29 Fabulous Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors for You

Vanity light fixtures are a crucial part of bathrooms. Moreover, they pack a punch by offering appealing and functional illumination. Here, I’ve had a slew of bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors that will transform any bathing area.

Nowadays, vanity lights have various looks and shapes. Furthermore, they let homeowners do their daily self-care tasks like hair styling and shaving.

Since vanity lights only provide task lighting, make sure to integrate other fixtures like chandeliers or pendants.

Whether you plan to install them for a powder room or a spacious bathroom, my ideas come in handy. Let’s dig into these options!

1. Bathroom Lighting Ideas with Glass Shades

As you see, the vanity light fixture over the mirror boasts three lamps. Not only do they suit the powder room aesthetic, but also offer even task lighting.

These shaded vanity lights are versatile. Moreover, their clear glass shades maintain the powder room’s bright feeling effortlessly.

Here, the vanity lights generate a sense of visual balance. Since their finish complements the mirror’s frame, the powder room seems casual and stylish.

2. Trendy Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

Long vanities and large mirrors definitely require a few vanity lights. This spa-like bathroom, for example, employs a double sink vanity. Furthermore, the metallic vanity light bars create a classic look.

Each vanity light bar comes with two lamps. In addition to delivering a bright glow, they also fit in with the crisp white mirror frame.

The silver vanity light bars illuminate the double sink vanity excellently. They preserve the visual symmetry of the luxury bathroom, too.

3. Nautical-Inspired Bathroom Lights Over Mirrors

Spacious powder rooms surely call for 2 or 3 lights over vanity mirrors. In this photo, nautical cage sconces lend the interior a restoration industrial edge. Moreover, they infuse a somewhat rugged look.

The three cage vanity lights blend seamlessly with the dark backdrop. Apart from emitting a calm glow, they accent the black metal hardware.

As you see, the cage sconces contrast with the grasscloth mirror. Additionally, they brighten up the opulent double sink vanity.

4. Modern Vanity Light Bars for Bathroom Mirrors

Talking about bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors, consider these modern vanity light bars. They complement the huge mirror perfectly.

Here, the streamlined vanity lights emphasize the clean lines of the mirror. Furthermore, their soft glow contrasts with the gray-painted backdrop.

As the photo shows, sleek vanity light bars ensures the floating, double-sink vanity doesn’t become gloomy. Additionally, they emanate a sense of balance.

5. Retro Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

This is another powder room with a double-sink vanity. The dark-toned wooden bathroom mirrors and metallic wall sconces produce a spectacular juxtaposition.

The wall sconces infuse the powder room with a retro flair. Moreover, their frosted glass shades keep things serene and welcoming.

Due to the retro wall sconces, the whole powder room seems balanced. Apart from illuminating oval sinks and rectangular mirrors, they let a couple do self-care tasks together.

6. Victorian Bathroom Lights Above a Mirror

This is one of the remarkable pictures of vanity lights over mirrors. Here, the shabby chic wooden vanity accommodates rattan storage baskets underneath. Furthermore, it calls attention to the ornate vintage mirror.

As you see, vanity light bars come with multiple lamps. In addition, they invite Victorian vibes into the powder room.

Speaking of the placement of vanity light over mirrors, these lights don’t extend beyond the wooden vanity. Due to them, the interior doesn’t lack visual balance at all.

7. Small Bathroom Mirror and Lighting Ideas

Need impressive bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors? If yes, just implement this option. The slim vanity light allows you to do style your hair or apply makeup. Also, its gray finish fits in with other elements.

Contemporary wall sconces under the vanity light bar flank the somewhat small mirror. Moreover, they cast even illumination across the head and face. Lastly, those light fixtures bring the bathroom together by accentuating pink details.

8. Chic Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

Single vanity lights are suitable for compact bathrooms with narrow mirrors. This space, for example, has a couple of tiny streamlined sconces. They accompany full-length mirrors perfectly while creating a modern edge.

Since the vanity comes with circular sinks, it keeps morning fights at bay. Furthermore, the simple wall sconces highlight the narrow yet trendy mirrors. Also, their warm glow balances out the white backdrop while offering task lighting.

9. Vintage Vibes

The silver 3-light wall sconce harmonizes with the soft gray background. Moreover, it brightens up the white rectangular mirror and vanity top.

This is one of the clever bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors. The homeowner chose to center the wall sconce above the rectangular sink for a balanced look.

As the photo shows, the metallic three-light wall sconce carries a vintage feel. No surprise, it pairs well with nearby white shelves. Meanwhile, pops of exuberant orange ensure the bathroom doesn’t look lusterless.

10. Tube Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

If your bathing area isn’t massive, try installing a tube light above the narrow mirror. Here, the single wall sconce suits the interior perfectly. In addition to keeping things sleek, it also delivers a bright glow.

The tube wall sconce softens the look of the vanity and mirror. It blends with the stark white wall in a seamless way, too.

Despite its simple look, the single wall sconce enables you to do a few chores comfortably. Meanwhile, the vinyl floor and under-the-vanity wicker baskets balance out its coldness.

11. Cylindrical and Charming

The warm gray backdrop emphasizes the metallic vanity light bar. Moreover, it features three cylindrical lamps for more even illumination.

As you see, the silver vanity light bar is a glam contrast to the black mirror. Not only does it allow for self-care tasks, but also ooze contemporary charm.

The 3-light wall sconce keeps the space bright. In addition, the LED vanity mirror boasts a speaker while offering extra task lighting.

12. French Country Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

This powder room is equal parts elegant, tranquil, and sumptuous. There are two vanity light bars above gorgeous rectangular mirrors. Furthermore, they imbue the scene with a French country aesthetic.

Since vintage wall sconces introduce a relaxing glow, they fit in with the beige backdrop. Also, they direct the homeowner’s eye to the granite double sink vanity. Moreover, the narrow window and orchid keep things balanced.

13. Bathroom Lights for Mirror Cabinets

There are numerous bathroom light ideas over mirrors, but these instantly draw my attention. The silver wall lights seem attractive. Moreover, they look astonishing against the light taupe backdrop.

As you see, vanity light bars are wider than wooden mirror cabinets. However, the fixtures still produce a glam, balanced look since they aren’t longer than the black-top double sink vanity. Meanwhile, red accent pieces complement the warmth of the wood.

14. Single Yet Practical

If your space isn’t enormous, consider bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors. Here, the tube wall sconce lends the spa-inspired bathroom a retro flair. Also, it ensures the interior stays sleek and inviting.

The slim double vanity is on the vintage side. Meanwhile, the built-in cabinetry features a couple of narrow mirrors. Lastly, the tube wall sconce above recessed shelves maintains the bathroom’s visual symmetry.

15. Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors with Downlights

Without a doubt, huge mirrors need multiple lights. This magnificent powder room, for example, features a few downlights above the dark wood vanity and toilet.

Tiny downlights accent the massive, built-in bathroom mirror. Apart from radiating a modern ambiance, they illuminate the shelf with a jar full of beach ornaments.

16. Bathroom Lighting Over Round Mirrors

If you need splendid bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors, this option is the answer. The silvery gray and red cage vanity lights produce a nautical look in seconds.

The cage wall sconces above circular mirrors carry a touch of playfulness. Moreover, navy and red accent pieces perk the kids’ bathroom up.

17. Ultra-Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

This compact bathroom boasts a floating wooden vanity. The narrow mirror complements the striped taupe backdrop excellently.

The sleek vanity light fabulously mimics the drawer handles of the vanity. It highlights the small bathroom mirror for an uber-modern feel, too.

18. Wall Sconces Are Your Friends

Undoubtedly, multiple bathroom lights are perfect for long vanities. Here, four silver wall sconces ensure the double sink vanity receives proper illumination.

Due to vintage sconces, the homeowner and his spouse can do some hairstyling together. Also, they emphasize the wooden vanity and mirror. Lastly, botanical-inspired accents evoke visual cohesion.

19. Striking Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

This powder room is compact but charming. The mirror cabinet emphasizes the white square sink while expanding the space.

Above the small mirror is a vanity light bar. In addition to delivering a futuristic look, it lets the homeowner perform daily self-care chores. The fixture lends the primarily white powder room a warm ambiance, too.

20. All About Balance

I can’t help but swoon over this bright attic bathroom. The marble-top vanity fits in with penny tiles that adorn the flooring while evoking visual continuity.

The vanity light bar hangs on the wall over the square mirror. Also, it keeps things balanced and produces a serene glow. Moreover, its two cylindrical lamps balance out both rectangular and square pieces.

21. Organized and Sophisticated

Speaking of bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors, consider the sizes of your vanity and mirror. That way, the space won’t lack proper illumination and balance.

This long, floating double sink vanity highlights the full-width mirror. Furthermore, the homeowner mounted streamlined wall lights above the sinks. They suit the modern aesthetic of the spa-like bathroom perfectly.

22. Multiple Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

This bathroom is suitable for nature lovers. The massive window and a stone feature wall allow the homeowner to enjoy outdoor elements indoors.

The streamlined white vanity comes with a rectangular sink that boasts two faucets. Furthermore, multiple wall lights offer warm task lighting and soften the look.

23. Bath Sconces for Bathroom Mirrors

If you’re a spa enthusiast, this look is worth replicating. The concrete bathtub injects an urban feel and a tranquil ambiance.

Circular wall lights clash with clean lines of the mirror, tub, and sinks. In addition, their soft glow accompanies the long wooden vanity well.

24. Glam and Elegant

Instead of installing a full-width mirror, the homeowner opted for two narrow mirrors. Their black wooden frames deliver style and drama.

The silver 3-light wall sconces above mirrors flank the white window shutter. Not only do they provide an extra touch of opulence but also keep the powder room inviting.

25. Understated Yet Practical

This bathroom embraces marble at its best. Here, the material adorns the flooring, vanity top, and walls while emanating a luxurious feel.

There are narrow mirrors over the vanity on both sides of the window. Moreover, tube wall lights above them offset their sharp edges.

26. Shape Does Matter

Although this bathroom isn’t enormous, it’s not short on style. Oval mirrors excellently mimic the white sinks while reflecting the light.

Three stunning wall sconces with frosted glass shades deliver elegance. Furthermore, they lend the shabby chic bathroom flattering illumination.

27. The More the Better

If you happen to have a massive bathroom, try this look. Here, the wall-to-wall vanity features two rectangular sinks. Moreover, the mirrors are as wide as it.

Each of the vanity light bars employs five contemporary lamps. Apart from representing a contemporary aesthetic, they keep the large bathroom airy.

28. Focus on Proportion

Need some terrific bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors? Don’t hesitate to recreate this look. The powder room features two white vanities of different sizes that maximize the space.

Two sets of traditional wall sconces above a mirror illuminate the long vanity. Meanwhile, a set of sconces brightens up the smaller one.

29. Cube Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

I admire this airy and sophisticated spa-inspired bathroom. The white double sink vanity contrasts with the black full-width mirror.

Three cube wall sconces above the mirror introduce a balanced look. Also, their metallic finish harmonizes with the silver oriental stool and hardware.

In short, having proper task lighting is crucial. Furthermore, vanity lights do not only provide function but also specific style. They allow for self-care chores, too. Pick any of my bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors that fit your space.

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