13 Steampunk Bedroom Ideas That Will Leave You Breathless

One of the most unusual interior designs that many homeowners might not know is the steampunk style. It combines graceful Victorian elements and cool industrial details. Here, I have compiled steampunk bedroom ideas to enchant you.

Steampunk emerged as the sub-genre of science fiction in the late 20th century. Although it is still new, it currently spreads throughout the design world. If you love something futuristic and enduring, give your bedroom steampunk flair.

1. Steampunk Wall Art

Sideboards were initially made for the dining area, but they can shine in the bedrooms too. As you see, the reclaimed wood sideboard lends rustic charm to the sleepy space. It holds a vintage telephone, books, table lamp, and houseplants.

Above the sideboard, there are black-framed herbariums. Do they not only fill the large blank wall but also represent steampunk style and bring nature indoors. What a lively bedroom!

2. Steampunk Furniture Amazon

Are you a steampunk admirer? If yes, you must try this idea. Be sure you add a dark brown tufted leather sofa to your bedroom. That furniture unit conveys the feelings of elegance and luxury.

Furthermore, the leather sofa offers you the utmost comfort. You can use the ancient map wallpaper as the backdrop. Both sofa and wallpaper inject a high dose of Victorian flavor into the bedroom.

3. Small Steampunk Table

No conversation area in the steampunk-themed bedroom is complete without a steamer trunk. It serves as a unique table and delivers a classic aesthetic to the bedchamber at the same time.

In case you cannot find any steamer trunk, an old suitcase will do the trick. Then, utilize a curvaceous armchair and leather sofa to accompany the steamer trunk table. Be sure those furniture pieces come in cream and brown.

4. Modern Steampunk Decor

The cream curved tufted sofa and deep brown throw blanket carve a cozy ambiance. Meanwhile, the metal-and-wood table and light fixtures carry industrial elements to the sleepy space.

Furthermore, the wall is adorned with black-framed sepia pictures. They give the bedroom a modern twist and an antique effect at once. You could hang sepia family photos on the wall if you want to.

5. Steampunk Bedroom Designs

Black and white are typically associated with steampunk interior design. So, why do you not decorate your bedroom in those colors? The pure whites exude a sense of airiness, while black accents introduce instant drama.

In addition, the brass chandelier light bulbs accommodate classy bowlers and top hats. They bring you back to the Victorian age. Not to mention, they draw the eye upward in a moment.

6. Steampunk Bedroom Furnishings


Cream, black, white, brown, and dark blue are used throughout this steampunk boy’s bedroom. The gallery wall above the headboard steals the spotlight. Plush pillows and duvet cover assert a sense of coziness.

The sofa chair, rug, and curtains generate a soft feeling. Meanwhile, the sideboard, headboard, nightstands, and open shelves are constructed from hard material. The textural contrast infuses more steampunk’s appeal into the room.

7. Steampunk Bedroom Table Decor

If you are looking to embellish your steampunk bedchamber, you cannot go wrong with terrestrial globes. Be sure you buy very used ones at local thrift stores. They certainly carry an antique touch to the bedroom.

In this case, the gilt-brass terrestrial globe makes a decor statement. The white background allows it to be more noticeable. Both adults and kids love to spin the globe repeatedly.

8. Steampunk Bedroom Images

Above is a steampunk masterpiece. It features exposed metal gears, industrial machines, and dark red shade. You can either create your steampunk lampshade or shop antique stores.

Be sure you painted your bedroom wall white. Therefore, the lampshade quickly grabs the attention. You should put it on the wooden bedside table to obtain inviting vibes.

9. Steampunk Bedroom Headboard

As the image shows, this boy’s bedroom is outfitted with refurbished furniture pieces. Look at the galvanized metal box, curved metallic headboard, and trunk side tables. Moreover, the orb chandelier is specific to the Victorian era.

The wall lamps re-insure the sleepy space with industrial charm. Light gray blanket, floor, and wall panels evoke a sense of masculinity. Lastly, a round mirror fools the eye into seeing the bedroom is larger.

10. Industrial Bedroom Wall

This bedroom is not just spacious, but also full of character. The exposed brick wall and black metal track light fixtures bring an industrial aesthetic to the space. Meanwhile, the wood ceiling, beam, and floor are rustic.

Floor to ceiling curtain comes in white. It acts as a room divider. The floral bed blanket and pastel blue throw pillow add softness to the area. Framed works of art keep the brick wall from being bare.

11. Steampunk Bedroom Lighting

When it comes to the steampunk-inspired bedroom, you must incorporate metallic details into your space. Do they not only make the area more interesting but also celebrate raw beauty.

In this example, the light fixtures are constructed out of blue and black metal pipes. The homeowner connected the pipes. They appear complicated yet sophisticated.

12. Steampunk Wallpaper

Instead of letting your white ceiling looking bland, use an old map to embellish it. The older the map, the more fabulous your bedroom gets. It will impress you and your family. The Victorian ceiling fan gives the space a touch of class.

Besides covering your ceiling with the map, you can also utilize the ancient world map wallpaper to decorate the wall. Another idea is to titivate your lampshade with the map.

13. Steampunk Clock

Pictured here is a steampunk-style master bedroom. The rusty gear wall clocks make the space look mechanical and anachronistic at the same time. Meanwhile, the exposed brick wall infuses a masculine feel into the interior.

Furthermore, the drawers keep the unsightly items out of sight. The refurbished vintage floor lamp illuminates the room after dark.

Underfoot is the unpolished concrete floor. Gray bed sheets and blanket, as well as navy pillows, increase the comfort of the bedroom. The juxtaposition of those soft and hard materials adds more steampunk’s appeal to the space.

Although steampunk design has specific characteristics, in fact, it still allows you to customize the sleepy space and include your used things. So, are you ready to build your steampunk bedroom from scratch?

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