28 Sage Green Bedroom Ideas to Be More Relaxing

Sage green bedroom ideas become one of the most searched designs nowadays. Subsequently, they are popular for their ability to give the space a cool and tranquil effect.

From soft and light to dark, many shades of sage green are available to beautify your bedroom. Whether you apply the color on the wall or other decoration pieces, it will definitely stand out.

Furthermore, if you do not know how to get started, check out the following sage green bedrooms and steal their beautiful look!

1. White Wall Décor and Side Lamps

Infused on the bedroom wall, sage green gives the space adequate richness to allow it to stand out without feeling intimidating.

A pair of white wall décor and side lamps on each side of the bed creates a focal point. Besides, they also offer areas of contrast that draw the eye.

For added interest, the headboard and curtain are in army green. The throw pillow set on the accent chair mirrors this tone for a balance.

2. Rich in Natural Light

If you need sage green bedroom ideas for a small space, copy this look. Thanks to the wide windows and minimal furnishing, this tiny room appears spacious.

Thus, to copy this look, paint the bedroom walls in a soft shade of sage green and leave the ceilings white.

Adding patterns to the plain palette are the bedroom bench and the cushioned accent chair.

3. Modern Sage Green Bedroom with a Fireplace

A combination of lighter and darker shades of sage green makes this bedroom even more charming. Furthermore, to balance the look, the bedding and area rug are in neutral white tones.

Completing the bedroom is the modern-looking fireplace that is built-in on the wall. Meanwhile, the other decors are kept minimal to emphasize the contemporary style.

4. Soothing Nature

The comforting nature of sage green gives this bedroom a perfect accent wall. Along with the stripy pattern, golden sconces, and scenery painting, the color palette is just right.

Adding a touch of nature to this cozy bedroom are several potted houseplants. Moreover, the different types of leafy plants introduce an extra interest and statement to this space.

5. Sage Green Bedroom Ideas with Sonoma Oak

Sonoma oak finishes incorporated on the bed platform, headboard, and the floor perfectly complement the sage green and white palette in this bedroom.

Instead of painting one wall of the room in sage green for an accent, you can extend the color to the next surface as shown in this picture.

Additionally, the geometric appeal makes this bedroom look more striking.

6. Contrasted Golden Curtains

Introduce a little twist in your sage green bedroom by incorporating contrasting golden curtains in the décor.

For instance, as shown in this picture, you can keep the flooring and bedding in neutral white color for a balance.

Therefore, this allows you to introduce a new pattern and added texture through the use of a unique area rug.

7. Connecting with Nature

Everything in this bedroom sparks nature beauty. While sage green in your wall, curtain, and bedding reminds you of the outdoors, the added houseplants create a better effect.

You can mix a variety of plants. Then, select some that differ in size and place them on dissimilar planter types.

Moreover, to support the idea of connecting to nature, use natural wooden furniture pieces and decorations.

8. Stained Wooden Pieces

The stained wooden pieces create a charming contrast against the sage green walls in this bedroom. Thanks to the white flooring and ceiling, this combination does not look overwhelming.

A couple of table lamps add a warm mood to this bedroom, whereas a framed mirror hanging over the cabinet completes the simple décor of the space.

9. Sage Green Wall Paneling

If you are looking for sage green bedroom ideas that introduce a touch of classic design, this picture should be a great choice to copy.

Likewise, the sage green panel moldings on wall offer a classically-inspired style that makes this bedroom stand out.

Opt for a simple and minimalist paneling design as shown in this picture to copy the look. Then, paint the installed molding along with the wall in sage green to finish.

10. Stylish Wall-Mounted Shelf

You cannot go wrong when adding a crisp white color into a sage green interior palette. This bedroom proves it.

Against the soft shade of sage green, the white wall-mounted shelf looks perfect. It houses some pieces of decoration that add colors to the design as well.

Further, the nightstand and the side lamps mirror the crisp white color of the bedsheet too, supporting the overall scheme.

11. Statement Pendant Lighting

In this gorgeous bedroom, the bed sheet reflects the soothing tone of the sage green on the wall. Meanwhile, the white bed runner matches the wall décor hanging over the headboard.

Additionally, an oversized wicker pendant light creates a statement in this bedroom. Its natural color complements the palette of this bedroom perfectly.

12. Calming Beige Flooring

When it comes to sage green bedroom ideas, pairing the palette with light, natural wooden flooring is highly favorable.

However, if you do not want to change the existing dark flooring, try to incorporate a beige floor covering that hints at the tone of light wooden floors.

Therefore, by pairing sage green with beige, you can expect a bedroom that has a charming and comforting interior design.

13. A Grand Headboard

The velvet headboard in this bedroom gives the sage green wall a subtle contrast that creates a rustic mood in the interior.

Instead of a plain white bedding set, this bedroom has floral patterns that mirror the color of the headboard and the area rug.

In addition, a statement chandelier is hanging over the bed to add a touch of elegance to this room.

14. Exposed Wooden Beams

Sage green is a color of nature, so it works great when paired with natural materials that remind you of the outdoor spaces.

Subsequently, exposed wooden beams on this attic bedroom complement the sage green palette by offering a natural element.

For subtle contrast, adorn your bed with white bedding pieces and a bit of sage green patterns like this picture.

15. Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Installing sage green curtains can be the simplest way to include this soothing color in your bedroom.

However, if you already apply the sage green on the walls, consider adding earthy-tone curtains that bring the color of nature inside.

The curtains in this bedroom are a floor-to-ceiling type that hangs freely on concealed curtain track for a seamless look.

16. A Farmhouse Flair

A mix of natural tones in this bedroom creates a calming mood that does not look dull at all. The terracotta pillows double as a headboard and give the space a pop of color.

Meanwhile, the vertical shiplap walls give a sense of height while introducing a charming appeal of a farmhouse interior style.

Coming in strips, this oak wooden flooring has a perfect natural color that goes well with the sage green wall.

17. Striking Copper Accents

If you are interested in sage green bedroom ideas that look great in small spaces, try to copy this picture.

Since the walls are in the darker shade of sage green, the ceiling and bedding are mostly in white to keep a balance.

Adding charm to this tiny sage green bedroom is the copper finishes on the bed frame and the wall-mounted open shelves.

18. Master Bedroom with an Intimate Mood

With sage green walls, gray bedding, and black accents, this master bedroom turns into a private gateway.

Adding a sense of privacy to this bedroom is the grilles on the windows that obstruct the view from outside.

Besides, you can have additional curtains to boost the privacy and introduce a splash of color to this bed room.

For instance, get ones that reflect the color of the seating area for added beauty.

19. Sage Green Wall with a Twist

Instead of a floor-to-ceiling shiplap wall, you can create a striking twist by building it half-height as shown in this picture.

If you build it like a pony wall, top the surface with wood and use the available space to place some decoration pieces.

To make the sage green bedroom ideas appear more personalized, the bedding is in pink pastel.

20. Dramatic Design with Sage Green

From the soft sage green on the walls and ceiling to the earthy tones on the furniture and decor pieces, this bedroom looks charming just the way it is.

The oversized tufted headboard comes with built-in nightstands that house tiny decor pieces. To complete the bedroom, a pair of double pendant lights is hanging at different heights.

21. Beautiful Curtains with Patterns

One of the best ways to introduce some patterns in a sage green bedroom is through the curtains, rugs, and pillowcases.

This bedroom makes a great example with the cream curtains that feature sage green floral patterns. Besides, a patterned rug also completes the small seating area at the windows.

22. A Mix of Sage Green Shades

If you prefer sage green bedroom ideas that look simple yet rich in color, this one should be on the top of the list.

Also, the walls have two shades of sage green for a stunning yet subtle contrast. The area rug under the bed comes in a combination of brown and beige colors for added interest.

Then, three pieces of frameless paintings on the wall complete the simple design.

23. Rich in Patterns

Are you looking for something fresh? Hence, turn your all-white bedroom into a space that looks fresher than ever with several shades of green.

You can apply a shade of sage green on the wall and keep the ceiling white.

Then, infuse brighter tones in this color spectrum to the bedding, curtain, bedroom bench, and table lamps.

24. Striking Darker Effect

If you have applied the softer tone of sage green on your bedroom walls, pick bedding pieces in a darker color for a striking effect.

For example, this bedding set and pillow mirror the colors of the green forest paintings hanging over the headboard.

To copy the look, you can incorporate any of your favorite paintings and reflect its palette on the bedding.

25. Small Bedroom with a Unique Charm

Even a small attic bedroom can look stunning with sage green. To keep the room feel spacious, use a softer shade of this color as shown in this picture.

Then, pair the sage green tone of your choice with white as the safest bet. Instead of a bulky sofa, you can incorporate a rocking chair as an accent.

When it comes to a storage solution, pick one that suits the size of your bedroom. Don’t forget to introduce a mirror on the décor to reflect the light too.

26. Exceptional Ceiling in Strips

Sage green bedroom ideas should not stop with the use of this main color on the wall. If you wish, it is not impossible to apply this natural tone to the ceiling as well.

Just like this gorgeous bedroom, you can boost the charm of your ceiling by painting it in strips. Use the sage green color of your choice and mix it with a neutral white shade.

Meanwhile, the beige area rug here not only adds a touch of elegance to this bedroom but also gives some texture.

27. Stunning Sage Green Curtains

Utilizing curtains to bring sage green into a bedroom is a straightforward and budget-friendly choice with a great result.

They can be an aesthetically pleasing solution that extends the charm of sage green walls as well. Even if you do not paint the wall with this color, the curtains will still work great.

A yellow bed runner and patterned blanket add an eye-catching accent while giving a pop of color to this bedroom.

28. Interesting Plaid Curtains

Plaid curtains and valances can enhance the overall look of a sage green bedroom as well. This picture proves how the window coverings complement the soft-painted walls.

Furthermore, the decorative pillows and bed runners have a matching color and pattern with the cozy reading nook at the windows.

For a more formal mood, any wooden material in this bedroom is stained in the same dark tone. Meanwhile, the flooring and the ceiling are kept neutral to give the rest the needed stage.

Finally, do not hesitate to try one of these sage green bedroom ideas when you are planning to give your space an update.

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