27 Enchanting Patio String Lights Ideas to Adorn Your Backyard

Summer is the finest moment to enjoy your evenings on the lawn. Thus, it’s good for you to complete this perfect moment with the best patio string lights ideas.

Besides being useful for providing illumination at night, string lights also play a role in making your backyard look more aesthetic.

There are lots of patio string lights ideas that you can pick up. For example, you can go with yellow, pure white, or the warmer one for the proper illumination in your outdoor space.

Furthermore, you can also complete the decoration with other elements such as lanterns, chandeliers, and glass candles.

Whatever design you will choose later, for sure, these twenty-seven patio string lights ideas will inspire you to adorn your sitting space in your backyard quickly.

Below are the best outdoor string lights you can follow.

1. Simple String Light Arrangement on The Pergola

Your spacious pergola can simultaneously accommodate your kitchen and outdoor dining spots. But leaving it with no decoration elements will make your family time tedious. Therefore, try to apply the patio string lights ideas in this space.

Moreover, providing illumination with string lights on the pergola will increase comfort during spending time with your family.

But you can stay simple. By hanging them through the walls of one building and another, then let these decorative lights cross the underside of your pergola roof.

2. Spotlight Your Mediterranean Patio with White String Lights

Lots of patio string lights ideas introduce you to the use of warm colors. Nevertheless, you still can go with pure white ones.

Instead, lighting with this tone can highlight the Mediterranean nuance on your outside area. Further, it will make your sitting area an attractive focal point in front of the fireplace.

3. Put the Warmer Illumination Over the Colorful Hanging Outdoor Chairs

Besides applying the patio string lights ideas above the fireplace or in your outdoor kitchen, you can also put them over your hanging chairs.

Suppose you have a set of colorful hanging chairs and bright decor. It’s a good idea to use string lights with dimmable lights. That way, this area will become a comfortable and aesthetic spot to live in.

Otherwise, if you insist on using a string light with a brighter color, it won’t be as pleasing to the eye.

4. Fairy Lights Draped on Your Green Patio

If you have an outdoor setting with a green theme, hanging fairy lights is a good decision.

That is because they have more bulbs with smaller sizes. Therefore, the ray will be not too blinding. It also provides a bit of twinkling on the spot beneath. Later, it can add magical vibes to your natural patio setting.

5. Highlight the Sitting Space with Solar Lantern String Lights

Solar lanterns can be an alternative option for those who want to apply patio string lights ideas that are more friendly to the eyes.

With shades of various colors that protect the bulbs inside, this can provide a calm atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Also, since the light is not too bright, you can even hang it low to showcase the structure better.

6. Hang it Cross Over Your Outdoor Kitchen

You can beautify your outdoor kitchen without a canopy by presenting various creative and exciting patio string lights ideas.

There’s no necessity to bother about where to hang it. Everything will be sufficient as long as you have an adequate outdoor string lights pole.

You can also try to hang it crosswise so that your illumination arrangement is not monotonous.

7. Put It Over the Stair is Also Perfect

Applying patio string lights ideas above your outdoor stairs is also the most recommended option. Apart from serving good lighting, you can finally walk down the stairs just like in a fairy tale.

Look, what a stunning view of this twinkling illumination from the top of the stairs.

8. Patio String Lights Ideas and Tree Uplighting

Not having enough string lights for your courtyard is not a significant obstacle to redecorating your outdoor space. You can be more creative by providing tree uplighting instead.

Besides highlighting the olive tree in the middle of the garden, this tree uplighting can also support the string lights decor to build a comfortable and luxurious feel in your backyard.

You can combine these patio string lights ideas with some glass candles on the table for even more detail.

9. Complete The Look with Classic Chandelier

Suppose you feel it’s not enough to bring string lights in your backyard.

In this case, patio string lights ideas allow you to add an extra décor in the form of a classic chandelier right in the center of your dining table.

In addition, to provide more profound peace, you can also put an aromatic candle on the table. Summer nights with your family will be more fun and memorable.

10. Patio String Lights Ideas with Clothesline Setting

Simple patio string lights ideas such as clotheslines will give your backyard a more casual atmosphere.

Equipped with two glass candles and the warmth of the fireplace, this outdoor space still gets sufficient and comfortable lighting even though it doesn’t have many bulbs over the sitting spot.

11. Hanging Outdoor String Lights Using Wooden Posts

Installing string lights in your backyard doesn’t always require you to have the string light pole. As an alternative, you can use wooden posts to hang these decorative lights without spending much money.

It also answers those who have always wondered how to hang string lights in the backyard without trees.

12. Set Up String Lights Canopy Over Your Outdoor Dining Table

There’s nothing more aesthetic than hanging string lights like a canopy over your outdoor dining table.

Hanging it in a zig-zag way with the help of wires makes this lighting arrangement like floating in the air.

These patio string lights ideas can provide an attractive and admirable focal point, whether in the day or night.

13. Set Outdoor String Lights Across The Tree

This installation is the most common of the many patio string lights ideas.

Without the need for poles or wooden posts, you can use natural objects like the olive tree to hang string lights all over your backyard.

Moreover, it is good to go with string lights with LED bulbs. You know that they can provide bright illumination for your outdoor space without spending much energy cost.

14. Casual One Line String Lights Setting

Decorating your all-white deck is accessible by only going with one line lighting arrangement like above.

Even though it has a straightforward style, this string light can state your outdoor space by placing it transverse right above your sitting area.

15. Give a Statement with Large Lantern Shades

Bold patio decoration is sure can impress everyone. And, to realize it to your home, you can try to hang a giant lantern in the middle of the twinkling string lights that you have.

Be sure to go with similar lighting colors to create a cohesive atmosphere in your outdoor sitting room.

And, now, are you ready to have a fun summer night with your friends?

16. Yellow String Lights and Wall Porches

If you’ve previously gone with white patio string lights ideas, at this point, you will find the warmth that radiates from yellow lighting.

You don’t need to play with many string lights in decorations that adopt industrial elements. Instead, it would be better to accompany it with wall porches to add drama to your patio.

17. Using Tree and Wall to Hang the Fairy Lights

Let it be as if your outdoor lighting arrangement comes from a shady tree in your backyard, which ends up on your parapet.

This application of patio string lights ideas is not only suitable for those with a large deck. Nevertheless, you can also use it in small outdoor spaces as above.

Moreover, the selection of fairy lights instead of large ones seems to describe the magical feel of a beautiful fairy world.

18. Hang the String Lights from Door Frame to The Backyard

Have you noticed how the zip line rope is attached? Well, this is how you will hang your string lights later.

Install it from a door frame, spread out into the backyard, and end in trees.

The yellow color will provide impressive illumination for all the patio spots underneath. Moreover, together with two wall lanterns that complement the decor, everything looks perfect.

19. Blend The Dazzling String Lights with The Greens

Allowing your string lights to mingle with the lush greenery on your patio will further amplify the magical feel in your outdoor space.

The light that hits each leaf will successfully give a beautiful silhouette around your sitting area.

20. Point Out The Stunning Ornaments with Nice Illumination

You can also develop patio string lights ideas to highlight essential details on your deck, such as ornamental elements with a unique design above your fireplace.

The existence of warm white lighting will make it even more stunning.

21. M-Shaped Arrangement and Colorful Flower Décor

Besides coming with transverse and horizontal arrangements, you can also hang your string lights resembling the letter M on your patio.

In addition, try to add some bright-colored decorative elements to liven up your outdoor space.

To show a natural and earthy impression, you can try to put a red flower bed around your patio.

22. Create a Fairy Town on Large Tree

The joy of the fairy world is now ready to accompany your summer night with your family.

To get decorations like this, you just need to hang the string lights vertically on the big tree in your backyard. Complementing it with some other decorative items is also a brilliant idea.

23. Help The Outdoor Spot Stand Out

Do you have an outdoor dining table without a canopy? If so, then it’s time to implement patio string lights ideas so that your living space doesn’t look boring both day and night.

You can go with the simplest decorations, like hanging them across from one tree to another.

Otherwise, if you desired other styles, adding string lights with more bulbs and one focal point in the center, like a lantern, is also better.

24. Neat String Lights Arrangement on the Floating Canopy

The contemporary style of your deck makes everything look stunning. Of course, especially with the sequential installation of string lights on the canopy.

By arranging the decorative lighting like above, your outdoor space looks more organized and tidier without losing the aesthetical aspect of the twinkling string lights.

25. Strong Rustic Vibes with Yellow String Lights

The rustic vibe is a favorite of many people in decorating a home. Both exterior and interior, the rugged style displayed by this theme make your space more earthy and understated.

More than that, you still need lights to highlight all the distinctiveness in rustic decor. Here you can come up with yellow string lights. That way, all the textures that appear in your patio become more dramatic.

26. Cozy Farmhouse Outdoor Decor with Rattan Canopy and Yellow String Lights

It is different from outdoor space with a rustic style that emphasizes yellow string lights. The farmhouse style is more tolerant of the warm white color that is friendly to the eyes.

In addition, hanging string lights, a short distance apart, help spread the illumination better through the space.

27. Brighten Up the Fire Pit Area

The last recommendation on patio string lights ideas that you can apply on your deck is to provide decorative lighting in your firepit area.

Not without reason, this concept is here to help you enjoy the beautiful twinkling of string lights on the sidelines of a chat when the fireplace is out. That way, your summer evenings with your family are no longer boring.

In addition to lighting up the fire pit area, you can also continue to hang string lights for other spots on your patio that need highlights.

After going through many recommendations for the best patio string lights ideas. Now is the time to hurry up with the decorating, and don’t forget to invite family and friends to enjoy summertime together in the backyard. Good luck!

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