29 Red Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas for Any Home Style

Thanks to a bunch of red brick fireplace makeover ideas, you can easily change the look of this source of warmth in your home interior.

From painting the red brick to giving fresh color to incorporating stucco over it, you have many options to choose from.

Therefore, to help you find the best choice, check out the following list of 29 best red brick fireplace makeover ideas!

1. Framed Mirror and Houseplant

Firstly, let us start with this striking red brick fireplace that becomes the focal point of the living room.

Against the white wall and ceiling, the exposed red bricks give the space additional textures, patterns, and colors.

Adorning the fireplace is a wooden mantel that houses a gold-framed mirror and some bronze sculptures.

Also, potted snake plants placed beside it complements the overall look too.

2. Red Brick Fireplace Living Room

Instead of the fireplace only, this living area extends the use of red bricks on the rest of the walls. Meanwhile, the white grout keeps the look clean and nice.

Furthermore, you can paint inside the fireplace for an updated look. Then, hang a classic wooden clock to adorn the mantel area.

If you build such a protruded fireplace wall, do not hesitate to fit in some cabinetry on either side.

3. Red Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas with TV

Stacking a television and fireplace is one of the best ways to decorate your living room. Of course, you do not always need to place them in the center of the accent wall.

Additionally, this exposed brick wall features a built-in fireplace.

Moreover, a TV is mounted over the warmth source to complete the entertainment function and give the room a contrasting appeal when turned off.

4. Glass Door for More Heat

Complete your fireplace with a glass door to help the fire burn better. Besides, this feature can enhance the look of your source of warmth.

Enclosing the burning area with glass doors allows the firewood to burn greater and generate more heat eventually.

Compared to a fireplace without doors, one with this feature can radiate heat into your living area in a better way.

5. Stained Wooden Mantel

When it comes to red brick fireplace makeover ideas, you should not forget to include a stained wooden mantel on the list.

Thus, the wooden mantel will protect the area of the red brick wall nearest to the fireplace during operation.

Besides, it offers you a chance to incorporate a vase of flowers or other decoration pieces into the living room.

6. A pair of Blooming Plants

Adorn your red brick fireplace with a pair of matching flowering plants for a splash of color. Get ones that are big enough to make a statement.

This screened porch also acts as a small garden with flower boxes and a couple of little trees in the design.

Further, to emphasize the natural vibe, the furniture pieces and the building structure are mostly from unstained wood.

7. Stunning Brick Fireplace with Wood Mantel

A wood mantel is a staple in any kind of fireplace and one made of exposed bricks is not an exception.

For red brick fireplace makeover ideas that do not go all the way to the ceiling, the wooden mantel also works as a border and a functional shelve.

Moreover, you can use the available space to display a painting that matches the rest of the palette and complete it with track lighting.

8. A Little Visual Twist

Give a little twist to your traditional red brick fireplace by incorporating dark-colored stones in its surrounding.

Use the above fireplace as an example to add the stone appeal. To make it more striking, consider painting the interior of your fireplace in beige or other colors.

9. Painted Brick Fireplace

If you are looking for a way to refresh the look of your outdated brick fireplace, the simplest solution will be to paint its surrounding in a new color.

This fireplace comes with a broken white surrounding and mantel. Completing the look is the floor lantern that houses several candles.

Additionally, a TV is mounted over the fireplace along with the wall sconces for a boost of function and beauty in this outdoor living room.

10. Greeneries and Wooden Vases

Do you need red brick fireplace makeover ideas that are simple yet adorable? Steal the look of this cozy living space and the way the homeowner decorates its fireplace.

While the fireplace can provide heat to either side, you can adorn each face differently.

For the family room, take advantage of greeneries and some wooden vases to give the space a pop of color.

11. DIY Décor for Your Fireplace Mantel

This fireplace has a grayish mantel and surround that match the wool area rug. The focal point of the makeover will be the DIY lattice trellis that contrasts the red bricks with its white tone.

Furthermore, a pair of decorative vases complement the fireplace decoration with its vibrant colors. Consider changing the displayed plants once in a while for an updated look.

12. Living Room with High Ceilings

The red bricks on this fireplace surround run all the way up to the ceiling to offer a sense of height.

To keep the surface less empty, stacking the fireplace with a television becomes the best idea here. A wooden mantel is mounted over the firebox to give the look a more finished touch.

13. Concrete Fireplace Bench

If you prefer red brick fireplace makeover ideas that are functional, try to replicate this practical concrete bench.

Thus, creating a built-in bench around the fireplace box allows you to have an extra surface to display things or to enjoy the warmth closer.

You can also use the same material to create an open shelve over the fireplace. Then, take advantage of the space to set your TV.

14. Small Boxwood Topiaries

Boxwood topiaries are flexible to decorate any part of the house. While they often appear as a pair at the front door, you can use the same idea to beautify your fireplace.

As shown in this picture, you can place small boxwood topiaries on the fireplace mantel. Then, get another one and put it on the coffee table for a centerpiece.

15. A Basket of Extra Woods

Keep extra woods near the fireplace by using a small basket. While it can be a storage solution for your supplies, the container will add style to the look too.

To update the look of the brick fireplace, you can paint the mantel in the lightest shade of red. Then, add a piece of decorative chinaware or pretty plate.

16. Decoration for Independence Day

This one of the red brick fireplace makeover ideas is perfect to celebrate Independence Day.

Instead of the same potted houseplants, a pot of flags is placed on the left side of the fireplace box. In addition to this special decoration, a wooden shelf is also there to house a pair of lanterns.

Completing the decoration is the black sculpture that reminds you of the nation’s emblem.

17. A Painting in the Golden Frame

If you do not want to place your TV over the fireplace, use the empty space to display a beautiful painting that bursts some colors into your living space.

This red brick fireplace has a white painted mantel that houses a golden frame along with the striking painting of the beach.

Rather than a pair of wall sconces, wall-mounted candle holders are there to complement the painting.

18. Brick Fireplace with White Surrounds

Keep the all-white scheme of your living room stand out by painting the fireplace surround white. This way, you can still get the charm of the red brick without letting it disrupt the palette.

Mirroring the tone of the red brick fireplace are the rug runner, barn door, and chandelier. Complete the subtle look of this living area by incorporating a matching artwork.

19. Multi Ball Boxwood Topiary

If you want to hint at the industrial style through red brick fireplace makeover ideas, this open space should be on the top list.

The black mesh door creates a statement on this home interior. Soften the mood is a pair of multi-ball boxwood topiaries and a wooden framed mirror.

Aside from adding a style to this living area, the framed mirror also helps to reflect more natural light in this fireplace area.

20. Fun Decoration That Calls for Creativity

With a little bit of creativity, you can make your fireplace appears fresher than ever. From a homemade greenery wreath to a DIY artwork, there are many things you may like to create yourself.

The artwork mirrors the tones of the white cushion and blue throw pillows on the armchairs. Meanwhile, the greenery on the vase adds a sense of height to this fireplace.

Pretty cloth baskets also give this standalone red brick fireplace something it deserves to look more decorative.

21. A Small Tropical Tree and Candles

Add a touch of tropical flairs to your red brick fireplace by incorporating a dwarf evergreen tree. Opt for one that can go well in partial shade for indoor planting.

Thanks to the spacious hearth, this fireplace can accommodate several pretty candles as well. Expect them to light up the living room in a romantic manner during an intimate gathering.

22. Barn Wood Flair

This master bedroom looks perfect with the standalone red brick fireplace, exposed ceiling, and hardwood flooring.

To emphasize the rustic mood, the fireplace is framed with wood pieces that match the exposed ceiling. Meanwhile, the dark-themed picture hanging over the fireplace adds drama to the exposed bricks.

23. Red Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas with Blue Tones

You can easily find several shades of blue in this living space, from the floral pattern on the individual sofas to the fireplace decorations.

A pair of candleholders mounted over the fireplace mantel also comes in a lighter shade of blue, reflecting the soft color of the walls.

While the mantel and feet are painted white, the hearth of this fireplace uses a matching exposed red brick design.

24. Your Favorite Collections

If your fireplace mantel has enough space to store various things, do not hesitate to display your favorite collections on it.

Just like this fireplace mantel that houses a ship miniature and some other decorative pieces. To highlight the collection, there are classic-looking wall sconces mounted on either side.

A DIY signboard completes the décor with a style that connects the tone of the exposed wood beams with the rest of the design.

25. Whitewashed Fireplace Makeover

Upgrade the look of your red brick fireplace by giving it a translucent finish by whitewashing the surface. Otherwise, leave the surrounding black for dramatic contrast.

To complete the look, you can incorporate a framed picture that comes in the same tone as the rest of the walls.

26. Stunning Abstract Painting

It is no secret that many red brick fireplace makeover ideas take advantage of painting as a straightforward method to give the space a facelift.

This spacious dining room gives a nice example with the beautiful abstract painting that is hanging over the fireplace.

Furthermore, the size of the painting is just right to let the red brick show its appealing value against the white ceiling and walls.

27. Unique Wooden Works

If you want to introduce a touch of nature uniquely, incorporating carved wood wall art as shown in this picture must be perfect.

Then, to soften the look of your red brick fireplace, you can whitewash the surface and keep the decoration minimal.

28. A Twist in a Modern Living Room

A modern red brick fireplace must be suitable to complete a contemporary living area. However, you can skip to modernizing it instead to give the space a little twist of style.

This modern-looking living room is rich in natural light thanks to the wide windows and skylights. Meanwhile, the white ceiling and wall make the space even brighter.

Then, the red brick fireplace is there to make a unique statement and keep a sense of dullness away.

29. Partially Screened Porch with Fireplace

Lastly, you can bring the comfort of your interior outdoors by incorporating a functional fireplace and a set of furniture.

Thereupon, to make this source of warmth appear more interesting, go for red brick fireplace makeover ideas that utilize a simple wood mantel and some lanterns.

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