceiling definitely can spice up your home. Therefore, it is time to give your home an update. Try any of those tray ceiling ideas, and let your guests admire yours.

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