21 Mesmerizing Deck Garden Ideas That’ll Wow You

If you love spending time outdoors, try starting a garden. Not only does the space provide natural light and shade but also privacy. However, it can be quite challenging if the deck is tiny. Fret not! I’ve compiled some awe-inspiring deck garden ideas.

Having a remarkable and well-maintained deck garden is like going on vacation. Moreover, I guarantee these photos will surely urge you to visit your garden supply store. So let’s dive into them!

1. Raised Garden for Decks

This deck garden boasts wooden raised beds. Apart from producing organic warmth, they generate a formal feeling.

The raised beds accommodate grass and shrubs that lend the deck garden symmetrical design elements. Furthermore, symmetry instantly inspires harmony.

Large reddish-brown planters hold plants that naturally beautify the outdoor space. In addition, they accompany raised beds while heightening the cozy feeling.

The wooden fence and different kinds of plants offer protection from curious eyes. Lastly, step lights and wall sconces ensure that the deck garden isn’t in total darkness at night.

2. Modern Deck Garden Ideas

As you see, the area employs dark gray concrete deck garden planters. Not only do they embrace an urban feel, but also inspire instant sophistication. Moreover, the units bear trees and grass.

Well-defined lines and symmetrical elements lend the deck garden a sense of formality. They contribute to the outdoor area’s sleek look, too.

The artificial turf rugs offer comfort for bare feet. Furthermore, they bring the sharp lines and edges into a softer view in visitors’ eyes.

Wooden planks balance the white fence and gray planters out. Also, they make the deck garden more welcoming.

3. Rooftop Deck Garden

Searching for deck garden ideas? This design is worth trying. Here, there are two separate, open areas on the rooftop deck.

The modern outdoor living room boasts beige sofas. They inspire serenity while infusing a comfortable atmosphere. Furthermore, the furniture items accentuate gray and orange throw pillows.

Also, the dining area features a long table and several metallic chairs. In addition, there’s a tiny kitchen to prepare for alfresco meals.

Due to the firepit and candleholder, the deck garden looks inviting as well as stylish. Lastly, shrubs in a beige planter and gray boxes present natural green accents.

4. Contemporary Deck Garden Ideas

I’m in love with this urban deck garden. The straight lines of the wooden floor and bench inject a contemporary aesthetic. Because of them, the area still appears welcoming.

Further, the pinkish-green ornamental grass and shrubs lend the deck garden-fresh energy. Also, they complement the existing wooden floor and seating.

The gray metal trellis produces an urban flair. Furthermore, it will accommodate creeping vines while providing interest. In addition, the neutral rug evokes comfort without looking out of place.

5. Deck Flower Garden Ideas

This is such a dreamy deck garden. The curved wooden bench offers ample seating while injecting the outdoor area with a homey vibe.

The black lounge chairs let two individuals get some sun. They make for a super cozy deck garden viewing area, too. Moreover, the striped seat cushions spice them up while adding optimum comfort.

Built-in wooden planters accommodate plants with colorful blooms. Furthermore, they enliven the deck garden while softening things up.

6. Minimalism Is Key

Speaking of deck garden ideas, consider applying this design. Here, white furniture pieces make for a trendy outdoor dining area. Moreover, they match the existing color scheme perfectly.

Concrete walls, steps, and planters evoke urban minimalism. In addition, their sharp angles and clean lines lend the deck garden a sleek touch.

The round terracotta pot holds tiny ornamental plants, while the wooden slatted wall and creeping ivy provide casual privacy. They give off a relaxed feel, too. Furthermore, trees, grass, and flowering plants keep the minimalist deck garden from feeling stark.

7. Deck Garden Ideas with Lots of Plants

Although this deck garden boasts a simplistic design, it looks visually appealing. The wooden floor, steps, and planter boxes develop an inviting atmosphere.

The sharp lines of floor tiles and wooden planks give the deck garden a formal flair. Furthermore, the concrete steps exude an urban feel suddenly.

In addition, the ornamental grass and shrubs produce a soft boundary line. They perk up the modern deck garden with natural green accents, too. Lastly, sculptural trees create interest while accompanying small plants.

8. Wonderful and Welcoming

This is one of the superb deck garden ideas. The outdoor area is somewhat small, so the homeowner didn’t add any outdoor furniture.

The wooden planter boxes showcase well-defined lines that represent the modern style. Furthermore, they splendidly clash with creamy-white tiles on the floor.

Plants in the planter boxes liven up the deck garden with splashes of light and dark green. Moreover, the living fence and tall trees provide a sense of privacy. Meanwhile, the treads and risers make for sleek steps. Also, they generate a charming contrast.

9. Deck Herb Garden Ideas

There are tons of deck garden ideas. This design wins my heart in no time. Without a doubt, the outdoor area brings out everyone’s inner minimalist.

The deck garden employs bare wooden planter boxes. Moreover, they let the dweller and her family grow vegetables in a tiny amount of space.

As you see, the planter holds green lettuces, while others accommodate herbs such as dill and Italian sweet basil.

The homeowner didn’t paint the planter boxes, so they blend with the gray wooden floor well. Furthermore, the pieces bring the deck garden’s height to another level.

Also, the planter boxes provide both order and balance. Lastly, the wooden railings inspire visual cohesion.

10. Deck Garden with Vegetables

Talking about deck vegetable garden ideas, I suggest trying this design. The wooden planter boxes follow the edges of the deck to optimize the space.

As the photo shows, the planter boxes are the homes of various vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes, and squashes. To accommodate them, the homeowner added a wooden trellis and several tomato stakes.

The plants soften the deck garden’s look. Moreover, the climbers like squashes and tomatoes offer privacy as they grow. Also, there’s a built-in bench that lets visitors enjoy the prolific veggies comfortably.

11. Deck Garden Ideas with A Sunroom

I can’t stop adoring this deck garden. As the picture shows, it boasts wooden raised beds. Moreover, they hold blooming plants that naturally prettify the outdoor space. Also, the sunflowers make a statement.

The wooden raised beds melt with the existing floor. Additionally, their sharp lines give the deck garden a modern aesthetic.

Three solar lamps on the deck are not only environmentally friendly but also offset the sharp edges. They illuminate the garden, too.

Terracotta pots accompany wooden raised beds. Furthermore, the sunroom provides more additional space.

12. Vertical Garden for Decks

Looking for deck garden ideas? If so, you should borrow this spectacular design. Here, the area boasts a jacuzzi that develops a zen ambiance.

The water element exudes a sense of tranquility. Furthermore, the wooden planks cover the deck floor and provide a welcoming vibe.

There are two gray wooden loungers next to the jacuzzi. They do not only instill a rustic appeal but also lend the deck garden a visual balance.

The deck also employs a vertical garden featuring breathtaking plants that energize the scene. Apart from enlivening the space, they make the area more private.

13. Deck Garden Ideas with String Lights

This is another rooftop deck. Moreover, the space predominantly sports white and gray. The outdoor furniture units also wear those neutral shades to inspire cohesion.

As the picture shows, the deck sits next to the city buildings. Due to vibrant green and purple plants, the space doesn’t appear cold and uninviting.

Exposed red bricks act as a backdrop for decorative plants. Furthermore, black planters inject the deck garden with visual depth and sophistication.

White seat cushions maintain the deck’s cozy atmosphere. Lastly, the string lights embrace an industrial vibe while illuminating the area.

14. Urban Deck Garden Ideas with A Planter Wall

With plenty of deck garden ideas, the options are unlimited. Regardless of your choice, first, you need to pick the palette for the outdoor area. Then, incorporate furniture items and raised beds in that color scheme.

Here, the brick wall gives the deck garden calm earth tones. Furthermore, they introduce an urban feel as well as an inviting ambiance.

The blonde wooden raised beds melt perfectly with the deck floor. They become a cozy home for blooming plants that produce exuberant blooms.

There’s also a raised bed with a planter wall for creeping plants. Moreover, two black Acapulco chairs embrace Scandinavian vibes.

15. Deck Garden with A Sauna Room

This is one of the terrific deck garden ideas. In the example above, the area features a sauna room. Furthermore, it enhances the outdoor space while letting the guests relax in dry heat.

The black exterior walls of the sauna room inspire serious drama. Meanwhile, the wooden pillars, trim, and beams generate a homey atmosphere.

The wooden pathway leads to the deck that boasts the same material. Moreover, steps allow for easy movement, while stunning and vivid blooms in the garden create fresh energy.

16. Deck Garden Ideas with Ample Seating

Unlike previous deck gardens, this one is somewhat expansive. Moreover, it employs cozy sitting and lounging areas.

The wooden deck accommodates two striped lounge chairs. Apart from exuding vacation vibes, they perk the garden up with touches of pastel colors. Meanwhile, the white distressed table gives off a shabby chic flair.

Blue and green foldable chairs lend the garden-fresh energy. Moreover, terracotta pots and brown raised beds sit on the deck. They carve instant warmth, too. Lastly, blonde wooden garden boxes offer a gorgeous contrast.

17. Garden Deck Ideas with A Textured Wall

I truly love this deck garden. Without a doubt, the homeowner combines urban minimalism with touches of nature. The two-tone table provides a remarkable contrast.

On top of the table are stones in various earth tones. In addition to serving as ornaments, they make the deck garden appear cohesive.

The seat cushions complement wooden furniture pieces. Moreover, throw pillows come in beige and different gray shades for a more dynamic deck garden.

The textured gray wall directs the eye to the climbing plants. Furthermore, the sculptural trees take center stage, while tall ornamental grass offers privacy.

18. Personal Paradise

Need deck garden ideas? If yes, apply this design. The white tabletop, planters, and seat cushions effortlessly brighten up the scene.

The stylish outdoor table and armless chairs represent the Nordic style. Furthermore, the charcoal gray privacy screens infuse drama.

The tall palm trees convert the deck garden into a tropical sanctuary. Additionally, the ornamental trees, shrubs, and grass add extra fresh energy.

The tiny planter on the table acts as a centerpiece. Lastly, the throw pillow prevents white seat cushions from looking bland.

19. Deck Garden Boxes

Speaking of deck garden ideas, take cues from your house facade. Since brown and blue dominate the home exterior, the homeowner used them on her deck.

The front yard garden boasts different sizes of wooden raised beds. Furthermore, they always keep the scene welcoming while accommodating splendid blooms.

Small shrubs and blooming plants accompany raised beds. Additionally, the glass table and four metal chairs inspire intimacy. Moreover, the floral lounge chairs adorn the deck while providing a cozy place to catch some rays.

20. Small Deck Garden Ideas

Who says you need an expansive deck to have a garden? This photo tells you the opposite. The homeowner put her pint-sized space to wonderful use.

The stylish wooden trellises hold creeping plants. Moreover, the gray planters and stone steps lend the deck garden a rustic ambiance. Fresh blooms are not only delicate but also super stunning. They complement green plants, too.

21. Deck Garden with A Hammock

Before becoming an outdoor living area, this space was once a stark deck. The wooden furniture items and planters add functionality while injecting fabulous visual features.

Because of the limited area, the homeowner created a vertical garden with plenty of greenery on her deck. Moreover, they perk the scene up without consuming lots of floor space. Lastly, the striped hammock, seat cushions, and brown rugs evoke instant coziness.

After browsing through those deck garden ideas, I hope you don’t let your outdoor area go overlooked anymore. Furthermore, decorating the whole space can be pretty daunting. However, it will surely pay off.


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