29 Most Attractive yet Simple Front Door Awning Ideas

Are you looking for front door awning ideas? Then, worry not. Because you will find the best one here. Additionally, the key is you have to choose the door awning which is most suitable for your exterior design.

Moreover, there are also a lot of types of door awning so you can combine the best one.

1. Classic Timber Front Door Awning

When you are looking for front door awning ideas, keep in mind that you should choose the matched one with the exterior that you have.

The first idea that is never getting old is the classic timber awning. The construction is firm and has high durability. It is perfect for a house with a classic concept.

2. Rustic Front Door Awning

The front door awning ideas are not too different from interior and exterior design in general. If you like an industrial or rustic style, you might choose metal as a material for your door awning.

Moreover, you can also paint the top surface with the color of terracotta. This color shows the uniqueness of your door awning.

3. Metal Front Door Awning for Sliding Door

For your sliding door, you can choose the metal front door awning. It is a perfect combination that is easy to maintain. Moreover, the metal door awning will help to make your front house look more bold and flashy.

This type of door awning is also affordable and functional. If you want to change your exterior, you do not need to remove it. The metal door awning is suitable for any kind of exterior design.

4. Terrace Front Door Awning

Most of the front door awning ideas are not elongated. But it is different here. As seen, you can just make the door awning longer to your terrace. As a result, it will look like a small hallway of your front house.

And to make it even more natural, you can use the wood accent for the top side of the awning. You can also spot its similarity to a mini hallway at glance.

5. Glass Front Door Awning for Modern Minimalist House

There are so many front door awning ideas for a minimalist house. One of the best recommendations is the glass awning. It will not attract too much but is still eye-catching for your house.

This unique glass front door awning also has high durability as long as it is constructed well. For the type of glass, you can also choose the clear or dove one. To avoid the sunlight, it is better to install the dove glass for your door awning.

6. Classic Tile Door Awning

Classic house is not that old. The classic design house is so timeless. You may only need to play in colors to make it more attractive. For this classic house, you do not need to think harder about what type of awning should be there.

It is better to install the classic tile one which has the same material as your roof tile. The highlight is on the side support which can be customized as you want.

7. Classic Wide Timber Door Awning

Simple and classic is the trend nowadays. These two exterior concepts perfectly matched each other. You can get a clean, neat, and fresh situation. So, what are the perfect front door awning ideas for the simple and classic house?

Timber awning is still a choice for a simple and classic house. To make it look wider, you can make your awning wider than your front door frame. For an additional touch, you can also build pillars for each side.

8. Glamorous Glass Dome Door Awning

For the luxurious and glamorous look, you have to choose the right door awning. The dome shape of the awning is the ideal choice for a luxurious concept. The indentation of the dome awning is suited well for the front door.

Moreover, the type of material for door awning also affects the look. For this concept, you can choose a combination of glass and iron. These materials will support the exterior of your house to be firm, bold, and glamorous.

9. Modern Wooden Door Awning

If you have installed a wooden door and want to add the door awning, so you can match it with your door. The width of the awning must be identical to the width of the door. Then, the top surface has the same texture and pattern as your door.

To make it look attractive, it is better to install the lamps four to six on the door awning. In that way, you will see your font house look amazing day and night.

10. Concrete Front Door Awning for Semi-Industrial House

The semi-industrial concept combines a modern and industrial design. It looks clean but has its uniqueness. One of the best front door awning ideas for this concept is the concrete door awning. You have to build it permanently, but it will be more durable.

For additional ornaments, you can make a sling-like to support the awning on the right and left sides. If you want to install a lamp, do not install it near the door awning but right beside the door. Then, you’ll notice how the light radiates at night..

11. Classic Dome Front Door Awning

If you want a simple front house look and not overshadow the other exterior, you can go with this concept. Build the awning that has precise size with your door’s size. For the roof of the awning, you can use the same tile as your roof.

Moreover, you can install a lamp in the middle of the awning. It will perfectly suit what you want.

12. Small Wooden Tile Front Door Awning

Wood is a timeless material for any type of house. It will be more authentic and unique if you have an all-wood house. If you have this house or concept, the perfect awning for your front door is a small front porch awning.

It seems the awning is just stuck on the wall, but it is firm. The width of the awning also should be no wider than your porch.

13. House in the Forest Style

Having a house like in the movie is kind of a dream. It will not be that perfect if there is no awning for your front door. You may install an awning constructed with timber with a copper top.

Moreover, you may also install wall lamps on both sides of the door. This look will be as seen as you see in the fairy movie.

14. Door Awning for Two Doors at Once

You can also install the awning for two doors at once. Although, if you arranged it individually, it might look awkward. That is why it is better to fit a door awning with length as your two doors are.

15. DIY Door Awning Ideas with Fabric

The concept is for your cafe, but it is also applicable to your house. Thus, you are only required to install the structure which can be personalized with the dimensions you need. Then, you can use the fabric awning.

You can find this kind of fabric awning in the market in any size. However, you can also make it by yourself.

16. Front Door Awning Ideas for Mini Cottage

If you have a mini cottage in your house, you can also install a door awning. The choice is the angled awning made of wood and tile.

As with the classic door awning, you can install the frame of the awning by wood. Then, install the tiles for the top of the awning. Finally, your mini cottage will look like a mini twin of your house.

17. Small Porch Door Awning

The previous front door awning ideas have a wide and long awning. However, you can also get this concept for a small type one. Hence, merely fit the height and width of the awning with the size of your door.

But do not forget to install the mini lamps on the top of the awning. And then arrange them in line on the right and left sides.

18. Wood Glass Unique Front Door Awning

If you like the outstanding exterior, you may like this concept. You can install the front awning with materials of wood plate and glasses. The size should be longer than your porch, but the width is not too far from your front door.

To make it more outstanding, you can install a pillar across the awning. This concept looks weird but tremendous. For the color, you may choose the wood color but in the bright tone while the door should be neon yellow color.

19. Metal Plate and Glass Front Door Awning Ideas

Nowadays, you can find many types of minimalist houses. Although you have limited space for your house, you do not need to think twice to install the front door awning. Additionally, it will not be stuffy as long as you lodge it correctly.

For the minimalist house, you can install the elongated awning so that there is space on the right and left doors.

Then, it is recommended to install the awning frame with a metal plate while the glass for the roof is on the top of the awning.

20. Tilted See Through Fiberglass Door Awning

High doors are the finest alternative for your house. It will also be perfect if you do not only install one door but three to four doors to cover the front side of your house.

Then, the best door awning for this concept is the tilted fiberglass awning. The shape will not cover your beautiful doors but seems outstanding. Moreover, you can choose the black or brown fiberglass so it will not be that clear and has a see-through effect.

21. Simple Front Door Awning Ideas

The door awning is not always for your front house. You can also apply the awning for your cottage or warehouse. Usually, there is only one door as the only access.

However, it is easier to install the awning for this door. Hence, install the tilted awning a little bit wider from the door.

22. Fabric Dark Blue Front Door Awning

If you do not want too much effort, you can use the ready-use door awning. Certainly, there is a fabric awning that is mostly found in the market.

The fabric awning is easy to maintain and you can also change it if you want another pattern or color. Additionally, the cost is more reasonable than further types of door awning. Thus, it is definitely efficient to install this fabric awning.

23. Balcony Front Door Awning

One of the most genius front door awning ideas is shown in this picture. It simply builds a balcony that has a function as the front door awning.

It will look natural and amazing at one since it is connected. As a result, you do not require to lodge the awning individually with the balcony. However, just build them at once with two functions.

24. Industrial Front Door Awning

The easiest front door awning idea is the industrial concept. Because you do not need to struggle to make it perfect and suit well. For this concept, you can install the awning from the corner of the wall to the corner of your door.

Firstly, install the frame of the awning with an iron or wood plate. Then, use the fiberglass for the top of the awning. As a result, you will see how an attractive awning does not need much effort.

25. Curved Fiberglass Front Door Awning

For the simple awning, you can also install the curved door awning made from fiberglass. Even better, there is no need to shape it into something extravagant. Just make a simple curve that has precise size with your front door.

26. The Front Door Awning with Attractive Frame

The front door awning ideas for your awning are from the frame. Try to shape the frame beautifully, then it will look attractive and complete your exterior house.

27. Minimalist Wooden Door Awning

For the neat look of the door awning, you may choose this concept. It will cover all the frames, so you can only see the outer side which is the wood plate.

28. Front Glass Door Awning

The front door awning ideas for a big glass door is the metal door awning. It will suit well with your glass door. The recommendation is to install the awning from the exact corner to the corner of your front door,

29. Clear Glass Front Door Awning

Lastly, the glass front door awning ideas are among the most popular choices out there. The frame or pillar of this type of awning is not too difficult. That is why many people love this.

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