30 Side of House Walkway Ideas That You’ll Love to Copy

For filling the limited space on the side of your house, you can build a walkway and design it beautifully for aesthetical and functional purposes.

The following side of house walkway ideas will help you to build this space and turn it into something that matches well with your exterior design.

1. Square Stone Walkway

One of the best side of house walkway ideas is back to the minimalist style. You can place the square stone for your side walkway. It will suit your exterior.

Moreover, the material is also relatively affordable. So, you will not expense more budget to beautify your side house.

2. Tiles on the Pond Side House Walkway

If you want to take more effort and time for your side house, so you can get this concept. It will make your side house looks more gorgeous.

Especially, when you really want to have a pond in your house.

The side of house walkway ideas is installing the tiles on the top of your fond. It will look like you have a sturdy bridge from the front to the back house.

3. Natural Side House Walkway

There is one of the best advantages if you have a space on the side of your house. You can change that small space into the best place in your house.

One of the most recommended is installing the walkway on that side.

You can use a concrete walkway and then spread small gravel as one of the most amazing side of house walkway ideas.

To make it looks more natural, you may plant bamboo along the side of your walkway.

4. Walkway around Stilts House

Stilts house is a new concept for saving more room in limited space. It will give you more room, but you need to design it in the correct way so that it will not look stuffy.

For the walkway, you do not need only to install it on the side of your house but also around your stilts house.

Since your stilts house is already outstanding, you need to make the walkway simpler. Just take the simple square tiles and you can see the difference.

5. Side Walkway from the Gate of Garden

Some people choose to make their side of the house into a small garden. Basically, it is not a bad idea. It even makes your house look more outstanding with the concept.

For the type of walkway, you can make it more natural which is from big ceramic chips. Turn it into some footsteps from the front gate along to your garden.

You will see and feel that you are in small heaven while walking into it.

6. Minimalist Wooden Board Side Walkway

The minimalist concept is never old. It is even more varied, so people will easily choose their style. If there is a space on the side of your house, you can also install the walkway there.

There is a lot of side of house walkway ideas that are easily found for the minimalist concept. One of the best recommendations is to use a wooden board.

For the first, use the concrete as the base and then install the wooden board side to side as the walkway. After that, spread the gravel on the left and right sides.

Finally, you can place any plants on that side.

7. Soft Brick Walkway

The tropical concept is the most suitable with a soft brick walkway. The surface is not that rough but still has a texture of brick which makes it look exotic.

However, it will take longer to install since you have to build the base before installing the bricks on top of that. In that way, this walkway will be more durable.

8. Footsteps Walkway on the Grass

If the side of your house is a garden, you can still install the walkway on it. Although you have grass on the land, you can make it even better.

Install the walkway as the footstep on the grass.

The material can be tempered glass, stones, and many else. Do not make it too long or short, so it will look more natural on it.

9. Yellow Stones Side Walkway

You can also choose the yellow stone for your side walkway. It is not that rough or slippery. That is why it is the perfect choice for the outdoor.

To make it more beautiful, you can plant any type of plant and tree which will make it cooler even the midday.

10. Bricks Walkway in Pattern

Brick is one of the affordable materials for building a walkway. However, it will look awkward when you cannot install it well.

For a better design look, you can make it into a pattern as shown in this picture. You can just make a square frame of brick on the left and right sides.

Then, install the bricks in the middle in the tilting pattern. You will see the different vibes of this concept.

11. Gravel Walkway with the Grass

One of the best side of house walkway ideas is using gravel to add texture and character to the pathway.

The first to do is to build the base by using concrete and then spread the gravel on the top of it. To make it looks more outstanding, you can plant the grass in the circle in the middle of the walkway.

12. Swerving Stone Walkway

The walkway is not always straight, but you can install it in a swerving pattern. You can use the stone which is easy to shape.

Moreover, it is the best material that can naturally blend well with the grass and plants on the side of your house.

13. Scattered Stones Walkway

A neat and straight walkway sometimes will not help your exterior. Then, you need to do some magic for your walkway.

The material for this walkway can be anything, but the most recommended one is stone.

Then, place them into the scattered pattern but still in line. In that way, your walkway will not look boring at all.

14. Floating Wooden Side of House Walkway

Wood is not only perfect for the interior, but you can also maximize the use of wood for the exterior.

One of the best ideas is making a floating wooden walkway. The first thing you can do is making the floating footstep formed by wooden.

Make it into bug bars, then you can install them in the space that you have. However, make sure that you choose the right wooden so it will not slippery.

15. Affordable Stepping Stones for Side Walkway

Having a walkway does not have to be costly. A lot of inexpensive stepping stone walkway ideas are available, including the one using slab as the material.

You do not need to build the base for this type of walkway. Just place the slab for stepping feet randomly. It will make it look more unique.

16. Neat Walkway

You can use anything for your walkway. If you want a neat and clean look, it is better to combine the materials well.

The first thing is building the base by using concrete and then installing the stepping foot. If it is possible, choose the big size one.

Then, spread little rocks on the sidelines of stepping foot. To make it look more dynamic, you can plant the short plants along the side of the walkway.

17. Garden Side Walkway

For the garden side of house walkway ideas, you can combine them with your exterior design.

It can be the additional exteriors so you have to choose whether it should be outstanding over your side of the house or not.

The simple one is using a stone slab as the stepping foot and grassland as the base. These materials will be combined well for your garden.

18. Walkway Ideas for Front of House

Since the stepping foot is in the middle, you can decorate the sidelines of it with decorative pieces. However, you can also build a walkway on the side.

For this concept, you have to build concrete and asphalt.

Meanwhile, for the rest, you can spread stones. This combination is not that bad as long as you have a long walkway and make it swerve.

19. From the Front to the Side House Walkway

So many people like having front and side gardens. This concept will let them have the walkway. The stepping stone will be the same but the base is different.

For the front side of your house, you may choose the grassland and for the side of your house is the gravel.

20. Side Walkway Like in the Fairy Forest

The first thing to do to choose the best side of house walkway ideas is to match the concept. The fairy forest is like a tranquil and beautiful surrounding.

You may choose this one.

For the walkway, you can use any type of stone but make a pattern in the middle of it. Then, the grass will grow on the sidelines of the walkway.

21. Concrete Garden Walkway

Rather than let your side of the house empty, it is better to turn it into the most fascinating side. You can build a mini garden along with the side access.

The walkway for this concept is using a concrete material that is more affordable and durable. You can also install the stones on the right and left sides to make it prettier.

22. Wooden Plank Walkway

If you want to have a country look for your house, the wooden plank is one of the best materials you can choose for your walkway

You can make a floating or planting one.

For the floating walkway, you can build it like a bridge. However, it takes more cost for having a wooden plank since it needs more maintenance.

23. Two-Lines Walkway

If you have a larger space for your side house, you still can build a walkway there. Moreover, you can build a two-lines stepping foot to cover all your space.

It is a better way if you do not want to apply too many objects aside.

24. Mini Tropical Walkway

For walkway ideas on a budget, it is applicable for the limited space that you have. You do not need to build a footpath from the front to the back of your house.

Five to seven steps are enough for your house, and then spread stones around. For the front side, you can let the grassland.

You can also add the floating woods for the entering space of your side door. To make it looks more tropical, you can plant any type of plant, especially bamboo.

25. Floating Woods and Brick Walkway

The side of house walkway ideas for the uneven area is a floating walkway. It will help you to get the same high as the area that you have.

Moreover, you can also combine two types of materials. For example, you can install the floating woods for the entering area and then install the concrete and bricks walkway after that.

To fill up the space, you can plant any flowers or short plants.

26. Limited Concrete Walkway

Although you have limited space on the side of your house, you still can build a walkway. As long as the large is enough for a man to walk, there will be no problem on it.

Moreover, you can use a stone-stepping foot or concrete one to make it less maintenance.

27. Side of House Walkway Ideas with Brick and Stone

Brick and stone are the most popular materials for walkways. This combination has a minimalist yet elegant look.

That is why you can match it well with any kind of exterior design that you have.

28. Pattern Concrete Walkway

To create a concrete walkway that looks more dynamic, you can make a shape or build a pattern. Then, install the garden lamp on the side of the pathway and gravel on the other side.

This is a simple yet elegant walkway with low maintenance that is perfect for any space and home style.

29. Full Brick Walkway

If you do not like the stepping foot concept, you can build your walkway in full brick. It will help you to manage your budget for materials that are used.

Moreover, you can add any plants and flowers on the side of the walkway. There is no limitation for the placement.

30. Simple Bricks Walkway

Lastly, you can choose stone bricks in some different sizes and then install them in an attractive form to copy this side of house walkway ideas.

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