29 Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas You’ll Swoon Over

Since blue resembles water, it surely makes an outstanding color option for any bathing area. Furthermore, it harmonizes spectacularly with neutrals like shades of gray. If you adore the combination, read up on these blue and gray bathroom ideas.

Bathrooms aren’t mere functional and dull spaces. In addition, they become a significant part of houses. Moreover, gray and blue provide an attractive color scheme.

This article will show you 29 marvelous blue and gray bathing areas. Not only do they vary in personalities but also decorating styles. Without further ado, here are bathrooms that nail those two colors.

1. Baby Blue and Gray Bathroom Decorating Ideas

This bathroom boasts baby blue walls. In addition to carving a cheerful look, it also keeps the whole scene inviting and bright. Meanwhile, the gray shower bench and wall tiles deliver a sense of depth while emanating sophistication.

The mirror and glass shower screen make the bathing area feel bigger. Furthermore, the white ceiling, double sink vanity, and cube sconces brighten the room instantly. Lastly, accent tiles of varying blue shades and neutrals produce visual interest.

2. Transitional Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

Can’t decide between modern and traditional decor styles? If so, duplicate the look of this transitional bathroom.

The intricate artwork frame and wall sconces portray elegance. Meanwhile, gray subway and white hexagon tiles make things seem more stylish.

There’s a bright blue freestanding tub that perks the bathroom up. Gold details speak of timeless glamor, while the plant and green stool impart a feeling of calmness.

3. Subtle Shades

If you’re into light blue and gray bathroom ideas, replicate this look. Different gray shades in the bathing area infuse dimension and depth.

Here, the skylight and subtle blue walls preserve the interior’s light feeling. Furthermore, they ensure the entire scene stays airy and soothing. Because of the marble vanity top and shower walls, the area doesn’t lack luxury.

Pops of striking patterns give this master bathroom an eclectic feel. Meanwhile, windows let you enjoy marvelous outdoor views from the white freestanding tub.

4. Small Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

The bathing area may be small. However, that doesn’t mean you must skimp on style. This tiny bathroom, for example, includes a cornflower blue vanity. It carries a splash of playful color. Moreover, its polka dot knobs generate cohesion.

Pale gray walls balance out the statement vanity while exuding peacefulness. Due to the skylight, mirror, penny tiles, and frosted windows, the bathroom feels more spacious. Furthermore, the adorable decorative piece makes the interior family-friendly.

5. Spa Time

I can’t help but fall for this spa-inspired bathroom. As you see, the interior is equal parts fabulous, serene, and trendy.

Muted blue walls impart tranquility while injecting a splash of color. Meanwhile, the gray wood-look flooring and bathtub panel heighten the relaxing vibe.

The windows provide bodacious views of the outside, regardless of the season. Additionally, dark gray elements bring drama. Lastly, the textured rug, orchid, and artworks lend the bathroom some visual appeal.

6. Blue and Gray Bathroom Decor with Vinyl Tiles

This bathing area is undoubtedly a place of relaxation. The gray floor tiles bring details while keeping the whole scene peaceful.

The decorative vinyl tiles in blue and gray adorn the shower feature wall. They produce a statement without making the compact bathroom feel busy.

Because of the skylight, pristine white subway tiles, and glass screens, the interior appears more spacious. Meanwhile, the indoor plant is a refreshing complement to the space.

7. Equal Proportions

Need astonishing blue and gray bathroom ideas? If yes, take cues from this contemporary bathing area. The jumbo gray wood-look tiles generate a serene look.

The dark gray vanity top gives the interior extra depth. Meanwhile, the blue ceiling and wall enliven the bathing area instantly.

Slim blue tiles make mesmerizing horizontal stripes. Furthermore, the wooden vanity tempers all the cool tones here. Moreover, the wall art and silver sconces bring the bathroom together.

8. Blue, White, and Gray Bathroom Ideas

The homeowner embellished bathroom walls with light gray rectangular tiles. Not only do they introduce subtle yet stunning details, but also calm the soul.

The two-tone herringbone floor evokes cohesion and modernity. Furthermore, the navy blue vanity lends the space a hint of boldness.

Due to the freestanding tub, ornate mirror, and fresh blooms, the bathroom doesn’t lack elegance. Also, the oversized, multitone painting complements the otherwise dreary wall.

9. Blue and Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas

There’s a slew of blue and gray bathroom ideas. If you feel overwhelmed and love all things stylish, simply recreate this look.

The marble vanity top, tiny bench, and walls ensure the bathroom seems graceful. Here, the frosted glass wall sconces are a subtle contrast to the gray backdrop.

Due to the solid navy vanity, this bathroom stays clutter-free. Furthermore, decorative vinyl tiles of varying blue and gray shades add interest while tying the scene together. The petite plant provides a hint of liveliness.

10. Minimalist Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

This bathroom will surely wake up your inner minimalist. Furthermore, the clean lines of muted blue rectangular tiles and white grouts draw the eye.

The gray concrete tiles of the floor and wall embrace an urban aesthetic. Meanwhile, the warm lighting and angular wooden vanity generate a balanced look. Here, the frameless mirror, white elements, and glass screens represent airiness.

11. Trendy Turquoise

If you adore blue and gray bathroom ideas, this look deserves a try. The flooring and vanity embrace grays. Furthermore, they make the scene appear serene.

The pristine white sink, ceiling, and window frame depict airiness. Moreover, tiny turquoise mosaic tiles freshen up the bathing area while showcasing details.

Black elements create sophisticated drama. Meanwhile, red and purple blooms accompany the jewel-toned tiles perfectly.

12. Pewter Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

This bathroom is such a remarkable place. The geometric vinyl floor and printed curtains titivate the whole interior while making things seem cohesive.

Here, the pewter blue vanity acts as a centerpiece. Furthermore, it fits in with neutrals and patterned elements.

As you see, the homeowner can luxuriate in her built-in tub. Thanks to gray rectangular tiles, they complete the contemporary look. Wood and orange details emanate an air of intimacy.

13. Elegance Meets Glam

Speaking of gray and blue bathroom paint ideas, consider yale blue and harbor gray. In this space, they make a spectacular combination.

The harbor gray panels adorn the lower section of bathroom walls. Since they harmonize with bright white elements, the interior feels bigger.

The pewter blue clawfoot tub and vanity go fantastically with the paneling. Touches of gold generate a glam feel.

Printed vinyl tiles represent visual continuity. Meanwhile, the houseplant and blonde wood stool allow outdoor elements to be indoors.

14. Blue and Gray Bathroom Accessories

Need navy blue and gray bathroom ideas? This option is worth replicating. The chevron-patterned tiles of gray and white carry subtle interest. In addition, the navy, high-gloss double-duty vanity introduces a bold impact.

The metallic legs of the vanity meet deep gray floor tiles seamlessly. Circular mirrors and globe sconces soften this contemporary bathroom’s appearance.

Here, stark white sinks boast rounded edges that offset clean lines. Soft pink blooms and navy accessories offer finishing touches.

15. Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas with Geometric Tiles

There are some blue and gray bathroom ideas that I extremely adore, and this is one of them. Black grout lines emphasize clean-looking subway tiles. Also, white and gray striped curtains bring the interior together.

The dark slate blue vanity and gray handles deliver some depth. Geometric tiles of the bathroom floor embrace modernity effortlessly.

Thanks to the mini golden planter, the bathroom appears slightly glam. Meanwhile, the round mirror and Edison bulbs create visual balance.

16. Navy Blue and Gray Bathroom Decor with Round Mirrors

This bathroom seems equal parts refined and stylish. Moreover, the greenery and light blue, high-gloss tiles in a vertical layout calm the senses.

Speaking of blue and gray bathroom ideas, try incorporating statement pieces. Here, the deep gray flooring and navy vanity produce drama.

The gray marble vanity top and accents of gold emanate refinement. Furthermore, circular sinks and mirrors temper clean, modern lines.

17. Eclectic Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

Different patterns give this gray and blue bathroom a sense of eclecticism. Meanwhile, contemporary sconces and mirrors impart visual symmetry.

The muted navy vanity and rectangular mirror frames introduce a decor statement without overwhelming the scene.

Additionally, the gray striped rug tones them down. Also, the minimalist plant and two-tone stool spice up the interior.

18. Gorgeous and Inviting

What’s not love about this space? The window, sconces, circular mirrors, and vanities keep things symmetric. Here, the delicate white rug and blooms infuse a feminine feel.

The sunlight from the window enhances pewter blue vanities and gray subway tiles. Moreover, pristine white and pale gray surfaces ensure the bathroom stays airy.

19. Opulent and Bright

Although this bathing area isn’t huge, it feels bigger, thanks to the circular mirror and glass screen. Meanwhile, Carolina blue furniture units punch up the scene.

Stunning sconces and intricate patterns titivate the bathroom. Furthermore, the gray wall fits in with silver accents. The marble floor and shower walls deliver sophisticated splendor.

20. Teal Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

This bathing area proves the homeowner is a true minimalist. Clean lines of the bathtub, glass screen, and wall shelves make things look trendy.

The teal blue rectangular tiles enliven the otherwise stark room. Dark and light gray tiles let them shine, while round details offer a bit of variety.

21. Blue Meets Gray and Green

The navy vanity and blue rug spruce up this compact bathroom. Meanwhile, the gray flooring and penny wall tiles produce a relaxing scene.

Not only does the green-and-white shower curtain provide privacy but also generates visual appeal. The towel rack, wall art, and mirrors tie the bathing area together.

22. Lovely Juxtapositions

The flooring, vanity, and shower walls lend the bathroom varying gray shades. Furthermore, they deliver dimension and relaxing vibes.

Here, the blue accent wall perks the whole bathing area up. Meanwhile, the two-tone vase and cylindrical sconces add extra visual interest.

23. Luxurious Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

The pigeon blue panel and vanity make the scene seem relaxing. Since the bathroom employs gold accent pieces, it also appears refined and bright.

In the space, the gray and white marble-covered surfaces heighten the sumptuous ambiance. Furthermore, the wicker basket and fake blooms keep things cozy.

24. Refinement and Relaxation

The dark gray tub evokes a bit of drama. Meanwhile, the window provides surrounding views and plenty of sunlight. Marble elements impart an air of glamor.

Because of the greenery and blue high-gloss tiles, the interior looks lively. Also, light gray furniture pieces and walls produce a tranquil, spa-like vibe.

25. Charming Contrasts

Talking about blue and gray bathroom ideas, don’t be afraid to use dark hues. Just balance them out with light tones and lots of windows.

Here, the navy wall panel and vanity emphasize the deep gray-and-white tub. Meanwhile, the marble wainscoting and flooring bring in some glamor.

26. Calm Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

This bathroom is a place where tranquility meets sophistication. The windows surround the rectangular tub while showing incredible outdoor views.

Sky blue glass tiles and pure white elements remind me of the ocean. Meanwhile, light gray and blue steps make the scene appear cohesive.

27. Soft Side

The muted blue walls and gray shower tiles calm the mind. Meanwhile, the wood-look flooring and black vanity lend the interior a superb contrast.

Due to the glass screen, silver accents, and mirrors, the room looks brighter. Furthermore, printed towels double as decorations while unifying the scene.

28. Copper to the Rescue

Cute blue floor tiles offer details. They introduce a tranquil feeling, too. The bright white wall and vanity portray openness.

The gray and white marble surfaces depict timeless elegance. Copper details exude warmth, while the houseplant brings a touch of nature.

29. Muted But Marvelous

Pale gray walls mingle with the deluxe marble vanity top and flooring. Meanwhile, square and rectangular tiles in the shower room add personality.

The muted gray-blue vanity and abstract wall art become the room’s highlights. Meanwhile, exuberant details create a cheerful look.

I guarantee those blue and gray bathroom ideas will come in handy. Additionally, they prove different combinations generate specific vibes. Whether you’re into pale hues or deep shades, be sure they suit the scene.

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