28 Simple Hot Tub Deck Ideas for Any Home Concept

Bringing a water feature into your house is not a difficult thing. Now, you can find a lot of simple hot tub deck ideas to achieve this.

You can install the hot tub in your backyard or on a higher level of your house.

They come in various choices, so you can always find one that meets your preference and suits the house concept.

1. Hot Tub across the Fireplace

For simple hot tub deck ideas, you can combine it with a warm corner which is a fireplace. For this concept, you can build a wooden deck for your Jacuzzi with steps.

However, do not build many steps for it. One to two steps are enough. Across the hot tub, you can build a corner for the fireplace with a sofa.

2. Stepped Hot Tub Deck

Although you have a small area, you still can get a hot tub in your house. Just customize the size and height with the area that you have.

One of the best hot tub ideas for small spaces is installing a hot tub deck with steps. The steps will help to save the area.

The deck is like a stage with steps in the middle of it. You can have two to three steps for this hot tub deck.

3. Simple Hot Tub Deck Ideas with a Spa Concept

Most hot tub deck ideas are using wooden bars as the deck. Then, you can combine it with natural stone to make it more dynamic.

Moreover, you can also install a fireplace across the hot tub. It will make the area cleaner since the fireplace has its own place.

For additional ornaments, you can also add small seats or any plants that you like.

4. Traditional Japanese Hot Tub with Steps

In Japan, hot tubs are the most popular form of tourism. If you like this concept, consider installing this item in your house as shown in this picture.

The hot tub is relatively minimalist, so you do not need more space. The rounded one is perfect to place in the corner of the area.

Then, install wooden steps for accessing the hot tub.

5. Modern Hot Tub with Fire Pit Deck

You can install a pool for your hot tub. It will make your hot tub look modern. Moreover, you can install the grounded pool for the hot tub by measuring the size that you need.

For completion, you can also install a fireplace right next to the hot tub. It will make it warmer and more aesthetic at the same time.

6. Multi-Layer Hot Tub

Most of the simple hot tub deck ideas are the same. However, you can have a different hot tub for your relaxation.

For better relaxation, you can get a multi-layer hot tub which is nearly the same as the hot tub that you found in Japan.

Then, install the deck as you like in a simple way. If you have more space, you can let your hot tub in the open space.

7. Wooden and Bricks Hot Tub Deck

Many simple hot tub deck ideas are using wooden materials. However, it is not limited to your idea of combining materials that you like.

You can get stones or bricks as additional materials. The combination of wood and brick will balance the area.

Thus, you will see the vibes might be different.

8. Minimalist Grounded Hot Tub at the Backyard

There is another way to make your backyard into an interesting area. You can install a hot tub where you can relax.

At this point, you do not need to go outside of your house to get this service.

If you do not want it too extravagant, you have to install a small grounded hot tub. It will be not too outstanding but still attractive.

9. Sky View Hot Tub Deck

A hot tub deck idea is not always for the grounded area. You can even install a hot tub on the high level of your house.

It will be even better since you can get a sky view while relaxing in your hot tub. For this concept, you still need to build a deck and get the grounded hot tub in there.

Placement is also a key to this concept. Right in the corner is the best position for a hot tub with a sky view.

10. Warm and Cozy Hot Tub Deck

For simple hot tub deck ideas, you can also install it in your backyard. While it is possible to make it open and close, an open-space hot tub will be more perfect.

You do not need to put many ornaments on it. Just install the hot tub with a deck as large as you need. Then, drag any plants around. In addition, you can also place a long bench.

11. Mini Hot Tub at the Backyard

The backyard is the best area for installing a hot tub since you can get your privacy well in this area. In that way, you do not need to worry about getting your body to relax in the hot tub.

If you like this activity the most, you have to install a hot tub at your house. A simple hot tub is enough since you can get any size of the hot tub now.

12. Grounded Deck for Jacuzzi

Simple hot tub deck ideas also come in many different shapes and types. For the simplest option, you can get the grounded deck for your Jacuzzi.

Moreover, you have to think about the placement since it is permanent.

Drag the Jacuzzi right in the corner is the best placement. You can add any additional furniture or ornaments around.

So, this area will be brighter and warmer at the same time.

13. Split Level Hot Tub Deck

A hot tub is perfectly placed outdoors. If you have an uneven area of your backyard but still want a Jacuzzi, you do not need to worry.

You can build a split-level hot tub deck.

For the outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas, you can install the Jacuzzi at the same level as your house. So, the deck should be higher than the split-level.

14. Small Hot Tub Deck

This is one of simple hot tub deck ideas that focuses on the placement, shape of deck, and size. You can apply these three points to your concept.

If you have more space in the backyard, build a specific area for this hot tub.

Moreover, you can install a large deck for your hot tub which can also be a place for gathering or sunbathing.

Then, install the grounded hot tub into the deck.

15. Curved Tropical Hot Tub Deck

If you want a simple yet outstanding hot tub deck, you can get the curved hot tub deck concept. It focuses on the form, pattern, and ornaments on the deck.

A hot tub is only the main ornament in this concept.

The deck can be formed by concrete by shaping two different circles. Then, add steps in the middle of it. Further, one circle is for your hot tub, and another circle is for your benches.

16. Striking Hot Tub Deck Framing

If you have a large area for the hot tub, it will be easier to frame this water feature with a wooden deck as shown in this picture.

The first thing in this concept is to make sure that you will have a grounded hot tub. Then, it is better to install the deck on a stage.

After that, do not forget to add the steps as the access.

17. Jacuzzi and Campfire at Backyard

For a large backyard, you can get any kind of service that you like. The most relevant are Jacuzzi and campfire.

Then, building a campfire across the Jacuzzi is also the perfect idea. If there is still a room, you can have a minibar and sunbathing area.

18. Traditional Japanese Hot Tub Deck

A rounded hot tub deck will be the easiest concept to place. You do not need to add more ornaments since its deck is already attractive.

You can drag the hot tub into the corner and surround it with plants. At this point, you will feel a Jacuzzi in Japan brings well into your home.

19. Beautiful Small Backyard Hot Tub Ideas

There are two types of hot tub decks in general, which are grounded and ungrounded deck. For an exceptional example, you can combine both of them into a semi-grounded type.

The hot tub that you choose is a regular rounded hot tub. Then, you have to install a deck that has a half-circle cut in the middle for placing the hot tub.

20. Multi-Stepped Hot Tub Deck

For the special hot tub deck, you can install a multilayer footstep. Rather than installing straight steps for your deck, it is better to turn it into a random side of steps as shown above.

It will make your hot tub look more attractive and unique since it has a different pattern as usual.

21. Grounded Hot Tub Deck

A grounded hot tub deck is the best recommendation lately. Moreover, you can also get some small benches around this water feature area for functionality.

This concept will be more natural and warmer at the same time. Moreover, you can also place some lights on the ground at night.

22. Floating Hot Tub Deck

For the simple hot tub deck ideas in the backyard, you can install a floating hot tub deck. This is an ungrounded deck with the hot tub raised up a little.

You can place it on the ground or up a level.

For the exterior, you can combine it with the brick wall which is perfectly well with the wooden deck and floors.

23. Elegant and Modern Heptagon Hot Tub Deck

Besides square and round hot tubs, you can install a heptagon hot tub. This hot tub looks more elegant and attractive than the usual shape.

Moreover, you can combine it with your elegant and modern exterior.

Then, you can install it as a grounded hot tub deck. Just let around 10 to 20 cm of the surface to keep the style.

24. A Spacious Deck with Small Hot Tub

If you prefer a spacious area to a spacious hot tub, you have to build a large deck. Install the deck as large as you want.

It can be for sunbathing or for a fireplace.

Meanwhile, you only need to install a small hot tub in the corner of the area. If you have an uneven area, you can also install steps that match this concept perfectly.

25. Simple Warm Mini Hot Tub

A mini hot tub on the second floor is not a bad idea. You can install a deck for it with a simple concept. The first thing to do is install the deck which is even level without any additional ornaments.

Then, you can drag your hot tub into the corner. You can also make it a grounded or ungrounded hot tub.

In addition, you can even place a long sofa and a couple of chairs.

26. Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Deck

Do you like relaxing in the Jacuzzi and swimming in the pool? Do not worry since you can bring both of them into your house.

This concept is highly recommended for a large and spacious backyard. For the deck, you do not need to install them twice.

Just install them at once for both. The swimming pool in the corner comes with a small Jacuzzi right next to the swimming pool.

In addition, you can also place a dining table, minibars, and also a set of chairs.

27. Simple Hot Tub Deck Ideas with Covering

Although you have an outdoor hot tub, you can have a cover so the sun will not shine directly into this water area.

For this concept, the deck is divided into two parts which are for the ground and the deck for the hot tub with steps.

Then, install the hot tub under the cover. Around the hot tub, you can place a sofa and benches.

28. Multi-Level Deck of Hot Tub at the Backyard

If you wish to build a multi-layer deck, you have to decide which part will be for your hot tub and any other additional space.

To avoid overshadowing the hot tub, it is better to have an ungrounded hot tub as shown in this picture.

Finally, you can now choose among the above simple hot tub deck ideas if you want to make the most of your backyard by adding a cozy water feature.

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