15 Types of Cabinet Making Tools You Should Own

Cabinets keep your things in place. Moreover, they help raise the beauty of your room. If you love woodwork and want to save money, create them yourself. Besides your woodworking skills, you need different types of cabinet making tools.

These tools will make your cabinet making projects faster and easier. Some of them are costly and difficult to master. The others are simple and affordable. Here is a list of cabinet making tools you must have.

1. Power Drill

Types of cabinet making tools

A power drill is such a vital tool in the cabinet making process. It enables you to make reliable holes in the woodwork. Not to mention, you can install the hinges on the cabinet doors with ease.

Choose a power drill that is powerful and light enough. Therefore, you will be able to use it for hours. It must charge quickly too.

2. Tape Measure

Types of cabinet making tools

Without a tape measure, you definitely cannot measure your lumber accurately. This tool ensures that you make any cuts the right way. Moreover, it allows you to do markings easily.

The tape measure always comes with the blade lock. It clasps the tape into place when you take the measurements.

You can find the tape measure at department and hardware stores. The most popular tape measure is the 25-foot length model.

3. Scraper Plane

Types of cabinet making tools

As the name suggests, this tool is utilized to plane the wood. All you need to do is scraping it across the wood until you get the desired result.

Furthermore, the scraper plane helps you tackle stubborn wood surfaces. With the scraper plane, you can construct stunning cabinets.

It typically employs an adjustable single thumbscrew for altering the curvature. Since it is made of cast iron, it will stand the test of time.

4. Jigsaw

Types of cabinet making tools

Jigsaw is convenient to handle. This tool can cut complex shapes in large sheets of wood. It features a variable speed control for an easier cabinet making process.

Besides, the jigsaw lets you replace the used blades with new ones. There is also a cordless jigsaw. You do not have to worry about doing woodworking far from an electrical outlet.

5. Claw Hammer

Types of cabinet making tools

This type of hammer is great for pounding nails into wood. It helps pull nails from the wood as well. Moreover, it includes a sturdy wooden handle. The head of the claw hammer is built out of steel. That is why it lasts for years to come.

You can also utilize a claw hammer to chisel wood. However, it will not give you the maximum result. Remember that you must be careful when chiseling wood with it.

6. Screwdriver

Types of cabinet making tools

Like the name sounds, this tool allows you to drive screws into certain spots. Generally, it comprises a chrome-plated bit holder and a contoured wooden handle.

Pictured above is a screwdriver with an interchangeable blade. You can switch out for different types of screws based on your needs. Compared to the power drill, the manual screwdriver is less convenient when it comes to installing the hinges.

7. Woodworking Chisels

Types of cabinet making tools

Without question, wood chisels are indispensable tools for every builder. The sharp chisels can chop out mortises and shave rough wood surfaces. They are made to withstand hammer blows.

The woodworking chisels enable you to create intricately carved cabinets. If you buy a chisel set, you will get several chisels coming with hardened carbon steel blades. Therefore, you can use them for various woodworking purposes.

8. Rubber Mallet

Types of cabinet making tools

The rubber mallet is much safer than a claw hammer when used for striking the wood chisel. It will not cause much damage to your surroundings even if you make a mistake.

The quality rubber mallet lets you pound items into place without any problems. Moreover, it is affordable. There is no reason not to have one.

9. Table Saw

Types of cabinet making tools

If you want to get your project done quickly, invest in a table saw. This woodworking tool allows you to cut wood boards accurately for the frames of the cabinet. It is portable, so you can take it with you anywhere.

The table saw has a blade attached to an arbor that is powered by an electric motor. Moreover, it boasts stand and telescoping fence rails. It is somewhat costly but worth your money.

10. Biscuit Joiner

Types of cabinet making tools

Shown in the picture is a biscuit or plate joiner. It is utilized for making biscuit slots and gluing up jointed boards. Not to mention, it aligns the biscuits nicely.

Furthermore, this model comprises anti-slip pads. Therefore, they keep the spinning cutters from ruining the edge of a workpiece. The table saw also allows you to set the pace since it has speed controls.

11. Router

Types of cabinet making tools

A router is a versatile woodworking tool that cuts as well as shapes wood. It helps flatten the edges of the wood, join the boards, and make grooves in the cabinet door too.

It can laminate trimming and carve mortises. It will give your woodworking project a perfect finish.

12. Clamps

Types of cabinet making tools

Clamps are handy tools. They replace your hands while you are cutting and measuring your wood.

Besides, the clamps sturdily align your cabinets. You need five different clamps in cabinet construction.

13. Coping Sled

Types of cabinet making tools

Coping sled is the accessory of a table saw or router table. It enables you to make stile doors, lap joints, and other end grain cuts.

It is useful in increasing your cutting precision. Moreover, it ensures that your cabinets look gorgeous.

14. Hinge Jig

Types of cabinet making tools

Hinge jig is a complementary woodworking tool. You can use it in tandem with a power drill. They will enable you to install the hinges easily on the doors of the cabinet.

Price-wise, the hinge jig is not too costly. Knowing its practicality, I think it is worth the investment.

15. Random Orbital Sander

Types of cabinet making tools

You should not overlook the sanding step. To obtain the blemish-free finish, you can use a random orbital sander. It smoothens out any woodworking mistakes.

This tool does not consume your time. Moreover, it is lightweight enough. Lastly, it employs controllable speeds and ergonomic palm grip.

Whether you are a newbie cabinetmaker or professional woodworker, you must have the proper woodworking tools. Consider purchasing those types of cabinet making tools soon. They will bring amazing returns over the long term.

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