20 Terrific Kitchen Flooring Ideas for Your Next Project

The kitchen has a special place in your heart. You mostly use it for cooking and family gathering. As a high-traffic zone, you must choose kitchen flooring that is both durable and easy to clean.

Probably, lots of styles and material option make purchasing kitchen floor an overwhelming job. No worries. I’ve assembled these ideas for you. So, browse through my list of flooring ideas and find what you love the most.

1. Kitchen Floor Tile Pictures

Here, beige porcelain tiles promote a soothing vibe. Plus, they are really low maintenance. Roll-up window blind helps control natural light.

Unpolished wooden backsplash and cabinets offer the rustic aesthetic. Dining table, white cabinetry, and open shelves lend the space a modern flair.

2. Kitchen with Wood Floors and Cabinets

In this culinary space, the walls are painted cream for a relaxing atmosphere. Hardwood floor, kitchen island, and cabinets convey an aura of warmth.

Black high stools and household appliances create a dramatic look. Recessed downlights keep the area from becoming dingy.

3. How to Install Laminate Flooring in Kitchen

As seen in the picture above, this stylish kitchen features black-and-beige laminate wood flooring. Not only is it cost-effective, but also provides texture and comfort.

Patterned backsplash grabs the attention in a split second. Curvy dining chairs infuse a dash of sexiness into the area.

4. Kitchen Flooring Ideas Vinyl

Cream walls meet hardware-free wood upper cabinets in harmony. Black units bring depth and natural drama to the scene.

Vinyl floor incredibly looks like natural wood planks and carves an intimate air. Meanwhile, luxurious granite countertops make the room stand out.

5. Kitchen Floor Ideas on Budget

Short on cash? This idea is surely for you. The hard-surface floor is covered in wood-like carpet. It pampers your feet and generates a lived-in feel.

White cabinetry, cream ceiling, camel backsplash, and dining set evoke a sense of softness. Retro pendant lights emphasize the dining area.

6. Kitchen Flooring Ideas 2018

Coffered ceiling, white kitchen island, and cabinets create the impression of larger space. High variation laminate floor is topped with a faux wood rug.

Upholstered and rattan dining chairs add more texture to the culinary space. Lastly, the golden sunburst mirror and framed photograph beautify the room.

7. Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Redwood cabinets elicit boldness and energy. Exposed ceiling beams effectively highlight the architectural details.

The bamboo kitchen floor is not only environmentally friendly but also gives a rustic charm and understated beauty. Giant metal spoon and fork wall ornaments are the true showstoppers.

8. Most Popular Kitchen Flooring

Although this kitchen is not large, it seems so inviting. Moreover, beige square tiled backsplash, white cabinetry, and light taupe walls add a soft touch.

Stained hardwood floor offers timeless elegance, smooth texture, and warm ambiance. They quickly take the chill off metallic kitchen appliances.

9. Durable Kitchen Flooring

Tired of all-white culinary space? Add a pop of color to your kitchen. Speaking of the color scheme, red and white is a great combo. It develops a fresh and dynamic space.

The blonde laminate wood floor tones down the red cabinets and dining chairs. Metallic mosaic tiles on backsplash set a contemporary appeal.

10. Kitchen Flooring Ideas 2019

Waterproof vinyl flooring is gaining more popularity this year. So, do not hesitate to install it in your kitchen. It creates a homey atmosphere.

Sleek white and brown cabinets develop a ravishing contrast. Curvy dining chairs break up the straight lines, while flowers in vase enliven the zone.

11. Kitchen with Wood Floors

White base makes space feel sunny and light. Glass windows divide the space into the kitchen, dining area, home office, and bedroom.

Dark wood floor injects richness and sophistication into the whole area. Rug, flowers, and fruits brighten up the modern house.

12. Rubber Kitchen Flooring

If you temporarily dwell in an apartment, rubber is the best material for your kitchenette. It has fantastic durability and non-slip surface.

The white scheme helps expand the kitchen. Meanwhile, a streamlined kitchen island is such perfect fit to a curvy chair and metallic accent stools.

13. Stone Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Polished black slate floor tiles bring the visual drama to the area. They match awesomely with gray concrete wall tiles and stone worktop.

Blue velvet armchair and sofa give the space delicate texture. Artwork and flowers in vase perk up the whole room.

14. Best Kitchen Flooring Material

Laminate is one of the best flooring options for modern culinary space. It can be installed and uninstalled with ease. Most importantly, it won’t break your bank.

In this example, honey laminate floor provides rich warmth due to its fairly dark tone. The wool rug boosts up the coziness.

15. Engineered Wood Flooring

This tiny kitchenette features engineered wood floor. Not only is it long-lasting, but also creates a stunning classic look.

Two-tone cabinets and patterned chair pop against muted wallpaper. Lastly, a round ceiling light instantly draws the eye up.

16. Marble Flooring Designs Pictures

The floating and sleek cabinets develop a minimalist interior. Brown cylinder pendant light and wood kitchen island ooze considerable warmth.

Marble floor tiles lend the area timeless opulence and ultimate aesthetics. Windows allow the sunlight to stream into the kitchen.

17. Kitchen Flooring Ideas Photos

White wood laminate floor showcases the modern interior of the culinary space. It is coupled with sand-colored rug.

Wall of windows connect the indoor area with the outside world. Raw wood shelving units and plants keep the area from being too sterile.

18. Rustic Floors

What’s not to love about this kitchen? It is trendy as well as dreamy, thanks to white and gray combination.

Whitewashed laminate floor generates a coastal atmosphere and rustic charm. Wood knife holder and serving trays act as centerpieces.

19. Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns

It is no surprise hexagon tiles become the hot trend. Their cool and eye-catching geometric pattern helps introduce to the kitchen’s floors.

Grayish blue kitchen island steals everybody’s attention. Carved sideboard elicits inimitable warmth.

20. Limestone Kitchen Floor

Polished limestone floor tiles in this kitchen have basket weave pattern. They create a sophisticated look and lustrous perception of depth.

Glossy sand-colored cabinets bounce the light back into the space. Potted greenery invigorates the scene

Whether you want to install kitchen flooring for the first time or renovate the existing floor, those ideas can make your project easier. Anyway, what’s your favorite pick?

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