30 Bath Shower Combo Ideas That’ll Tempt You

If your space and funds are limited, consider these superb bath shower combo ideas. Moreover, having an integrated shower room and bathtub lets you save some cash. In addition, it increases the home’s retail value in the future.

The shower bath combo enables homeowners to have the best of both worlds. Furthermore, it evokes a sense of freedom.

Without a doubt, the tub is an excellent way of unwinding after a stressful day. Meanwhile, the shower allows for hassle-free and fun bath time. Here, I’ve collected some fabulous bathrooms that do double duty.

1. Bathtub Shower Combo Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Need small bathtub shower combo ideas? If yes, replicate this bathroom. The built-in tub maximizes the corner space. Due to its compact appearance, the interior doesn’t feel confined at all.

The gray walls and herringbone subway tiles open up the space. Meanwhile, the black iron shower offers a bit of drama.

The drawers of the tiny vanity keep things organized. Furthermore, the oval mirror, greenery, and contemporary sconces round out the interior.

2. Victorian Bath Shower Combo Ideas

This is one of the astounding bathroom shower combo ideas. The square and rectangular tiles come in crisp white. Apart from lightening the space, they introduce visual details and a sense of simplicity.

Here, the traditional clawfoot tub, shower, and sheer curtains inspire complete elegance. Moreover, the pedestal sink complements the graceful mirror. Lastly, black accents carry a hint of drama.

3. Modern Bath Shower Combo Design Ideas

The homeowner coated the floor and walls with wood-look tiles. In addition to offering a touch of warmth, they subtly contrast with the floating toilet and vanity.

As you see, the silver rain shower and built-in bathtub cleverly make the most of the space. Meanwhile, the glass partition wall defines the space.

The mirror and open shelf represent modern chic. Due to pastel hues, the primarily white space doesn’t feel boring.

4. Small Bath Shower Combo Ideas with Gold Accents

Here, square tiles in neutral shades dominate the space. Furthermore, they make the homeowner feel at ease instantly while evoking retro vibes.

The narrow tub and rain shower optimize available space. Because of brass and gold details, the interior doesn’t lack glam.

The rounded rectangular mirror and wall sconce emphasize the retro aesthetic. Meanwhile, the simple wooden vanity houses the white sink and lets the terrazzo floor shine.

5. Go Tropical

Speaking of unique bathroom shower combo ideas, this look is worth copying. The tropical-themed wallpaper and sky blue walls energize the room.

Large concrete tiles create an urban statement. Moreover, they generate an image of a spacious and stylish space in seconds.

The window lets the homeowner enjoy some breeze while soaking in the slim, built-in tub. Also, dried flowers titivate the floating vanity. Lastly, round sconces complement the oversized wall mirror.

6. Bath Shower Combo Ideas with Vinyl Tiles

The soft white tiles embrace the tub-to-ceiling layout. In addition, they allow the tiny bathroom to feel bigger while offering an inviting scene.

Here, the black vanity and navy feature wall carry some depth. Furthermore, the geometric-patterned vinyl tiles emanate modernity.

The glass partition wall and mirror inspire airiness. Globe lights balance out the square shower and rectangular window excellently.

7. Peaceful Yet Playful

If you’re into bath shower combo ideas, replicate this look. Oversized rectangular and penny tiles create an alluring juxtaposition.

I can’t help but adore this modern tub shower combo idea. The wood-effect vinyl wallpaper spruces up the upper half of the walls in this bathing area.

The wooden ladder shelf lets you access linens with ease. Meanwhile, the blue sink and balloon pendants offer a touch of playfulness. Since the bathing area boasts black details, it gets more appealing.

8. Attic Bath Shower Combo Ideas

I believe this luxury tub shower combo leaves you speechless. The striking printed vinyl tiles bring the attic bathing area to the next level.

The glass screen separates the built-in bathtub from the vanity. Meanwhile, the bright white sink, ceiling, and wall make the interior appear higher.

Gold accent pieces represent ultimate opulence. The wall sconces are things of beauty here. Also, they deliver some elegance to the bathing area. Meanwhile, the patterned shower niche and muted blue vanity keep things in place.

9. Say Yes to Ombre Effects

Speaking of jetted tub shower combo ideas, consider this option. The statement walls of the shower room boast an ombre effect. They call attention to the compact yet comfy bathtub.

The black ceiling ensures the bathing area doesn’t lack visual depth. Despite its small size, the window over the toilet brings in some breeze.

Hexagon tiles provide a modern edge. In addition, the sleek glass screen creates some definition. The striped towel and greenery adorn the tiny bathing area.

10. Oversized Tub Shower Combo

There’s a slew of bath shower combo ideas, but this one astonishes me instantly. The pure white ceiling, pedestal sink, and wall panels brighten up the interior.

The deep purple Victorian tub and soft pink walls produce a feminine edge. Additionally, due to them, the whole bathing area doesn’t seem flat.

Here, the stark mantel accommodates the attractive mirror and vase. Meanwhile, the metallic shower fixtures create images of Victorian England.

11. Bath Shower Combo Ideas with Touches of Green

The marble vanity top and built-in bathtub deliver sophisticated grace. Furthermore, they let the interior bathe in modern glamor.

This bathing area features a white-painted door, window, and wall panels. In addition, they lend an air of simplicity while emanating openness.

Retro square tiles keep things from looking too bland. Moreover, the wooden vanity and brass details warm the scene up. Lastly, the greenery and emerald green floor tiles perk up the entire room.

12. Deep Soaking Tub Shower Combo

Need some marvelous bath shower combo ideas? If yes, implement this look. The rectangular tiles of varying pink shades beautify the tub, ceiling, and walls. Apart from evoking beauty, they make the interior far from monotonous.

The gray vanity does not only introduce details but also calms the homeowner’s soul. Also, it holds a green glass vase and a rounded rectangular sink. Meanwhile, retro vinyl tiles and exquisite blooms are the highlights of this bathing area.

13. Bath Shower Combo Ideas with a Double Sink Vanity

This primarily white bathing area is far from sterile, thanks to multitone subway tiles. In addition to emanating contemporary vibes, they keep things serene.

The tub is a perfect spot to while away the hours. Meanwhile, the double sink vanity lets the homeowner use the bathroom with her spouse.

Here, the mirror does not only bring dimension but also bounces the light. Lastly, shower niches of different shapes provide display space.

14. Wood Works Wonder

The long, built-in tub is simple. However, it allows the homeowner to unwind after a tedious day. Meanwhile, white hexagon tiles with similar grouts represent seamlessness. Furthermore, the black square ones invite drama into the space.

Due to the glass partition wall and mirrors, the bathing area gets brighter. The wooden vanity and shelving carry serious warmth, while blue details spice things up.

15. Ultra-Modern and Magnificent

The marble bathtub and walls make the bathing area look superb. In addition, they ensure the interior receives pure beauty and elegance.

The circular mirror contrasts with rectangular, wood-look tiles. Moreover, pale gray rolled towels on top of the white vanity top generate a spa-like aura.

I think it’s one of the trendy bath shower combo ideas. The accent lighting, glass partition wall, and boho ornaments complete this space.

16. Minimal But Mesmerizing

If your space isn’t enormous, this is one of the bath shower combo ideas to replicate. Crisp white dominates the interior while preserving the airy feeling.

The sheer curtain lends the bathing area a hint of ethereal beauty. Meanwhile, the vintage mirror, faux greenery, and patterned vinyl flooring ensure the room doesn’t become basic.

17. Corner Bathtub Shower Combo Ideas with Penny Tiles

The showerhead, sconce, and pendant embrace a retro aesthetic. Moreover, the dark brown tub panel and taupe glass-front vanity make the space look soothing.

Hexagon penny tiles titivate the floor and walls here. Not only do they modernize the bathing area, but also provide visual details.

18. Modern Bohemian Bath Shower Combo Ideas

Thanks to elongated hexagon tiles, the ceiling looks higher. Meanwhile, black accent pieces emanate a sense of continuity.

The streamlined corner tub and vanity deliver a touch of modern simplicity. Furthermore, the macrame curtain, bamboo storage box, and greenery deliver a bohemian edge.

19. Gray Meets Gold

This bathing area is equal parts classy, calm, and opulent. Square tiles of different gray shades ooze serenity while lending the interior visual appeal.

The vintage sink, monochromatic wallpaper, and contemporary sconces deliver some character. Moreover, gorgeous gold accent pieces keep things glam.

20. Two Is Better Than One

Those who live in small spaces could benefit from bath shower combo ideas. The vertical layout of tiles on the tub and walls elongates the space.

Round mirrors and oval sinks ensure the homeowner doesn’t fight over bathroom time. Meanwhile, the plant and multicolored towel inspire liveliness.

21. Rustic Yet Elegant

This attic bathing area is nothing short of astonishing. Moreover, reclaimed wood beams deliver rustic beauty and warmth at once.

The pastel pink clawfoot tub and curtains provide a touch of elegance. Additionally, the greenery, navy flooring, and botanical window blind invigorate the room. Copper and gold details finish things off.

22. Bath Shower Combo Ideas with Deep Navy Accents

Limited space? Fear not! Just duplicate this look. White’s dominance ensures the bathing area feels airy and bright. Meanwhile, dark navy tiles carry some boldness.

The gray vanity and striped curtain produce a serene aura. Moreover, the clawfoot tub and sconces impart opulence.

23. Relaxing and Trendy

This modern bathroom is complete with a rain shower head and a corner tub. Moreover, vertical stacks of pale gray rectangular tiles keep the ceiling from looking low.

The vinyl flooring introduces visual interest while fitting in with the tub and tiles. Due to the wooden towel rack and vanity, the interior isn’t bare.

24. Black Is Back

Need sophisticated bath shower combo ideas? This option is perfect for luxury lovers. The black clawfoot tub, towel, and walls evoke timeless sophistication.

The wooden triple-hung window and vanity ooze warmth. Meanwhile, the patterned flooring, window film, and mirror complete the Victorian look.

25. Contemporary Bath Shower Combo Ideas

Rectangular and square tiles keep things from appearing too basic. Here, they contrast with the black shower head, too.

The built-in bathtub lets you relax after a stressful day’s work. Meanwhile, the pink planter and statement houseplant bring in touches of color.

26. All About Juxtapositions

Here, black marble tiles are an impressive contrast to the white bathtub and walls. The wooden ladder towel rack and vanity add some warmth.

The juxtaposition between the glass screen and the oval jute rug is excellent. Also, the cylindrical stool and brass details round things out.

27. Timeless Neutrals

Just because the space isn’t massive doesn’t mean it should lack drama. The black shower screen frame, stool, tiles, and towel bars impart some depth.

The clawfoot tub ties the interior together. Meanwhile, white square and rectangular wall tiles ensure the bathing area doesn’t look gloomy.

28. Green and Gold

Talking about bath shower combo ideas, this art deco bathing area is worth duplicating. Green high-gloss tiles liven up the scene while delivering opulence.

Marble penny tiles and gold details carry a touch of magnificence instantly. Furthermore, the intricate elements of the sink and walls look superb.

29. Classic Yet Not Basic

Who says black and white combos look blah? If you integrate those neutrals right, the space will appear stylish and sophisticated.

The off-white square tiles emphasize statement greenery and striped towels. Meanwhile, the wooden vinyl flooring keeps the scene welcoming.

30. Bright and Tranquil

Gray walls and concrete tiles clash with the white bathtub and molding. Meanwhile, the metal sliding shower screen introduces a bit of drama.

Here, the white shower niche and subway tiles freshen up the bathing area. Due to the deep gray vanity and two-tier wooden stool, the interior feels balanced.

Hopefully, those fantastic bath shower combo ideas encourage you to do a bathroom remodel. Before doing so, you should bear the available space and funds in your mind. Then, pick the design that meets your taste.

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