30 Walkway Ideas for Front of House

The pathway to the main door is your first stage of hospitality toward your guests. Also, it contains the initial impression of your dwelling space. So, you would not want it to look random, would you? We know it well, thus collecting thirty walkway ideas for front of house.

1. Concrete Walkway for Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse

Concrete walkway ideas for front of house consist of many finishing options. The one applied to the white perpendicular pathway above could be obtained either from troweling or floating, coloration, stain, or polished finish.

Further, the color finishing matches with the house exterior paint.

2. Front Walkway Ideas with Steps

Natural stones are the most common materials to use in walkway ideas for front of house, and here is no exception. It shows on the eclectic stepping stone pathway.

The irregular shape of the stone stepper and the grass gaps are what make this traditional landscape charming.

You could grow the large blue and pink heads of French hydrangea and the Asia native hydrangea to fill this green slope landscape with lively colors.

3. Contemporary Exterior with Concrete Walkway

People often mistook wide walkway ideas for front of house as driveways, whereas it does not lead to any parking space.

In this case, the widespread concrete pathway directs the guests to three different destinations, which are the side yard, main entrance, and the outdoor covered patio.

4. Red Walkway for Brick Exterior

Apparently, it is not only the exterior, but the interior also uses reddish-brown brick walls.

So, the perfect walkway ideas for front of house with such a look are stamped concrete, acid red stained concrete, and flagstone.

5. Luxury Blue House Exterior with Paved Walkway

A luxurious traditional house, located in Vienna, Virginia, has a bluish-white brick exterior.

Further, it features a paved walkway in nearly the same color that people believe the building materials on both surfaces are the same, whereas they are not.

6. Concrete Pavers with Gravel Edging and Riverbed

This pathway is so deceiving. From a single glance, you will think that it is a decking, whereas it is actually concrete paving.

Anyway, the landscape implements some walkway ideas for front of house in three layers, in which the second and the outermost are the gravel edging and the grass.

A few steps ahead, you encounter a cool raised L-shaped walkway with riverbed gravels.

7. Bluestone and Pavestone Combination

Combining stone pavers is one of the walkway ideas for front of house to add flair. Usually, it is all about the border, but here, it incorporates pave stones to mark the center area of the bluestone pathway.

On the landscape wholescale, it is pleasing to see how the flower plants tone down the roughness sourced from the footpath.

If you think the same way, growing the busy Lizzie impatiens, the semi-woody verbena, the tropical native lantanas, or the sunflower tribe zinnia could be a nice idea.

8. Gravels in Desert Front Yard Landscape

Really, this landscape view reminisces the desert long road you see in movies. The gray walkway is the asphalt and the gravels are the sand while the totem pole cactus play the same role.

All the while, they stand in front of a house designed by an architect firm called Spry Architecture.

9. Walkway from Driveway to Front Door

The seal coating driveway in front and the curved concrete walkway will lead you to an elegant house with a brown façade of plaster and cladding natural stone base.

At both sides of the pathway, lay brown lawns that need thorough maintenance. It is perhaps due to drought, but just call lawn painting service if you have the same problem, for the sake of the lush green front view. They could return the refreshing sight in only an hour.

10. Traditional Arrangement of Red Brick

Traditional walkway ideas for front of house are visible here, especially on the arrangement of the red bricks all the way to the terrace.

With a border and such, it has a neat finishing. Further, blue and green colors from the flower plants and the green along the pathway give a nice contrast.

11. Modern Suburban House with Driveway Design

Before the walkway with gorgeous dark tone wood fencing over there, a concrete paver and gravel driveway comes first.

On the right side, grows a line of hedging plants, which adds a welcoming and refreshing nuance to the design.

12. Well-Designed Landscape for Colonial Farmhouse

To get to the red main door over there, the guests have to walk along the curved walkway and turn left at a certain point.

While walking, they get to see a well-designed landscape with yellow, orange, and red-leaved plants. Not to mention, the surrounding green lawn also participates in beautifying the whole yard.

13. Circular Walkway with Plantings

Circular walkway ideas for front of house are the favorite pathway to have in a spacious courtyard.

People would commonly install a water feature in the middle, but many would love to have signature plants. You see an example of the latter in this picture.

14. Front Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas

This raised house implements a style of coastal for its exterior. It features a landscape with no grass and implements some walkway ideas for front of house with gravel as the main footpath and brick as the edging.

The bricks do not only become the border between the garden and the pathway but also the sidewalk. It marks the owner’s personal space without fencing.

15. Floating Walkway over Outdoor Pond

This house design belongs to the work of an architecture and planning company, namely BMA Architects. It has a marvelous pathway to add to the list of walkway ideas for front of house.

White floating steps are visible over the pond, forcing whoever coming toward the main entrance to hop a little instead of walk.

16. Pavers and Grass Walkway

Walkway ideas for front of house instruct you to leave enough gaps between any two pavers when installing. It is for the sake of the look because the gap has decorative purposes by creating patterns.

Further, you can lay concrete pavers closer than the other materials due to their trait and texture. But, if you also nurture green lawns at both sides of the walkway, you had better leave wider gaps between pavers so that the grass could grow and fill them naturally and beautifully.

17. Irregular Paver Walkway Ideas for Front of House

The shape irregularity of natural stones is what makes a walkway attractive. It is like becoming closer to nature since that is how they look originally.

Such an appearance is obtainable naturally and nearly effortlessly using bluestone or red flagstone. But you could also have it with an effort by imitating the look using broken concrete.

18. White Dove House with Slope Driveway

This house is buildable midway of a sloping road. In front of it, stretches a descending driveway from right to left. Due to this geographic condition, some problems might occur, especially during wet and cold seasons.

However, now, some technologies are applicable to solve the problems. You could install snow removal, finish the driveway on rough surfaces, or use a concrete waterproofer.

19. Walkway with Built-In Concrete Planters

With a concrete pathway, small stone garden, as well as asphalt and gravel driveway, it would be pleasant to the eyes to have some green plants growing. However, it will ruin the hardscape plan if the plants grow in the way.

Thus, built-in concrete planters should come to the rescue. Here, they are houses for the boxwood and other plants. They could as well double as the garden edging and the pathway border.

20. Walkway Steps and Synthetic Turf

This blue house features wide white steps on its front walkway.

Additionally, the steps keep the flow from the smooth-surfaced terrace. But it contrasts the green artificial laws in a good way.

21. Front Walkway Living Divider

A dwelling place with a multicolor exterior provides some walkway ideas for front of house using plants as a divider between the driveway and the main pathway. It is because both of the ways appear similarly with concrete and gravel gap.

As not to let the guests walk in the wrong direction, the owner of the house takes such measurement

22. Stone Water-Bridge for Mediterranean House

It is envious to have this Mediterranean residence where every step going in feels like entering a holiday accommodation with a water bridge, palm trees, yellow perennials, and river-like water features.

Anyway, the large white tiles are presumably from concrete, travertine, limestone, flagstone, or porcelain, since these materials are the best to withstand frequent contact with water.

23. Modern Front Walkway Ideas

Modern walkway ideas for front of house in contemporary design involve large square base, curved pathway, and grass in gaps.

The deceiving wet surface creates an impression of shiny metal. It is like it has been through pressure washing, lightning concrete cleaning, winterizing, or concrete sealing.

24. Mulching and Common Box

Mulching and common box are your next elements to involve in walkway ideas for front of house.

Specifically, this house features a paved pathway with hedging lines of knee-length common boxes at both sides.

These boxwoods grow on the mulching ground that marks the walkway border. Outside the area, unfolds plush green lawns that beautify the whole landscape.

25. Stonework Walkway with Green Mountain Boxwood

In terms of popular walkway ideas for front of house, stonework needs to be on the list. Being no exception, this house also uses flagstone to finish its pathway with a nice pattern.

But, the interesting part is a line of hedging in the middle. Consists of three green mountain boxwoods, its existence sweetens the hardscape.

Not to mention, the perennials of some shades that grow at the bottom give a bunch of little popups.

26. Hardscaping for Stone and Wood Exterior

Hardscape walkway ideas for front of house with the modern wooden exterior are the perfect match. It is like combining the elements in nature and living with them.

Here, the traditional home features a paver pathway with large stones and rocks above the soil. Together, they seemingly portray a dry river view.

27. Stepping Stones, Gravels, and Grasses

A nice design and material combination are your next walkway ideas for front of house. It combines a lot of elements to build a nifty design for the house pathway.

Besides the stepping stones, gravels, grass, and soil are also present. They, then, lead the way toward the black platform.

28. Paver Walkway to Red Brick Steps

Featured in the picture is a traditional two-story house with a covered long porch. The terrace has red brick steps and a paver walkway as accesses outdoor.

However, the hardscape is not the only thing this house has. Garden beds, hedging, and tall trees are also present to dominate this outdoor area.

29. Three Layer of Fencing

From the sidewalk, an open walkway welcomes and directs you to the main entrance with a concrete footpath. Gaps in-between are fillable by white pebbles in the outer parts and grass in the inner.

But you cannot miss the three-layer of fencing this house features, can you? Mulch, hedging, and wooden fence are present to keep the owner’s privacy.

30. Bluestone Paver in Purple and Yellow Landscape

A curved pathway is buildable with bluestone pavers for this house. The neat geometric shape marks its signature. All the while, it becomes the walkway for purple and yellow landscape.

Perhaps, you want the shades to color your front yard also. The options would be the herbaceous catmint, the subshrub Russian sage, and Lavender for violaceous flower plants.

Meanwhile, the list of yellow flowers is long yellow daylily, orange day-lily, yellow daylily, small daylily, and daylilies.

In conclusion, dashing, convenient, and attractive are the goals you have to bear in mind when designing the front house pathway.

Besides, the overall appearance must match the yard landscape and the home-style also. Note that a set of appealing façades could add value to your dwelling space.

Anyway, suppose our walkway ideas for front of house inspire you, which one is your favorite?

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