28 Outstanding Small Back Porch Ideas for Any House Style

Some of the best small back porch ideas will allow you to put various functions into this outdoor space.
Although you only have a narrow area, it should not stop you from building one.

You can check out the following 28 ideas to turn your small back porch into an amazing and practical outdoor space.

1. Semi Indoor Back Porch

Although you have limited space, you can get a functional back porch. While you can create it either fully outdoor or indoor, this example offers you the semi indoor one.

You can drag any furniture that you want without worrying about any damage due to the weather. The key is using the glass sliding door.

2. Cozy Small Back Porch

The key to small back porch ideas is the furniture that you use. Therefore, create a cozy corner with the right furnishing.

You can place the L-shaped sofa in small size and add two to three chairs with a rounded table in the middle of it.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Back Porch

If you cannot choose between indoor or outdoor back porch, you can build both of them. It will be perfect for the long backspace that you have.

Then, you can divide it into two spaces with a scale of 2:1. A scale of 2 is for the indoor porch and a scale of 1 is for the outdoor one.

This is one of the most brilliant small back porch ideas since you can get the best of both indoor and outdoor space at the same time.

4. Small Back Porch “As You Want”

If you have a hard time deciding which concept will be used for your porch, the solution is just to put anything that you want on your back porch.

The important thing for the back porch is the sitting corner, so you have to place some chairs or sofa that you have.

You can also add some ornaments in outstanding colors, like sky blue for the ceiling and red for a table.

5. Indoor Back Porch

An indoor back porch is the easiest choice since you do not need to think more about furniture. The outdoor furniture must be more resistant to the weather and the price must be higher.

However, you can spend your expense on furniture for the indoor porch.

For the indoor porch, it is better to install big windows so it will not be stuffy. Then, place a set of chairs near the window.

6. All White Aisle Porch

For clean and neat small back porch ideas, you can get the all-white concept for your back porch. Moreover, this color helps your small aisle-like porch look bigger.

Apply this white hue to the wall and furniture. Meanwhile, you can choose a natural wood color for the floor.

7. Small Back Porch Ideas on the Second Floor

Most small back porches are on the first floor. However, you can also build one on your second floor. The concept is not too different.

You have just to make sure that you choose the right concept. For small spaces, using the L-shape sofas or chairs is the best one. It will save more space.

On the other hand, you can also build long chairs from the used woods that you have. It will look more attractive.

8. Indoor Wooden Back Porch

For some people, staying indoors is the best comfort zone. For the back porch, you can even make it indoor.

To avoid the stuffiness, do not choose big and extravagant furniture. You only need to place a small sofa with two to three chairs. Just let your porch have more space.

Then, install as many windows as you can or get a big sliding door formed by the glass.

9. Green Tropical Back Porch

Knowing some small back porch ideas must be an advantage. However, you do not need to add many ornaments to make it looks attractive.

Just grab a set of sofa with an outstanding green leaves pattern on it. Then, place a set of chairs with a table near a window in black color.

10. Blue Minimalist Back Porch

You can build your porch with the color that you like the most, like blue. If there is an existing deck or patio, using the floor that you already have will save some money.

If you wish to build the new one, the recommended one will be the wooden floors which have neutral and natural colors.

For the furniture, you can place the white color.

After that, you can install blue color for the wall, cushion, and any small ornaments. It will make your porch warm but you still get the color of blue that you like the most in that corner.

11. Backyard Porch Ideas with Classic Sofas

You need to take a focal point on the furniture and ornaments. You can place a webbing classic sofa that will make your porch look warm.

Before that, you can install a patterned area rug to cover the floor. It will help you to not take much effort to decorate your back porch.

12. Indoor Family Friendly Porch

On some occasions, it needs a corner where you can gather around with your family members.

Besides the dining room or living room, now you can have a new spot to spend your time with your whole family.

Since this porch is for gathering, you need to place a big sofa with some chairs. However, you can buy two to three different sets for sitting.

Moreover, it is better for having full glasses windows and doors.

13. Sage Woods Back Porch

Lately, sage is the most popular color from the end of 2021 to early 2022. The color is soft but still outstanding, so you can apply it in any space including the back porch.

In this beautiful back porch, the sage green becomes an ornament while the basic tone is the wood.

14. Affordable Small Back Porch

If you have only a small space for your back porch, you do not need to think harder. Just place a couple of chairs with a table.

Then, arrange some plants across the sitting place. It will save your budget and even be one of the simple back porch ideas.

15. White Tropical Outdoor Back porch

Although you have a tiny space and do not have any intention to build up an indoor porch, this one of the small back porch ideas may make you think twice.

You do not need to build walls since the concept is outdoors. Moreover, installing a new floor is necessary.

Just let the pattern or use the concrete as the surface. Then, add a mat that has an outstanding pattern in a neutral color.

Do not forget the white sofa and a small table in the middle of it. You can add any ornaments that you like to make it more attractive.

16. Classic and Warm Small Back Porch

One of the best small back porch ideas is the classic concept. Although the concept is classic, it will never get old at all.

You can place some cushions on the sofa and add small plants and flowers to the pot. It will be warm but outstanding at the same time.

You can also install a string light surrounding the porch. It will make your porch look romantic at night.

17. Cafe-Like Back Porch

This back porch idea is the most suitable one for your limited space. Installing a window with a door and building the wall is not necessary.

Just use the foldable roof like in the cafe. Then, use the two-seat sofa and chair. Do not forget a table for your coffee.

18. Patterned Small Back Porch

You cannot go wrong with doing a mix and match of patterns. Some of them are even born to be side to side.

This is one of the small back porch ideas that combines some different patterns in one space. The first pattern is on the floor.

You can get that brick pattern for your floor.

Then, use the brick in different shapes and colors for your wallpaper. The color should be the opposite. After that, add a pattern mat that has a contrasting color with the flooring.

Furthermore, you can add neon green patterned cushions to the sofa. For additional ornaments, hang around some fake flowers on the back of your sofa.

19. Conical Back Porch

The conical area is the trickiest corner in a house. It should take the right concept and furniture to make it look large and fresh.

If the conical area is in the corner of your house, you can build an indoor porch on it. This is one of the amazing small back porch ideas since the unusual shape of the area.

For this area, you only need to take a lounge and long chair to avoid being stuffy. Moreover, do not place any unnecessary things on your porch.

20. Simple and Inexpensive Small Back Porch

If you prefer simple and fewer ornaments for your back porch, you can choose this one of small back porch ideas.

You do not need to install a window or door, but let the right and left sides with the front side open.

Then, place a couple of single sofas in a warm brown color. Do not forget about the table which should be in the middle of them.

To make it vibrant, add outstanding color cushions, such as red, blue, or green.

21. Mini Back Porch with Steps

The small back porch with steps is a solution for a house that has a higher area than the backyard. For this concept, it is better to install wooden floors which also can be used as the steps.

The steps are not that high but enough, which are around four to three steps. Then, you can add a long bench in the vibrant tone for a pop of color.

22. Small Back Porch in the Corner

You do not need to claim the whole room as the back porch. You can use a small portion of your outdoor space to create a functional one.

This is one of the alternative small back porch ideas to save budget and space. You only need a set of chairs which comes along with a table.

23. Gray-Ivory Small Back Porch with Steps

For the small back porch ideas with steps, you can install the steps on the side or in the middle of the porch.

Meanwhile, you can also get the combination color of gray and ivory. This combination will make your porch look minimalist but outstanding.

24. Elegant Semi Outdoor Back Porch

If you need a space for a family gathering, you can get the small back porch ideas. Although the area is small, you can still maximize the area.

Moreover, placement is the key for this area. You have to connect the porch to the dining room.

25. Minimalist Back Porch for Barbecue Spot

Although you choose semi indoor small back porch ideas, you can still use it for a barbecue spot.

Further, do not build a closed wall. The ornament is not too important for this concept. Just take gray, white and natural wood colors to combine.

26. Affordable Back Porch from Unused Furniture

Having a back porch is not always buying a new one. You can get your old furniture and place them on your back porch.

For the small back porch ideas on a budget, just spread a big mat on the ground as the area of your back porch.

Then, place your old sofa and chair. The color combination will be created naturally on this concept.

27. Monochrome Back Porch

Black and white is the safe choice for your small back porch ideas. These two colors can be combined well.

Moreover, you can also install a fireplace in the middle of your chairs. It will make it warmer.

You can also add some string lights on the ceiling in warm white color. It will help to brighten up your back porch.

28. Rustic Back Porch

Lastly, you can choose a rustic concept to adorn your small back porch. Starting from the floor and wall, you can install the wooden plat to emphasize the style.

Then, paint it in white color but left it unfinished. After that, set a couple of unique benches or chairs. This is one of the attractive small back porch ideas to copy.

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