21 Backyard Gym Ideas that Help You Stay Fit

Working out is essential to help you stay fit and get in shape. However, subscribing to a fitness center can cost a fortune. Therefore, consider these backyard gym ideas that’ll keep you healthy without breaking your bank.

1. Backyard Gym Ideas on a Budget

backyard workout ideas

One of the reasons why many people prefer to visit a fitness center is that they do not have much space for the equipment. If that is the problem, you had better try this backyard gym idea.

This backyard gym idea allows you to do a wide array of exercises in just a single power tower. Most importantly, you can have a nest egg if you make it yourself from galvanized pipe.

You can get a pull-up bar that helps you strengthen your back, arms, and shoulder muscles.

This power tower also gives you a dip station that enables you to strengthen the muscles in your upper and lower back, shoulders, chest, and triceps.

At the bottom is a horizontal line that will help you perform sit-ups, which is beneficial for your core strength and muscles.

2. Boost Your Strength

backyard jungle gym ideas

Pull up bars are one of the easiest DIY backyard gym ideas because they only require some pipes, fittings, and a little bit of elbow grease.

However, they can be a bit mundane if you build a single bar. Try constructing a few of them so that you can try to hop from one pole to another.

You can also try adding some gymnastic rings and straps so that you can vary your exercise. Besides, your kids will love this idea because they like to hang and play like a bunch of happy monkeys.

3. Free Standing Pull-Up Bar

backyard gym room ideas

This backyard gym idea is another version of a pull-up bar.

Typically, people will attach some galvanized pipes to a masonry wall or tack them down to the floor with concrete. However, this one is a bit different. Besides, it is portable.

To make this portable pull-up bar, you will need galvanized pipes, a 90-degree elbow, three-socket tee, and a 30 to 60-degree single-socket tee.

Since this pull-up bar is not permanently attached to a wall, ceiling, or flooring, you can move it from the backyard to your garage or anywhere you want.

4. Backyard Gym Ideas with Balance Training

backyard home gym ideas

Most of the equipment in a fitness center is meant to strengthen your muscle, which can be somewhat boring to some people. Therefore, this backyard gym idea comes to the rescue.

This backyard gym idea allows you to have balance training at home while having fun with your kids.

You just need to make a balancing bar from a galvanized pipe. It has to be at least one foot off the ground.

Additionally, you may also need to consider making another balancing bar for your kids. Therefore, it has to be much lower than yours.

Besides packing a lot of fun, balancing training also gives you a lot of benefits, one of which is to improve your balance and coordination. It also helps you build better posture.

5. Portable Gymnastics Bar

backyard workout station ideas

Pipes are exceptionally versatile when it comes to building fitness equipment, including a gymnastics bar.

You should include this gymnastic bar in your backyard gym ideas because it is excellent for multiple users, including kids.

The materials that you are going to use to make this gymnastics bar is pipes and Keep Klamp fittings. The terrific news is it is adjustable.

Kee Klamp fittings that connect the bar and the support posts allow you to decrease or increase the height to suit your kid’s ability. Besides, being adjustable, it enables you or your kids to do different kinds of exercises.

6. DIY Weight Rack

backyard gymnastics

Weight lifting is one of the most favorite exercises in any fitness center because it helps you strengthen your muscles and get in shape quickly.

You do not have to hit the gym to get all of those things because you just need to purchase or make the weights yourself.

Once you get the weights, you may need to consider buying a rack to store them, which means you will have to spend more money.

Instead of splurging out on a weight rack, why don’t you try to make it yourself? It is super easy. You just need some galvanized pipes, fittings, and concrete to make it sturdy.

7. Small Pull-Up Bar

backyard gymnastics bar

This is a simple backyard gym idea that you can try. You just need some galvanized pipes and fittings to make it.

To avoid any unwanted accident and giving this bar an excellent grip, consider installing it into the ground or make a concrete base for each post.

8. Personal Boxing Trainer

backyard gym ideas

Have you ever heard anything about Nexersys home fitness machine?

It is a piece of high technology equipment that helps you brush up on your boxing and MMA skills as if you had a personal trainer. Unfortunately, it costs an arm and a leg.

Instead of breaking your bank account to get a Nexersys, you can try to make it yourself at home.

To make this equipment, you will need pipes and Keep Klamp fittings to construct the frame. Get some pads and attach them with springs.

You will also have to insert a simple pressure sensor that recognizes a hit into each pad. Use wire to connect them with an Arduino microcontroller.

This DIY equipment may be different from the real Nexersys, but it is quite good.

9. Fun Backyard Gym Ideas

backyard gym australia

Working out can be so much fun with this backyard gym idea. Unlike much other fitness equipment that focuses on building up muscles, this simple one works on your balance and coordination.

You just need to top a pipe bar with two wood boards. You and your partner will have to stand on the boards, and you have to hang in there.

This backyard gym idea is suitable for anyone despite their age. Your kids are going to love it.

10. Martial Arts Exercises

backyard gym in a shed

Have you ever watched a Kung Fu movie? Bruce Lee was renowned for being the best man that can perform martial art. You can become like him if you keep practicing.

Practicing martial art techniques with a trainer will be a great idea. But when you are at home, this wing Chun dummy would be an excellent substitute.

Many people usually make a Wing Chun dummy from wood. But this pipe version is worth the try. Besides, it has a unique design that looks like a robot that is ready to fight you.

To make this wing Chun dummy, you will need some pipes, single swivel sockets, and an obtuse angle elbow that allows the arms of this gym equipment to swivel.

11. Monkey Bars

gym at backyard

Children find monkey bars exhilarating. Apparently, they can be thrilling for adults, too. Thus, you can give this backyard gym idea a try.

In this picture, the homeowner mounts some galvanized pipes from the ceiling to make monkey bars. You can adopt this design in a patio with a roof or a garage.

However, if you are going to make it in your backyard, you will need to install some posts into the ground to support the bars. Then, enjoy hanging onto them.

12. Punching Bag Station

making a backyard gym

Exercising with a speed bag can be a great idea to improve your accuracy, endurance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.

It also helps you earn better punching powers and pacing techniques while making you become faster.

Many people include a speed bag into their backyard gym idea because it is easy to make, yet extremely effective to keep you fit. Another good thing about it is it does not take up a lot of space.

This punching bag station, for example, does not require much space. You only need to mount it from a wall in your backyard. Use bungee cords to attach a volleyball to the frame.

13. DIY Squat Rack

how to build a backyard gymnastics bar

A squat rack is one of the pieces of equipment that you are likely to find in a fitness center. It is quite effective and efficient because you can get various benefits from it.

This kind of gym equipment helps you build body parts and muscles, like calves and glutes. It also improves core strength. In sum, this right one helps you improve your body performance.

However, a squat rack has a large size, which makes it hard to fit it into a basement or garage. Besides, it can be somewhat pricey, too.

Thus, you need to consider making one yourself so that you do not have to exclude it from your backyard gym ideas.

To make this squat rack, you need pipes and some essential fittings, such as a side outlet elbow that you will use to connect the four sides at the top of the frame, a slange for the base, and a single swivel socket to support each corner.

14. Multipurpose Dip Station

backyard gym bars

This is more than just a dip station. This equipment also enables you to do pull-up exercises.

To construct this backyard gym idea tangible, you need to make two notches in each wood board where the bars can rest. You can also drill two holes to hold them in place.

You will not secure them with screws because you are going to remove them when doing pull-up exercises.

15. Add More Straps

backyard gym boxing

The versatility of gymnastic rings allows them to be a part of any gym equipment. Oftentimes, they become a part of a pull-up bar, which allows any user to vary their exercises.

Besides, they usually come in various tones, giving a splash of color to a pull-up bar.

16. Effortless Gymnastic Rings

backyard bouldering gym laramie wy

This one is another version of a pull-up bar and gymnastic rings combo. You only need some pipes and basic fittings to make it.

Once the bar is ready, you can hang the straps and gymnastic bars. Consider tacking the posts down into the ground or secure them with concrete for peace of mind.

17. DIY Kettlebell

backyard gym cost

Make sure you include a kettlebell into your backyard gym ideas. You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy one if you can make it yourself.

You just need to fill a 26” of 1” PVC with sand, seal the opening edges with duct tape, and heat it so that you can easily bend it.

After that, get a cheap rubber ball, make a cut and two holes for the handle, fill it with concrete, and insert the handle.

18. Add Some Shade

backyard climbing gym

Working out outdoors can be somewhat hot and glaring, which is not comfortable for your eyes, especially if you have to lie on your back.

To overcome this problem, you can try to hang a sun shade sail over a bench press so that you can work out comfortably.

19. Work Out with Privacy

backyard gym diy

Some people enjoy working out at home because no one will stare at them. However, it does not guarantee that your inquisitive neighbors will do the same.

To get the ultimate privacy when you work out, you can install a patio cover and hang curtains around it. It is effective and cheap, so make sure you include it in your backyard gym idea bucket.

20. Simple Backyard Gym Ideas

backyard dog gym

Creating backyard gym ideas is as simple as installing wooden posts to the ground with concrete, and add some bars to make a dip and a pull-up station.

You can also incorporate a speedball or a boxing punching bag into the setup.

21. Ninja Warrior

enclosed backyard gym

Have you ever watched that popular show called Ninja Warrior? It is a series of exercises that packs adventure and a lot of fun.

You can bring this show to your home by incorporating it into your backyard gym ideas.  First, you need to make some wood posts for jungle gym climbing, monkey bars, gymnastic rings, and ropes.

Not only you but also your kids will be thrilling because this gym equipment is fascinating.

Apparently, working out at home can be more fun. As a bonus, you can get more privacy comparing to visiting a fitness center. These backyard gym ideas will help you stay healthy and happy all the time.

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