31 Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas That’ll Mesmerize You

Regardless of the decor styles, blue vanities are a spectacular complement to bathing areas. Not only do they portray ultimate relaxation but also calmness. If you admire them, have a look at some inspiring blue vanity bathroom ideas below.

Undoubtedly, bathroom decorating ideas with blue vanities are limitless. Furthermore, you can marry them with warm colors, cool hues, or neutrals. For sure, each color pairing produces a specific ambiance.

The blue vanity lets you integrate accents of copper, gold, or silver. In addition, it fits in with natural stone elements. Without further ado, here are some bodacious bathroom photos that feature blue vanities.

1. Powder Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Who doesn’t fall for this modern farmhouse bathroom? Marble tiles of different shapes make things appear glam. Due to the strategic placement of gold accents, the interior gets more welcoming and brighter.

Here, the powder blue bathroom vanity purifies the soul quickly while keeping things in place. Meanwhile, the glass globe vase and greenery temper straight lines.

2. Blue Bathroom Vanity with Black Hardware

This small nautical bathroom is worth replicating. The muted navy vanity comes with black drawer handles for sophisticated drama. Because of it, the interior seems phenomenal.

The white granite vanity top and walls convey openness. Meanwhile, the square black mirror frame and faucets deliver visual depth.

In this room, the shiplap wall and cage sconces enhance the nautical feel. Furthermore, fake plants and pots of different sizes embrace a casual look.

3. Transitional Bathroom with a Blue Vanity

If you’re into light blue bathroom cabinets, steal this idea. The sky blue vanity maintains the interior’s airy look while brightening up the space.

The striking floral wallpaper titivates the upper part of the walls. Moreover, off-white subway and hexagon tiles let it shine. A stalk of fresh flowers generates cohesion, while the gorgeous mirror and pearly white sconces satisfy the eye.

4. Turquoise Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Fan of jewel tones? If so, consider investing in a turquoise blue bathroom cabinet. Here, it makes the entire scene cheerful. The bright white top and angular silver handles enable the unit to be the highlight.

Turquoise rectangular tiles of the accent wall deliver extra lively energy. Meanwhile, deep sinks, minimalist mirrors, and streamlined vanity lights provide visual symmetry.

The warm-toned details offset cool elements. Furthermore, the mismatched greenery and glass vases attract attention.

5. Stone Blue-Painted Vanity for Bathrooms

This long, stone blue vanity features a lower shelf for towel baskets. Furthermore, it generates a statement and accommodates a few sinks.

The stone blue mirror frame and molding complement the statement vanity. Meanwhile, the autumnal foliage, wooden paneling, and beige marble tiles ditch the cold feeling.

Due to the mirror, white ceiling, and transparent glass sconces, the interior doesn’t become heavy. Also, the multitone marble vanity top creates cohesion.

6. Blue Cabinet Bathroom Ideas with Orange Accents

Need blue vanity bathroom ideas? Just recreate the bathing area above. The light blue cabinet fits in seamlessly with the vintage fish wallpaper. It boasts a crisp white, rectangular sink with two faucets, too.

The orange Capri mirror lends this children’s bathroom style and cozy vibes. Thanks to glass globe wall lights, the scene doesn’t feel dingy.

Here, personalized step stools embrace orange accents while generating a cohesive look. Due to them, kids can use the bathroom comfortably.

7. Navy Blue Vanity Ideas for Bathrooms

Speaking of blue vanity bathroom ideas, consider dark shades like navy. In this bathing area, the dramatic hue makes the narrow cabinet a centerpiece.

Gray-blue wall and floor tiles coordinate with the navy vanity perfectly. Meanwhile, circular hammered drawer knobs, blooms, and golden cylindrical sconces offset straight lines.

The patterned mirror and white ceiling convey spaciousness. Moreover, the golden towel rack and midnight blue towels produce a swoon-worthy juxtaposition.

8. Steel Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

The dark steel blue vanity lends the interior a sensational look. Since it includes a marble top and sink, the powder room appears more graceful.

Thanks to deep brown flooring, the scene doesn’t lack some warmth and depth. Moreover, the fabulous wallpaper offers beauty and serenity.

With details of gold and brass, the powder room gets sumptuous. Lastly, the oval mirror and frosted glass wall lights make things seem softer.

9. Eclectic Bathroom with a Blue Vanity

Here, the muted liberty blue vanity is expansive. Moreover, it employs a stark white top, open shelving, and two deep sinks. Meanwhile, tiny herringbone vinyl tiles draw the eye while emphasizing the statement vanity.

The flower jug and black sconces carry a retro feel. Additionally, the two-tone stool and wicker planters emanate mid-century modernism.

10. Cool Colors Unite

This is one of the fabulous blue vanity bathroom ideas. The stone blue cabinet and mirror frame invite depth into the interior.

The gray wall, white vanity top, and ceiling keep the environment airy. Furthermore, the two-tone country window blind and orchid infuse visual interest. Due to circular sconces, multiple rectangular mirrors look softer.

11. Carolina Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

The ivory white walls impart this powder room with a dose of serenity. They provide a subtle backdrop for metallic vanity lights and voluminous flowers, too.

Due to the Carolina blue vanity, the space feels both lively and light. Meanwhile, little yet glam knobs adorn it while portraying visual continuity.

The full-length mirror stops the powder room from being confined. Moreover, the striped towel and vanity ornaments finish things off.

12. White Bathroom with Navy Vanity Ideas

Can you take your eyes off of this navy blue bathroom vanity? To be honest, I can’t. In addition to generating a trendy look, it also keeps the interior attractive. Meanwhile, streamlined brass drawer handles add a stunning contrast.

The chevron removable wallpaper lends the space personality. Furthermore, the black planter, towel ladder, faucet, and minimalist mirror frame carry a bit of drama. Hints of gold and wood offset cold decor elements.

13. Bodacious Blue

Blue dominates this contemporary bathroom. The navy vanity anchors the light gray marble top and white sinks. Glossy tiles and walls embrace calm blue shades.

The stark white window shutter brings both breeze and daylight. Round mirrors and rectangular tiles generate a terrific juxtaposition.

Here, the deep green leaf and golden vase introduce extra touches of color. Moreover, the concrete flooring accents the bold blue vanity.

14. Teal Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

With plenty of blue vanity bathroom ideas, you have endless color combinations. Here, the teal blue floating cabinet and shelf shine marvelously, thanks to the gray marble backdrop.

The herringbone marble-look flooring anchors the oval white freestanding bathtub. Also, the pale beige upper walls keep the scene welcoming.

The wall art and rounded rectangular mirror complement the walls. Meanwhile, the stunning orchid and multicolored geometric planter jazz things up.

15. Airy and Welcoming

This is one of the remarkable cornflower blue vanity bathroom ideas. The cabinet imbues the scene with an air of cheerfulness. After seeing it, I guarantee you feel uplifted.

The white vanity top and subtle gray walls ensure the space won’t lose its airy feeling. Here, the greenery in a tall vase adds height and life. Lastly, blonde wood wall panels balance out metallic hardware and conical sconces.

16. Azure Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

The azure blue vanity becomes a breath of fresh air in this space. Not only does it punch up the interior but also depicts playfulness.

As you see, the luxury marble vanity top holds simple white sinks. Furthermore, monochromatic sconces and elongated wooden mirrors produce a balanced look. Touches of pastel orange, greenery, and yellow make the scene feel more dynamic.

17. Midnight Blue Vanity for Bathrooms

Without the midnight blue vanity and vase, this bathroom would look flat. As you see, they introduce some characters and drama at once.

The bare wooden stool and soft white walls keep the midnight blue vanity from being overwhelming. Meanwhile, the potted greenery and sprigs of white flowers depict liveliness.

18. Attic Bathroom with a Blue Vanity

I admire the airy nuance the pale gray walls generate here. Because of the indigo blue vanity, the interior seems sophisticated and sensational.

The marble-covered elements elevate the bathroom. Furthermore, the rust orange vase and gold accents carve an intimate look.

19. Shower Tile with Blue Vanity Ideas

Talking about blue vanity bathroom ideas, consider including navy in the interior. The cabinet accentuates the beauty of the terrazzo top here.

Because of the glass partition wall and mirror, this bathroom can afford spaciousness. Geometric tiles modernize the space, while warm-toned details keep things cozy.

20. Charming and Coastal

A muted navy vanity is all it takes to have a phenomenal bathroom. Meanwhile, golden touches ensure the interior receives a proper dose of refinement.

Marble subway tiles complement the narrow bathtub. Moreover, the subtle shiplap wall and framed starfish artwork offer coastal vibes.

21. Baby Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

The baby blue vanity and mirror frame impart cheer. Furthermore, wood-look walls frame them while carrying an air of coziness.

This bathroom seems lighter and more open due to the clean white vanity top. Also, the flooring and shower walls embrace different, relaxing tones.

22. Chic and Captivating

As you see, the Carolina blue vanity poses as a centerpiece. Meanwhile, the blue floral wallpaper unifies the scene while delivering some elegance.

The mirrored mirror and glass wall lights brighten the space. Moreover, the small painting, striped vase, and flowers imbue some visual appeal.

23. Compact Yet Characterful

Here, the teal blue vanity boasts acrylic knobs. Apart from conveying stylishness, it guides the eye to the printed vinyl flooring underneath.

Subway tiles of warm neutrals introduce both continuity and balance. Furthermore, glass shower doors offset the teal mirror frame and black details.

24. Pigeon Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

I adore how magnificent the bathroom is. The pigeon blue vanity invites some depth while making dainty acrylic drawer knobs more visible.

This space has visual symmetry because of the matching upper cabinet, vintage wooden mirrors, and glass sconces. Meanwhile, the yellow orchid punctuates the space.

25. Contemporary Charm

Here, the bathroom feels equal parts feminine and stylish. The long, pastel blue vanity brings the otherwise basic interior to life.

Due to the crystal chandelier and floral arrangements, everything looks softer. Furthermore, elongated octagon mirrors with gold and black frames behave as centerpieces.

26. Bold Vs. Subtle

If you need impressive blue vanity bathroom ideas, consider recreating this interior. The white-top navy vanity introduces visual contrast and drama.

The soft white towel basket, round wall light, and flowers temper hard edges. Meanwhile, the two-tone window blind preserves the bathroom’s cohesive feeling.

27. Tiny Yet Impactful

There are lots of fantastic blue vanity bathroom ideas. Here, the small vanity reminds me of the night sky while oozing sophistication.

The square mirror, white vanity top, and pale gray walls stop the area from being smaller. Furthermore, the yellow orchid and minimalist blonde wood shelving make things balanced.

28. Slate Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Despite becoming minimalist, this bathing area still feels homey. Blonde wood elements temper the black marble-look walls.

Here, the slate blue vanity produces an urban vibe while delivering a touch of color. Additionally, the mirror and angular ceiling lights open up the space.

29. Peaceful But Pleasing

Talking about bathrooms with blue vanities, try going for something subtle. Here, the periwinkle blue cabinet soothes the soul.

Since there are pops of contemporary patterns, the room looks more bodacious. Meanwhile, hydrangeas and cheerful pastel hues radiate more energy.

30. Silver Meets Steel Blue

I wish this charming contemporary bathroom was mine. The steel blue vanity and feature wall elevate the interior while maintaining peaceful vibes.

The silver towel holder, stylish vanity lights, and drawer handles accentuate steel blue elements. Furthermore, the plant and burlap window blind produce a cozy look.

31. Deal with Teal

The teal vanity and textured rug carry a generous dose of drama. Since the room boasts botanical wallpapered walls, everything looks cohesive and gorgeous.

Pristine white surfaces temper the gold hardware, mirror, and statue. Because of the beige wall and floor tiles, the interior doesn’t get cold. Transparent glass screens define the shower room while embracing airiness.

In short, blue vanities offer outstanding versatility. Also, no matter how petite the units are, they still produce a desirable visual impact. With those 31 terrific blue vanity bathroom ideas, you shouldn’t hesitate to create your dream scheme.

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