28 Simple Screened in Porch Ideas to Upgrade Your Entrance

Popular designs have reached in front of your covered building entrance. People call it by many names, portico, doorway, entry, entryway, entranceway, or verandah. Today, you will learn how to upgrade the space with twenty-eight simple screened in porch ideas below.

Once your porch becomes a screened-in one, it will serve you an extra highly purposeful area you do not own around the house before.

You could get a relaxation room, sunroom, expanded dining hall, kitchen extension, or another practical space.

In the following pictures, you will see various styles of screened-in porches. However, every idea will stick to a modest design so that you could see chances to decorate it in any desirable way.

An outdoor curtain would be a functional addition as it could shade the room from excessive light or purely adorn the screen.

You will also see what the porches could turn into from the elements added there. Among the usual furnishing, sofa, dining table, rug, ceiling fan, and even fireplace often visible satisfying the owners’ convenience.

Now, here are a few simple screened in porch ideas.

1. Simple Screened in Porch Ideas in Tudor Style

Located in Detroit, this traditional back porch offers a flawless transition from the inside of the house to the beautiful blooming garden outside. It is designable with a roof extension.

At approximately 14×14 feet, it can hold three kinds of seating and a fireplace.

2. Modern and Big Tile Screened-In Back Porch

A Boston modern porch utilizes some pieces of big tile screens to make an open space consisting of a meeting room and an additional living room with a fireplace as its focal point.

With this added area, the home seems a lot larger than it truly is. The perk of using large panel screens is you barely need any lights on but natural lighting during noon.

3. Farmhouse Covered Sunroom

You must admit that countryside has specific beauty of its own. When it applies to a screened-in veranda design, this convenient sunroom space is born.

Quirkily, it then feels a little bit modern inside from a solely stripe rug. On top of that, brown and beige wrap the entire setting nicely.

4. Eclectic Modern Screened Porch Idea

This Atlanta porch gets inspired by simple screened in porch ideas that date back to the 1960s. Thus, it is natural to label it mid-century also.

It features rattan sofas, a dining table with plastic-framed chairs, an eclectic style rug, and hand-embroidered cushions. When it is chilly inside, a multicolored cotton throw is ready to warm up.

5. Tudor Screened-In Porch Side View

This picture portrays the side view of simple screened in porch ideas. Would you believe the fact that it is not a part of the main building originally?

Yes, it is not there in the first place and is newly added to facilitate the owner’s chilling time at the beautiful backyard.

What makes it believably part of the original building is the foundation material that looks the same as the exposed brick wall over there.

6. Screened-In Back Porch with Decking

Louisville has this kind of screened-in back porch built with a roof extension and decking. It incorporates several types of lighting from single ceiling fixtures and a pair of table lamps.

Also featured in the scene are a quirky chest-like table, single-seater, L-shaped aluminum and wicker sofa, and a woven throw.

7. Simple Screened in Porch Ideas with Contemporary Sunroom

It is another insight from Boston. At roughly 15×19 feet, this contemporary sunroom features a medium-tone wood floor, a stone fireplace, tan furniture, and specified dual-direction light fixtures.

All the while, the shades selection is pleasing to see where deep tones become the accents to highlight the major nuance.

8. Simple Screened in Porch Ideas with Stylish Lights

Even though the table lamp takes exterior illumination to another level, it is not the only lighting feature on this New Hampshire screened-in porch.

String lights and a couple of wall sconces also liven up the atmosphere to the festival scale.

9. Sensational Three-Season Porch

A complete set of furniture is visible adorning this three-season room. It looks a little bit rustic with the antler wall hanging decoration, the stone fireplace, and a beige carpet.

With the muted tone nearly all over the place, throwing a few brighter decorations, like orange flowers and motif cushions, will be a sweet move.

10. Modern White Farmhouse Enclosed Half Patio

By enclosing half of your back patio area, you could obtain a stunning screened porch as exemplified in the picture.

As white conceals the exterior and interior surface, a little bit of black on the window and door frame could balance the whole atmosphere.

The illumination shade also takes part in this play. Its shining gold makes this screened porch feels dreamy.

11. Country Rustic Veranda

This Cincinnati rustic veranda offers a medium-sized additional space with two seating arrangements. Interestingly, both of them have different designs and colors on purpose.

It is to ensure that every element stays true to the original tones of grey and white.

12. Screened in Deck Idea

It seems that Boston, Massachusetts, is a city full of design talents because here is yet another insight.

Built above a deck, it is a farmhouse screened-in porch with a roof extension. Inside a 12×16 square feet covered area, some seating is present to accommodate enjoyable retreat times.

13. Covered Porch Idea with Multiple Screen Sizes

The problem with screened-in porches is the irregularity of shapes and sizes. It then leads to the irregular sizes of the screens, especially in cases of panels.

Yet, it is not a big matter as long as it does not affect the functional purpose. Besides, it is easily solvable with some attractive trims. You see some in the picture.

14. Brick Fireplace Wall in Screened Porch

Located in Orlando, it is a farmhouse porch with a brick fireplace wall. The exposed look reminds you of country houses with smoke out of the chimney.

This screened-in area is obtainable by remodeling the back part of the house and adding a roof extension to the plan.

15. Screened-In Front Porch Idea

This screened-in front porch uses treated decking as the flooring, charcoal aluminum screening, and cedar plywood ceiling with trusses.

The same material for the roof also builds the wall framing. With this setting, the project cost the owner more than six thousand dollars.

Then, how to build a cheap screened in porch with a similar design? You could build one for cheaper cost by substituting the flooring for cedar and utilizing pine in tongue and groove style.

16. Rustic Screened-in Porch Idea

Rough materials often describe a rustic style, and it is what happens with this screened-in porch. The ceiling uses oak in tongue and groove design with false beams while the floor utilizes timber tech decking boards.

What highlights the space is the wall built with reclaimed bark-clad siding.

17. Spacious Screened-in Back Porch

This airy back space is a part of Ann Arbor’s residence in Michigan. A well-known home improvement site had announced to award the entire dream building as some giveaway or lottery back at the end of 2016. Around five years have passed, but you could still adopt the ideas here.

A rug area is present to cover and protect the floor surface from any screeches made by the furnishing bumps. Three single lounge chairs, a pair of sectional sofas, a couple of end tables, and two wicker coffee tables are the mentioned furniture.

18. Intimate Screened-In Veranda

If you have a lakefront view like this, a screened-in veranda is a sure thing. It features two sets of swivel patio dining armchairs to let you and your companies lean back and adore the outside beauty.

At the center, a low coffee table participates in facilitating your tea sipping time.

19. Screened Porch with Chimney

Your winter months are safe now with this screened-in porch. Inside, a fireplace is available, looking from the tall chimney. It is ready to warm everything up.

Barbeque agenda is also not a problem anymore. By setting a grill on the deck, you could have a meat party all night long.

20. Sunroom with Skylight to Peep at

Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, it is a rustic sunroom obtained from remodeling the entire house. It features a skylight above the wicker furniture set.

A jute rug is also visible to adorn an area below the coffee table. All the while, the hardwood decking ensures everything flat stands comfortably. Certainly, one of the best simple screened in porch ideas.

21. Covered Modern Porch with Invisible Screen

Lakeway always seems to have a way for its residents to the lake. The modern porch in the picture is one of the proofs.

Located in a strategical position, you could absorb the waterfront beauty outside from the cozy and warm place through the invisible screens.

22. Contemporary Cedar Screen Room


This screened porch, located in DC Metro, features double entry doors as its entrance. They work based on a system that allows them to open simultaneously.

Inside, recessed lighting and a pair of ceiling fans are ready to assist any activity done under the cedar roof. A dining set and other seating are also present on these simple screened in porch ideas.

23. Asian-Inspired Covered Porch

Zen design emphasizes forming stability, synchronization, and relaxation feeling via a minimalist style. That is why it fits simple screened in porch ideas like this back porch has proven to you.

Moreover, the landscape incorporates stones, wood, plants, and soil harmoniously. It is as if you could shake off the anxiety only by relaxing inside.

24. Small Cedar Timber Frame Porch

At 16×16 square feet, this Ottawa screened-in back porch could house a private conversation with sicker seating set above the grey rug.

The vibe of rustic feels strongly with its cedar timber frame. It might be also because of the mountain and forest surrounding.

25. Raised Screened Veranda

This elevated veranda, located in Northwest Washington, uses deck boards as the base. The decking is preferable because it needs low maintenance.

Designed in modernity, the raised room features some updated technologies, such as an infrared heater and ceiling fan with LED light.

Also available to satisfy the owner’s convenience are skylights, a pair of tropical covered armchairs with footrests, and a set of a patio dining table.

26. Simple Screened in Porch Ideas with Rooftop

With one of these simple screened in porch ideas, the construction worker company won an award back in 2012 for the spaces addition category.

No wonder, it is designable beautifully. They do not waste any space and turn them into some functional additions.

The screened-in porch, for example, has a rooftop for the laundry station. It also features deep wooden toned decking to surround a couple of ceiling fans, a rocking chair, and a pair of sofas. Similar to the exterior, green also accentuates the inside space.

27. Roof Overhangs Feature for Lakefront Screened Porch

You must benefit from the beautiful view surrounding your residence if there is any. The owner of this building realizes it and screens the porch to admire the picturesque lake sight with big panels.

Like it is not enough, there is also a set of telescope stand to enlarge the invisible. For the exterior, roof overhangs could be some simple screened in porch ideas to complete the design stylishly.

28. Large Stone Back Porch with Retractable Screens

It is unfortunate that this picture only captures the half look of these simple screened in porch ideas. You cannot see that the fireplace faces an outdoor kitchen on the other side of the porch.

This area uses five panels of retractable screens. It means you could open one or some and close the rest.

Inside, two outdoor lounge chairs with quirky feet, a sofa full of cushions, a teak coffee table, and an end table are present for convenience.

Another amenity that is unfortunately invisible is a swimming pool in front of the screened porch.

Those simple screened in porch ideas above will be vain if you cannot find coziness, whereas it is the goal you must pursue. Thus, ensuring any insight matches your situation, current condition, and landscape should come first before anything.

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