15 Boho Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian or boho flair is gaining more popularity because it offers fun and artistic spirits. In case you want to give this funky style a try in your next project, have a look at my fascinating boho bedroom ideas below.

Boho has a distinctive character. It involves an array of patterns, textures, colors, fabrics, and decors. Luckily, there are no rigid rules. So, you can experiment with those elements to realize your dream boho retreat.

How to Decorate a Boho Bedroom

A bohemian design does not only work in a teen girl’s room but also a teenage boy. Here, the blue and white make a good pair. This color duo exhibits serene and coastal vibes.

The wooden floor, boxes, metal chair, and shelving unit create a rustic charm. Meanwhile, the bottle, bicycle and letter signs decorate a boho bedroom in a charming way.

Minimalist Boho Bedroom

Who says gypsy bedchamber is always cluttered? That’s wrong. In fact, the bohemian sleeping zone can be clean and welcoming, too. As the one pictured above, the neutral space scheme of minimalist boho bedroom produces an open and airy look.

The table is creatively made of wooden board and stacked books. There are also vintage collectibles such as stool, alarm clock, telephone, and bicycle.

Boho Bedroom Decor DIY

A bedroom won’t feel complete without the decor, neither does the bohemian personal sanctuary. This DIY feather ornament is easy to make even though you are not a crafty person.

All you need are wood dowel, suede lace, feathers, and scissors. That means this idea is seriously affordable. When done, you can hang the ornament from the ceiling. It definitely adds boho chic to space.

Boho Nursery

Do you swoon over this boho nursery design? I do, too. The white sofa chair and walls deliver the sunny and bright ambiance to the room.

Furthermore, there is a wooden house bed frame with a floor bed to sleep and play for the toddler. The plants, leaf prints, patterned rug, and bear doll lend the room whimsical atmosphere.

Modern Boho Bedroom

Boho is a versatile design. It can be mixed with other styles. In this version, the straight lines and neutral shades evoke the modern aesthetic. The table, floor, and wall-mounted lamp embrace rustics.

The framed blank canvases are stylishly unconventional wall arts. And potted greenery livens up the area.

Boho Indoor Plants

Indoor plants perform the function of adorning this boho-themed bedchamber. They also bring textures and hues to the space. Here, the succulents double as the natural accents.

While the terracotta pots and wooden plant box match nicely with the houseplants, the neutral palette lets the plants steal the show. What a lively bedroom!

Hippie Bedroom

Instead of installing headboard, you could go for bold tapestry. It instantly generates the eclectic character and excitement.

This hippie bedroom looks more attractive with the presence of mismatched pillows and patterned items, too. They clearly have Moroccan influence, while the unvarnished shelving unit, bed frame, and bench soften the look.

Bohemian Ideas on a Budget

A bohemian bedroom is mostly full of worldly items. But, I have an idea that is suitable for people on a tight budget. As the image shows, the yellow-painted table and turquoise mug tray exude happy vibe.

Here, the feather wall hanging is not just cute, but also super simple to make at home. And the matte black wall contrasts perfectly with the vibrant units.

Cozy Boho Bedroom

Although this gypsy bedchamber is filled with the rustic furniture, it still looks cozy and inviting, thanks to the layers of soft textures. Plus, the stunning prints in the rug and throw pillow catch the attention.

The overscale abstract painting makes the space feel artistic. A plant spruces up the area. Then, the woman’s pieces promote feminine aura.

Boho Master Bedroom

You might think that boho style is just great for college teen’s bedroom. That’s not true. As seen in the image above, the boho master bedroom feels glamorous and mature. It is due to the sensuous textiles and warm colors.

The floating nightstands and curvaceous chair add the modern flair to the space, while the wall art introduces the funky charm.

Bohemian Wall Paint Colors

Here, the white-painted walls let the bohemian edge stands out. The bedroom itself is furnished with traditional pieces such as armchair, floor lamp, bench, cabinet, and table. They bring old-world magnificence to the room.

Other than that, the blue wooden floor and patterned curtains emanate a cheerful ambiance. The windows get the sunlight to the space. What a boho getaway!

Romantic Boho Bedroom

This boho sleeping area has rustic and Moroccan twists. Take a look at the bedding, wooden floor, white brick, and unpolished walls. The freestanding mirror provides dimension and makes the room visibly expansive.

There is an indoor tent for couples, too. You and your spouse can enjoy the romantic camping date night. The neutral ball garland and macramé wall hangings are the true attention-grabbers.

White Bohemian Bedroom

When you heard boho bedchamber, a space with exotic pieces certainly comes to your mind. Here, the white bohemian bedroom allows the gypsy details to steal the spotlight.

Additionally, the dark wooden chair and white walls result in splendid contrast. The chair itself is piled high with Arabesque fabric, potted succulent, and books. Undoubtedly, the rattan planter exudes tropical flavor.

Boho Wall Decor

No doubt, this bedchamber gets more artistic and enticing with the touch of wall decor. The crochet and feather wall hangings beautify the area. Moreover, a blast of adventurous mustard shade brightens up the hippie bedroom.

The houseplants on either side of the bed exhibit the mind-relaxing atmosphere as well as improve the mood. Plus, the surfboards and rattan pot offer coastal air.

Boho Teenage Girl Bedroom

Every teenage girl will be proud of this bohemian bedroom. It is beyond stunning. The fresh flowers, no weave wall décor, and patterned circular rug attract the attention.

The zesty orange, lime green, and mustard yellow throw pillows promote playful nuance. Not only did that, but the potted plant and Persian green drawer also give a lively ambiance. The golden table lamp and crown drawer knobs look deluxe.


Well, those boho bedroom ideas are ready to explore. Execute any of them that fit your need. And do not hesitate to include your well-loved pieces. I strongly believe you will get a perfectly ravishing bohemian escape.

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