28 Garage Shoe Storage Ideas for Your Favorite Shoes

Your garage might be the best answer for a home of your shoes. There are a lot of garage shoe storage ideas that are effective to store all your shoe collections.

Certainly, shoes are one essential thing in our daily life. There might be some different types of shoes for every occasion. That is why, many people like to collect them well. But, the problem is how to store them efficiently?

1. Small but Enough

Although your shoes are not that much, you still need a rack to store them. Placing the shoe storage in the garage is a good idea. It will save space.

A small shoe rack for a garage is perfect for a garage with limited space. Make sure that the rack has room for every type of your shoe.

2. All White Storage Shoes

White is never wrong. It is also a great idea for your shoe storage in the garage. It will make your garage look neat and clean.

One of these garage shoe storage ideas is placing the shoe rack along with the cabinet. The height of the rack should be set with the cabinet.

3. Storage Shoes at Oceanic Garage

For the dynamic garage, you can apply the oceanic concept. It has three main colors which are blue, white, and gray.

The white color applies to the shoe rack and window. While dominating the garage with gray color and adding blue items as additional.

Thus, place your shoe rack at the corner of a garage that is next to the door. From now on, it will be effortless to grab your shoes.

4. Hidden Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

If you do not want to make your shoes get dirty and prefer a neat look, you can get a cabinet for your shoes. This is the best way for storing all collections of your shoes in the garage.

You do not need a specific cabinet. Just go with any cabinet that is most suitable for your garage. This shoe storage idea is a good choice to store your tools along with the shoes at once.

5. Storage Shoes in Neat Look

Garage shoe storage also can look neat. The recommendation for this concept is to place the rack right beside the door. It will also help you to take in and out the shoes right before and after going out.

For the neutral vibe, white is a perfect choice. It will make your garage look neat. Moreover, you can install it back to the other cabinet in your garage.

6. Behind the Door

It will be kind of tricky for a garage with stairs. However, you can turn it into one of the best garage shoe storage ideas.

Get a rack shoe with a height nearly up to your ceiling, then place it right behind the door or right near the stairs. For the side of the stairs, you can drag a cabinet with a height no more than your hips. It will turn this corner to be an attractive one.

7. Shoe Storage at Get-Ready Corner

Although it is your garage, it does not always mean that you cannot get a get-ready corner there. Just take one side of your garage for this corner.

You can install a cabinet with seats. It should come as a set, so you can store your shoe collection in the cabinet while the most-used shoes are under the seats.

Moreover, you can use the back wall for hanging your things like hats and bags.

8. All-In Storage Corner

Some people like to store anything in their garage. Although it will seem stuffy to store any kind of things, you can make it more spacious.

But the thing is you have to split the cabinet for your shoes and other materials. Additionally, placing them side to side can be a smart move if you manage to organize them.

9. Minimalist Boots Storage

Do you like collecting boots? You do not need to worry if your boots have no place to store. One of the garage shoe storage ideas for your boots is by installing an open rack for your boots.

The height of each room in the rack should be different with a rack for shoes. The height should be higher. On the other hand, you can organize your boots first and group them based on their type and height.

10. Hanging Shoe Storage

If there is not too much space in your garage, you can install a hanging rack for your shoes. It will save more room but will make your garage neat.

Thus, install the hanging rack at the bottom side. Then, follow the step by fitting it on top of it. This storage unit is also perfect for any type of shoes in general. Certainly, boots or sneakers are fine.

11. In Classic Style

The classic cabinet is not a bad garage shoe storage idea at all. Merely, drag it to the corner near the door and you will have a fully functional unit to store your shoes.

You can also keep your shoes in the storeroom or on the rack. In addition, this kind of cabinet is also perfect to store anything.

12. Clean and Neat

If you are looking for garage shoe storage ideas that are the simplest, you can go with this concept. Just use all-white furniture including your shoe rack.

Install your cabinet along with the open-rack shoes. The rack is perfect for your boots.

13. Industrial Concept

The industrial concept is one of the best garage shoe storage ideas. It will be going naturally with your garage. In short, it requires less work to realize. Just add some additional ornaments to lift the industrial concept.

For this concept, the most suitable rack for your shoes is a hanging rack. Just install 4 to 6 layers of hanging rack vertically.

14. Classic Neat Storage Shoes

If you have a lot of shoes to store, you need more room. The solution is you can go with a classic cabinet with a high shelf.

Install cabinets as much as you need. This choice is the best way to store your shoes neatly. Meanwhile, you can install a single high self for your most-used shoes.

15. Storage Shoes in Tone

Having a ton of shoes is not a sin. However, letting them in nowhere is awful. You can move your shoes to a garage. Install cabinets for them as their home.

Take a side on the right or left of your garage, then install cabinets as much as you need on that side. If all are set, then you can store your shoes by their colors. It will make your garage neat as well as inside the cabinets.

16. Open-Shelf Cabinet for Your Shoes

Open shelf cabinet is one of the must-have items for getting perfect garage shoe storage ideas. There are many types of this cabinet, but you can install it based on the shoes that you have. For sneakers, you might install a cabinet with around 6 to 8 shelves up.

Meanwhile, you might also install it along with a cabinet for your boots. The height might be different, but you can set them together to look neater as well.

17. Shoe Storage at Sport Corner

For people who like doing sports, a garage is also their storage. At this point, there is also a way to store the shoes along with sports equipment.

The shoe storage for this concept might be simple and there is not too much space that makes it look more spacious.

Shoe storage is installed under the seat to save more room. It is perfect for you who want to store your sports shoes along with the equipment at the garage too.

18. Splitted Open-Shelf Cabinet

The shoe cabinet is not always one set, but it can be more than one. Thus, if you have a restrained room, it might be the best solution. You can install two cabinets on both sides of the door.

Additionally, to make it more useful for every type of your shoe, you need to install the open shelf cabinet in every slot.

19. DIY Garage Shoe Storage

This DIY storage is also the best way to get outstanding and unique garage shoe storage. Choose one side of your garage wall. Then, install the hanging rack for your shoes and other equipment. Just install it randomly but in a good arrangement.

Or merely leave your boots on the floor. It will turn this corner to be more dynamic. That is why you can call this concept of sticking everything on the wall and ground.

20. Open Shelf Cabinet for Sports Corner

The other garage shoe storage ideas for storing your shoes and equipment include using an open shelf cabinet. The height must be suitable for your equipment. If you have golf equipment, it is better to install the cabinet as in the picture.

Store the equipment on the bottom side, then place your shoes on the top side. In this way, it will look neater.

21. L-Shape Minimalist Locker

If you need more space for your shoes, bags, and jackets, the L-shape cabinet is the solution out of many garage shoe storage ideas.

The cabinet that you might install should include a close and open shelf. Then, make sure that everything fits well in the cabinet. It will also save the space of your garage with the shape.

22. Sport Style Storage

Do you like bicycling and rolling skates? If you do, then the garage is the most suitable spot to keep your bicycle and the rest of the gear.

Since you have to store your sports shoes and roller skate, it will be best if you install the hanging rack. It matches well with any size of your shoes.

23. Shoe Cabinet for Most-Used Shoes

Some people prefer to store their shoe collections in the bedroom or dressing room. However, there should be shoes that are mostly used. So, where will they be stored? The garage is the answer.

One of the garage shoe storage ideas for this concept is installing a mini shelf beside the door. You can install a cabinet and open-shelf for your most-used shoes.

24. Hanging Cabinet

The hanging rack is not always coming without a door. You can have a shoe storage cabinet with a door. Some people prefer to let the cabinet close to avoid the dust.

You can install this kind of cabinet for your shoe storage in the garage. In the mind of the garage will be a place mostly exposed to dust.

25. Shoes on the Slatwall

There is another way if you do not want to install a big cabinet at your garage for your shoes. You can lodge a dangling shelf for your shoes, too. It is also the best thing to do if you do not want to store many shoes in the garage.

Install the hanging rack in two rows, then install the hanger for jackets and equipment. It is simple but looks wonderful.

26. Industrial Hanging Shoe Rack

The simple thing of storing your shoes in the garage is using the hanging rack. There are a lot of types of hanging racks in the market. Thus, you can pick the most proper one with your concept and garage.

However, you can also DIY your hanging rack. Just install the rack as you wish and place your shoes neatly.

27. Warm Wooden Shoe Rack

The garage is not always a dirty corner. You can turn your garage into a bright one, like using the color red and brown. This combination will make your garage look warm and outstanding.

For the cabinet, you can install it as requested. Make a cabinet which is included for your shoes and jacket. In that way, it will save more space and make it simpler at once.

28. Hanging Wooden Shoe Rack

A hanging rack is always a solution. The design will be simple but useful. There are some types of hanging racks, but you can go with the wooden rack. The natural look will make it look warm outside.

All in all, those are the garage shoe storage ideas that are suited well with any kind of concept and type of shoes to store in.

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