28 Small Gray Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Washroom Seems Larger

A certain color between black and white has become everyone’s favorite among the shade of neutral since the beginning of this millennium. When it comes to designing limited washroom space, such a tone could leave an impression of a bigger dimension. Now, this page will disclose small gray bathroom ideas.

There are no less than twenty-eight visualizations of a model bathroom on this page. All of them will exemplify how to use gray color inside your washroom area.

1. Gray and White Bathroom Idea

Even though this loft bathroom is pretty compact, the neat arrangement and color selection stamp the opposite imprint. By mounting everything on the wall, they leave spaces above the ground and let the room feel airier.

Moreover, picking white to harmonize gray is also a good decision. When the two colors are together, the atmosphere seems brighter.

In the middle of such a combination, a little bit of black appears as the accent color for gray and white bathrooms. It exists on the details.

2. Three Shades of Matte Natural Gray

The deal in this bathroom is to use three distinctive shades of matte natural gray. Certainly, different than the other small gray bathroom ideas.

First is the floor. It uses the subtlest one out of the three that reminisces you of the natural pattern created by concrete finishes.

Next are the walls. They utilize the middle note with a darker appearance but not as much as the vanity surface.
In addition, the floating vanity has the deepest color of finishing that amuse over those of rocks.

3. Small Gray Bathroom Ideas Using Trendy Ceramic Tile

The next small gray bathroom ideas only use gray on its tiles as the flooring and wall finishing. It incorporates other colors on the rest of the interior.

For example, medium tone wood is detectable on the wall-hung vanity and the floating shelf midway. Meanwhile, white is always gorgeous to be the color of the toilet, washbasin, ceiling, and decorations in a small bathroom.

4. Contemporary in Open Shower Room

As gray is up to the minute, it is so easy to relate it with contemporary style. If you want to have similar look within your compact washroom, implement these small gray bathroom ideas.

Use only one shade of gray, synchronize it agreeably with white, have gold to embellish the rest, afford a claw-foot bathtub, and you get to take a bath inside a contemporary bathroom. By the way, let down all of the barriers and let it has an open concept.

5. Slab Walls of Natural Stone

This shower room pursues the style of elegance by installing gray natural stone slabs on the walls. It is like walking to a totally different world since the outside walls use dissimilar kinds of finishing.

However, it also seems minimal by looking at how they arrange the features. Of course, since patterns cause visual traffic, the amenities arrangement should be neat.

You have to admit that the permanent floating shelf should be on the list of small gray bathroom ideas for the practicality it offers.

6. Gray Bathroom with Corner Shower

This gray bathroom features a half wall with a mounted lavatory and vanity set. It lets a framed mirror take the upper part. This setting naturally builds a narrow counter only a few inches wide.

Meanwhile, to its left, stands a corner shower with similar tiled walls but different flooring. A wall niche with a patterned backdrop is present inside to afford the bathers comfortable storage for self-care supplies.

7. Small Gray Bathroom Ideas with Sphere Stone

This amenity belongs to a villa in a sector with a wide-open golf course. The main building is designable in rustic.

No wonder why this bathroom features a sphere stone bath plus a double vanity sink in a similar shape and material. Besides rustic, you could also feel a bit of Mediterranean style from the framed round mirror.

8. Gray Bathroom Tile Idea

This bathroom holds the principle of ‘tile everything’. Tiles conceal every surface of this washroom enclosure except the ceiling. You see the proof from the reflection on the mirror.

Fascinatingly, the tiles are originally for flooring, but the designer also uses them for the walls to camouflage the room’s dimension. It is undebatable how the trick works.

Apply this small gray bathroom idea to get the same, if not better, result. The deal is to utilize 1×4 flooring tiles.

9. Gray Bathroom Paint Idea with Terrazzo Tiles

As if light gray does not give enough brightness, the designer of this bathroom creates a skylight above the walk-in shower. It leads to energy saving during the day as the sun provides this washroom with abundant natural lighting.

Not to mention, the use of terrazzo tile all over the floor surface only makes it even brighter and classier.

10. Small Gray Bathroom Ideas Featuring Black Freestanding Bathtub

Grid floor is classic, but when it makes a combination with horizontal plank tiles on the wall, it becomes classy.

Moreover, the wall niche backdrop also uses the same grid tiles as the floor. What makes this gray bathroom even chicer is the black freestanding tub across the shower. It makes a lot of statements.

11. Small Gray Bathroom Ideas with Blood-Splash Patterned Tiles

There are a lot of unique features in this bathroom. An instance would be the patterned tiles on the floor and one of the walls. It is as if they got blood splattered a long time ago and have faded but are still intact now.

Do not fail also to notice the use of minuscule tiles on the bathtub side of the wall. It results in a similar presence as the one earlier mentioned.

Only, this washroom uses a few shades with cladding technique to make them appear like a mosaic.

12. Again, Another World

It is amusing how a door away makes a lot of difference. The world inside the bathroom seems different from the outside.

While it feels so modern and urban within, it is not the case when stepping out. As if eclectic Moroccan style waves hello at you. We bet it is the power owned by a gray washroom.

13. Geometric Tiles

Optical illusion never is the concept of a bathroom. Yet, if your goal is to have uniqueness inside the washroom, you must try this small gray bathroom idea.

Thus, the deal is to use rhombus-shaped tiles and install them in a way until cubes come in vision.

14. Shiny Grays Bathroom Ideas

Since silver is the shiny version of gray, incorporating some of them in your bathroom is not an act of betrayal.

In this washroom, they are evident in all of the metal materials. It is pleasant to see some gloss among the matt.

15. Blue Cabinet and Black Worktop

This time, gray works only as of the supporting role while blue takes the stage. Featured in our next small gray bathroom ideas is a vanity set with flat-panel drawers and cupboards.

But not a single handle whatsoever exists. On top of the wooden vanity, a black countertop becomes the base of a white vessel sink and quirky vase.

16. Rustic Style Plus Wood Countertop

Rustic interior design is so achievable with gray. To obtain such a design, this bathroom uses gray on roman blind, layers of walls, and flooring.

In addition, tiles with a wood effect appear here and there to get the washroom closer to the theme.

17. Gray Bathroom Remodel Idea

After remodeling, this bathroom now features geometric tiles floor similar to one of the small gray bathroom ideas you see earlier. But the difference is, this idea uses square tiles instead of a rhombus.

Also featured inside this washroom are the gray finished wall and the darker shaded vanity which comes in a set with the framed mirror. Meanwhile, they use hand towels in parallel colors for the sake of consistency.

18. Small Gray Bathroom Ideas with Rough-Surfaced Tiles

Smooth surfaces are dangerous when they are wet. That is the reason why this bathroom utilizes rough-surfaced tiles all over the place, even to the inset book storage under the bathtub.

Yet, what makes you distract your focus might be the blue-light effect caused by the window treatment.

19. Door-Free Walk-In Shower

Half-enclosing your walk-in shower is doable without any glass or door. People call it doorless design, and this bathroom has applied such a concept.

Additionally, using horizontal gray tiles, they build a permanent enclosure that you could not see through. Also, the raised lower edge separates the shower from the rest of the space.

20. Compact Luxury of Small Gray Bathroom Ideas

It is indeed small, but anyone could still feel the luxurious sense created by the black, gray, and white palette.

As the lighter two colors dominate the space, the darkest plays its part to be the accent. Moreover, a subtle pattern is indispensable for muted and solid neutral tones.

21. Foldable Shower Enclosure

You might mistake it as a small ankle-height bathtub, but it is not. It is a raised shower base you build to prevent the falling water from splashing everywhere.

Hence, the foldable glass door then helps the job. Of course, the gray tile has created a neat impression, so anything functional should keep the neatness on track.

22. Gray Subway Tiles with White Grout

Small gray bathroom ideas to come are as seen in this picture. Implemented on the wall using subway tiles, gray makes the space looks chic.

Thanks to the lighting, the walls reflect flowy and shiny surfaces to complement the golden fixtures. In the meantime, the white grouts emphasize lines and create patterns.

23. Small Gray Bathroom Ideas for Industrial Design

Perfect imperfection would be the words that best describe industrial design since such a style relates to exposed and raw finishing.

This bathroom features an unfinished-looking concrete wall with faded white paint on some spots. Yet, it is where the charm lies.

Moreover, the style is then sustainable by the use of glazed charcoal black pebble tile.

24. Aquarium-Like Window Glass

The window sill is so deep that it reminds you of those peeping glasses in the sea life aquarium. Yet, it looks like that on purpose to be the place for some decorations to stay.

Anyway, this bathroom is the result of a full renovation process done in 2014. Located in Boston, this washroom approaches contemporary design.

Additionally, you see the effort from the use of horizontal tiles, oval freestanding tub, and wooden floor.

25. Modern Gray Bathroom

What defines this bathroom modern is the marble tiles walls, double-ended freestanding bathtub, herringbone tiles flooring, and the recessed wall storage.

The amusing part is we call it a gray bath, but we only see it as embellishments. Then again, it is the power of such a hue. It is noticeable even when it is elusive.

26. Alcove Bathtub and Pork Chop Vanity

Again, gray works as the accentuating color here. Our next small gray bathroom ideas display an alcove bathtub, toilet, pork chop vanity, flooring, and bath wall, all in white.

It is when the gray wall comes to the rescue and makes all of the white surfaces noticeable.

27. Simple, Modern, and Stylish

Gray and white have made their appearances repetitively. It is because they make a good combination that no one could resist. They are more than just adaptive to nearly all designs; they create the designs. And the proof is here.

Now, the above small gray bathroom ideas certainly confuse you as to what style or design it follows. Well, it is simple, modern, and also stylish at the same time.

28. Bluish Gray Square with Mosaic and Border

In apparent, it is pretty common to break the main tiles’ regularity with some borders. For this bathroom, the mosaic small tiles interrupt the bluish-gray square ones. They do not mean harm but to add some decorations to the whole setting.

As some bonus tips for small gray bathroom ideas, you should consider the following points when planning this specific tone to color your washroom.

  • Pick whether it is a cool or warm shade.
  • Pair it with white, as you have witnessed the greatness they create.
  • Give it enough lighting.

Yet, before anything, you should put your comfort first before actually choosing one from those small gray bathroom ideas. If a certain idea is great but disruptive to your comfortable way of using the bathroom, it is not worth the effort then.

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