11 Marvelous Bed Alternatives That Will Amaze You

Bed is one of the most important furniture units for any living quarters. When you are short on space, having a cozy bed to sleep on can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some terrific bed alternatives to conserve your precious space.

These furniture pieces are great for small homes, studio apartments, or instant sleepovers. Do they not only offer sleeping space but also serve multiple purposes. Get inspired with these alternatives to traditional beds.

1. Futon Mat

Futon mat or Japanese floor bed is truly space-saving. You just need to lay it out on the floor. When not in use, it can be rolled up and put away.

If you toss and turn at night, sleeping in a futon mat is a nice choice. You will not roll off it. It keeps danger at bay.

For you who suffer from knee or back pain, it can be hard to get on and out of the futon mattress each day. It requires regular maintenance. Not to mention, a good quality futon could cost you a lot of money.

2. Trundle Bed

Trundle bed is such a perfect addition to the kids’ bedroom. A second hidden bed can be pulled out easily. It maximizes floor space.

Little children do not need to climb up the trundle bed. This helps prevent unwanted accidents. Moreover, the bed comes with loads of drawers. They provide ample storage space for kids’ toys and clothes.

The mattresses of the trundle bed are usually not so comfortable. Be sure you invest in better mattresses for a restful night’s sleep. Lastly, trundle bed is quite expensive.

3. Hammock Bed

Hammock is often used outdoors. It could be a wonderful alternative to a traditional bed since it offers more square footage. Other than that, it does not take too much time to set up or pack up.

When you find your hammock dirty, simply wash it in a washing machine. Price-wise, hammock is cheaper than mattress and bed frame. The hammock comes in several styles too.

Unfortunately, hammock does not allow you to sprawl. You have to sleep with your back curved, this may lead to hurt back. Additionally, getting out of swinging hammock is difficult.

4. Loft Bed

Loft bed is similar to a bunk bed. However, it has no bottom bunk. That means it frees up the floor space for workstation, office space, play area, library, or storage.

As shown in the picture, a pure white loft bed brightens the room in no time. You can incorporate loft bed into either guest or kid’s bedroom. It adds a sense of coziness to the small space too.

One thing to consider is the loft bed cannot accommodate two people. Moreover, it does not work for all homes.

5. Recliner

Recliner is seriously multifunctional. It is a perfect spot to sleep on and read a book. You can sit in it while watching a TV as well. Not to mention, it makes the most out of tight space.

Since the recliner allows you to sleep in an elevated position, it surely lowers the risk of heartburn, sleep apnea, and acid reflux. It helps prevent allergies too.

Nowadays, recliners have additional features such as adjustable legs and heated seats. However, they are not suitable for front and side sleepers. They could cause neck problems as well.

6. Thai Massage Mat

This mat is not just for Thai massage. It also serves as an alternative to a conventional bed. Just place it on the floor when you are ready to sleep.

Moreover, the Thai massage mat is compact, normally not more than 3.5 inches thick. You could store the mattress during the day by rolling it away. It keeps you from having back pain too.

In case your knees are weak, the Thai massage mat is not an excellent option because you must get up from the floor level. Besides that, you have to sit on the floor before using the mat.

7. Sofa Bed

Without a doubt, the sofa bed saves some space in your tiny abode. To create the bed mattress, pull down the sofa back. Therefore, you can sleep comfortably in it.

During the daytime, the sofa bed gives you a space to sit on. Additionally, finding a sofa bed, which teams well with your home decor, is easy.

The high-quality sofa bed is quite costly. Other than that, you cannot move it easily because it is so heavy. Mold and mildew could occur on the damp upholstered sofa bed.

8. Moroccan-Inspired Floor Cushions

Moroccan floor cushions inject exotic vibes into your room. Their stunning patterns instantly jazz up the space. They come in various sizes and shapes. The large ones make for a snuggly floor bed.

Moroccan-inspired pillows are suited to a side sleeper. It ensures that your back stays in alignment. If you suffer from back or knee pain, sitting on the floor every time you want to sleep in the cushions is a hard job.

9. Murphy Bed

Murphy bed is certainly an innovative alternative to bed for studio apartment. It opens up space. To utilize the bed, fold it down from the wall. After you wake up, flip it back up into its place.

Generally, Murphy beds are expensive. That is the reason you should make one yourself and install it on your own. It is tricky if you are not handy enough.

10. Bed Roll

Are you familiar with sleeping bags? This has a similar concept. It is thin, compact, and comfortable at the same time. Not to mention, it is wallet-friendly. It enables you to roll it up quickly for storage.

Maybe, you do not like having to roll out the bed each night. It can be difficult for you to get on and off the bed.

11. Air Mattress

Compared to a traditional bed, an air mattress is much cheaper. It can be deflated and inflated with ease. When not in use, move it out of the way. Therefore, you have a lot of space for other activities.

Furthermore, air mattress tends to be damaged by claws of indoor pets. Since it is low to the ground, it probably exacerbates your join and back problems.

Those bed alternatives come with their advantages and drawbacks. Be sure you select your furniture meticulously. That way, you can have a sleeping spot without sacrificing floor space.

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