29 Terrific Semi Inground Pool Ideas You’ll Admire

Not everyone can afford an inground swimming pool since it’s such a summertime opulence. Alternatively, some homeowners install above-ground pools in their yards. If you’re into a hybrid model, have a look at these divine semi inground pool ideas.

Semi inground swimming pools have both exposed and buried parts. In addition, they’re typically about 4 feet in depth.

Design-wise, they vary widely. Some people construct them into the hill’s slope, while others build them a few ft into the ground.

Homeowners will benefit from having semi inground swimming pools for sure. They provide easier installation and better durability than the inground ones. Apart from making water stay warm longer, they leave less mess.

1. Backyard Semi Inground Pool Ideas

This is one of the fabulous pictures of semi inground pools. The exterior walls of the swimming pool employ mosaic tiles in earthy tones. They allow the pool to blend splendidly with the backyard environment.

The pool tiles contrast gorgeously with the exterior walls. Moreover, the limestone deck highlights plants in terracotta pots. Meanwhile, the steps allow easier exit as well as entry. Lastly, the ornamental grass titivates the yard.

2. Semi Inground Pool Step Ideas

Need beautiful semi inground pool ideas? Duplicate this look. The swimming pool and deck boast hard edges as well as crisp lines. They lend the backyard pool an urban vibe and a stylish appearance.

The concrete exterior walls of this luxurious semi inground pool complement the walkway. Meanwhile, the wooden deck keeps things welcoming. Additionally, the steps offer easier entry.

There’s an adjacent seating area with a modern firepit and resin wicker furniture units. Furthermore, a few ornamental palms instantly deliver a breath of fresh air.

3. Sloped Semi Inground Pool Ideas

Talking about semi inground pool designs, copy this spectacular idea. As you see, the homeowner directly constructed the swimming pool into the yard’s sloping hill. Half of the swimming pool becomes visible.

Here, the gravel walkway leads to the pool. The rectangular semi inground pool is a magnificent contrast to the immaculate lawn. Furthermore, landscape stones enable it to harmoniously blend with the surroundings.

What’s not to love about semi inground pool with bar? The nearby patio boasts a two-tier island and an outdoor seating area.

4. Semi Inground Pool with Hot Tub Ideas

This circular, semi inground pool employs a natural stone exterior wall. It carves a rustic yet cohesive look in no time. Moreover, the outside wall ensures that the swimming pool is in sync with the lawn and paver deck.

Natural stones will strengthen the wall of the semi inground pool. Also, they transfer the sun’s heat into the pool water.

The hot tub adds function to the semi-inground pool here. Meanwhile, the water feature and seating area complete the look.

5. Semi Inground Pool Ideas with Deck

Here is another glam rectangular semi inground pool. The deep gray wood-look exterior walls clash with the aqua color of the pool water.

As you see, the model boasts exposed top half. The two lounge chairs on the deck impart laid-back vibes. Meanwhile, the neat lawn, rectangular concrete built-in bench, and dwarf shrubs round things out.

6. Half Inground Pool Ideas with a Waterslide

Talking about semi inground pool ideas, you shouldn’t forget to replicate this look. Here, the pool overlooks the majestic forest. Furthermore, the blonde wood exterior walls are a fabulous accompaniment to it.

The low wooden deck is appropriate for people with bad knees. In addition, it maintains the semi inground pool’s welcoming ambiance.

Because of the ladder with steps, the homeowner and her family can exit and enter the semi inground pool with ease. Lastly, the gray waterslide carries a touch of fun.

7. Minimalist Semi Inground Pool Ideas

This rectangular half inground swimming pool is not only opulent but also incredibly stylish. Moreover, the concrete exterior walls heighten the urban atmosphere. In addition, they allow the pool tiles to be the focus of attention.

The deck features unpainted wood planks. Furthermore, they contrast with the concrete walls of the pool while connecting the pool to the surroundings.

The greenery makes the semi inground pool seem lively. Meanwhile, pink and black planters around the pool add visual height.

8. Stealth Semi Inground Pool Ideas

If your backyard has a slope, copy this idea. Here, the homeowner sank his stealth semi inground pool partially. Moreover, it employs a ladder with entry steps. Due to them, he can enter the half inground pool easily.

The simple decking is complete with chairs of varying sizes and colors. Furthermore, they allow all family members to catch some rays.

Installing a stealth semi inground pool is a brilliant decision. Apart from being durable, it’s still affordable. Also, the installation typically takes a few days.

9. The Simpler The Better

With numerous semi inground pool ideas, some homeowners feel overwhelmed. If you’re on the minimalist side, consider trying this option.

The swimming pool elegantly sits low to the ground. Moreover, the concrete exterior walls infuse the backyard with a modern aesthetic.

As you see, the composite decking produces a welcoming scene. Furthermore, it encourages you to have a long dip in your semi inground pool. Lastly, the river rocks separate the pool from the lawn.

10. Semi Inground Pool with a Dining Area

This semi inground pool is swoon-worthy. Since it employs concrete exterior walls, it blends with the house perfectly. Moreover, the entry steps ensure easier entry as well as exit.

The lounge chair embraces a laid-back scene. In addition, it allows the homeowner to enjoy the sun comfortably. Meanwhile, statement cacti enliven the yard.

As you see, there’s an outdoor dining area right next to the rectangular pool. The long built-in bench and crisp white chairs provide ample seating. It lets the homeowner dine with her family.

Furthermore, yellow printed seat cushions punch the dining area up. Lastly, mismatched pendants in black carry some personality.

11. Semi Inground Pool Ideas with Pavers

Warm-toned natural stone tiles decorate the wall of this semi inground swimming pool. They inject texture and some character. Furthermore, the stones keep the pool’s design in sync with adjacent pavers.

There are multiple seating areas around the semi inground pool. Additionally, a couple of lounge chairs with light brown seat cushions offer comfort. Meanwhile, the backyard decorative accents complete the look.

12. Small Yet Superb

Need radiant semi inground pool ideas? If so, steal this look. The gravel and rugged stone staircases allow the pool to blend stunningly with the boulders.

The outdoor area rug showcases striking patterns while keeping things comfortable. There are a few armchairs that let you have conversations with your family. Moreover, the striped patio umbrella adds interest and provides protection against the sun.

13. Semi Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

This semi inground pool belongs to a sloped backyard. Furthermore, it has multitone stone outside walls that magnificently clash with the aqua tiles. They complement the natural stone pavers and steps.

Faux wicker chairs and pool loungers offer ample seating. Moreover, they carry textural interest to the sloped backyard instantly.

Ornamental palms of different heights spruce the yard up. Additionally, red and green tropical plants develop a more lively scene.

14. Semi Inground Pool with a Fence

I wish this semi inground swimming pool could be mine. As the photo shows, it’s spacious and stunning at once. Moreover, the composite decking makes the sloped backyard appear inviting and elegant.

The wooden steps let you have easy access to the semi inground pool. Furthermore, the crisp white fence lends the decking a clean look.

Here, the paver pathway leads to the swimming pool while accompanying boulders. Meanwhile, the statement piece titivates the decking.

15. DIY Semi Inground Pool Ideas

I believe this pool will impress your visitors. Here, the homeowner built it from a semi inground swimming pool kit. He also installed reclaimed wood planks vertically to adorn the pool’s exterior walls.

The metallic ladder allows the homeowner to enter and exit the pool with ease. Moreover, loungers offer a cozy feel. Lastly, lattice panels, potted plants, and navy accents keep the decking from looking flat.

16. Round Semi Inground Pool Ideas

The homeowner constructed this circular semi inground pool into the yard’s sloped hill. There are stone bricks that adorn the coping and exterior wall.

Additionally, they ensure that the design is in sync with the concrete decking and pathway.

Here, the muted red patio umbrella and patterned cushions jazz the concrete deck up. Moreover, the bright white ladder with steps lets you enter the pool easily.

17. Blue Meets Brown

As you see, the homeowner designed this pool with a light brown and blue aesthetic. The aqua pool water is a superb contrast to the wooden decking.

The exposed stone walls ensure that the water stays warmer longer. Furthermore, the pure white ladder allows easier exit as well as entry.

18. Asian-Inspired Semi Inground Pool Ideas

This concrete rectangular semi inground pool is worth duplicating. The stone flooring and steps instill an urban ambiance effortlessly.

Bamboo trees, slatted privacy screens, and vines lend the yard a Japanese flair. Meanwhile, the outdoor dining area features a weathered gray table and chairs.

19. Compact But Chic

Need small semi inground pool ideas? Give this look a chance. The low wooden decking blends with the lawn, shrubs, and mulches.

The white ladder boasts similar entry steps. Due to them, entry and exit don’t seem challenging. Moreover, different kinds of chairs provide ample seating. Lastly, pool accessories develop a fun vibe.

20. Semi Inground Pool Ideas with Floaties

The gray exterior walls are a subtle contrast to blue pool tiles. Moreover, the ladder helps the homeowner enter his semi inground swimming pool.

Here, the natural stone decking provides a somewhat large area for visitors to dine. Meanwhile, cheerful pool floats give small children hours of fun in the sun.

21. Touches of Nature

This semi inground pool doesn’t seem out of place. As you see, evergreens and natural stones connect it excellently to the backyard environment.

The blue interior wall of the pool freshens up the backyard. Furthermore, the silver ladder allows you and your guests to move around without difficulties.

22. Budget-Friendly Yet Beautiful

The blonde wood deck, staircase, and privacy screens generate a rustic look. Moreover, blue tiles lend the semi inground pool a fresh atmosphere.

Lastly, the ladder, pink lounger, and dark brown resin wicker chairs make the decking more functional.

23. Semi Inground Pool Ideas with Sun Chairs

The diagonal tiling and clear glass screen give this semi inground swimming pool elements of surprise. Furthermore, the wooden sunchairs allow for sunbathing. In addition, the concrete edging keeps the backyard shipshape.

24. Splashes of Color

This semi inground pool is very trendy. The flagstone pathway guides the homeowner’s visitors to it while evoking rustic vibes.

The seating area boasts a yellow patio umbrella for maximum comfort. Additionally, the blooms and flowering shrubs lend the semi inground pool a riot of colors.

25. Gray Semi Inground Pool

The gray swimming pool walls, posts, and handrails complement the white fence. Moreover, the composite decking and pavers ooze warmth.

Meanwhile, multitone decorative rocks separate the neat lawn from the semi inground pool.

26. Wondrous Wood

Speaking of oval semi inground pool ideas, give this option a chance. The wooden exterior wall and privacy screens call attention to the composite decking.

Meanwhile, loungers, hanging plants, and floaties complete the look of the backyard.

27. Say Yes To the Water Feature

I fall for this semi inground swimming pool. The stone bricks, pavers, and steps complement the ornamental plants.

The white fence and blue pool tiles produce a fresh look. Furthermore, the water feature inspires serenity while adding visual symmetry.

28. Natural Semi Inground Pool

Rough stones let the design of this semi inground pool be in line with the decking and path. Meanwhile, the gray lounger allows you to kick back. Moreover, the lawn and various blooming plants give the backyard natural beauty.

29. Custom Semi Inground Pool

This custom semi inground pool is undoubtedly a backyard oasis. Furthermore, it boasts a patio umbrella, a grilling station, and a classic seating area. Lastly, the water feature, rugged stones, and surrounding plants perk the yard up.

Those semi inground pool ideas let homeowners enjoy the best of both worlds. In addition to offering budget appeal, they generate a unique, raised look. Opt for the right design and build your retreat.

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